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GCW – Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport – Results

Game Changer Wrestling hold their second Bloodsport show, this year, hosted by MMA legend Josh Barnett. Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport is live on Fite TV from New Jersey.

These shows are different, not only because the ring doesn’t have ropes but the rules state that there are no pinfalls and the match will end only by ref stoppage by either knockout, submission or time limit. Other rules are differ too.

We open with the ring announcer explaining the rules, then we go to the first match.

Dominic Garrini vs Phil Baroni

  • Phil Baroni defeats Dominic Garrini by Knockout but then Phil, being a complete heel, shoves the ref then kicks Garrini so the referee reverses the decision. Unfortunately I didn’t get a time for that. Winner: Dominic Garrini.

Simon Grimm vs JR Kratos

  • Kratos is huge, Grimm isn’t small but Kratos is much larger. It looks like Kratos’ nose is bleeding but he works over Grimm anyway. Grimm makes a comeback but after a powerbomb from an armbar, Kratos jumps onto Grimm’s face with a forearm and the ref stops the match. Winner: JR Kratos in 9:30.

Killer Kross vs Davey Boy Smith Jr

  • DBS gets a very good reaction, as he should. Kross is announced at 255lbs and Smith comes in at an equal 255lbs. This is a hoss fight. This starts with leg kicks that DBS Jr blocks and seems to be quicker as he takes Kross down. DBS is a legit badass and Kross may ne in over his head. DBS goes for a shoot sharpshooter and Kross rolls out of the ring and the ref stops it. Kross got out but DBS did almost get a legit sharpshooter on. DBS thinks Kross tapped and the ref missed it and Kross denies it. Kross keeps rolling g to the outside when in trouble to get the ref to break it up and the crowd boos. After knocking the hell out of each other with slaps, DBS wins via submission with a crossface to a “Davey Boy” chant. Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr in 12:30.

Jonathan Gresham vs Masashi Takada

  • Gresham is a very technical wrestler, currently working for Ring of Honor and he is up against a Japanese wrestler known for his deathmatch style. If you haven’t seen Takada, he has huge, bulging scars all over his upper body, face and arms. After a spill to the outside, Takada comes up busted open above the left eye. Gresham out wrestles Takada but Takada slaps Gresham lots and knees Gresham in the face for a ref stoppage. Winner: Masashi Takada.

Andy Williams vs Chris Dickenson

  • The first 30 seconds of this was both guys slapping, punching and kicking the crap out of each other, then Williams powerbombs Dickenson and it moves to the ground. This match wasn’t long but it was a cracker. Chris Dickenson taps out Williams with a rear naked choke in just under 4 minutes. Winner: Chris Dickenson in 3:43.

Frank Mir vs Dan “The Beast” Severn

  • Phil Baroni was at ringside for this and people seemed surprised. It looks like Baroni loves being here. This ends in less than 3 minutes with an ankle hook. Winner: Frank Mir in 2:45.

Timothy Thatcher vs Hideki Suzuki

  • This is an extremely technical wrestling match, with Thatcher looking to have the edge. Thatcher appears to target the legs on Suzuki. While in a knee bar, Suzuki headbutts Timothy Thatcher but Thatcher responds with one of his own. Going into the ten minute mark, they trade forearms. The match ends when Hideki Suzuki butterfly-suplexs Thatcher and the ref stops the match. Winner: Hideki Suzuki in 11:55.

Main Event

Minoru Suzuki vs Josh Barnett

  • The crowd is going nuts for this. They chant “Bloodsport” and “Suzuki.” This is one of the most intriguing match of the weekend and it’s only Thursday! What an intense match. Just before the 15 minute mark, Minoru Suzuki took a chair from a fan, knocked out the ref and hit Barnett with the chair. Barnett no sold it and starts to beat the hell out of Suzuki. The referee returns after about two minutes. They are on their knees, face-to-face, forearming each other during the three minutes remaining announcement. The time runs out as, with 30 seconds for these two trading huge shots, not blocking. After that, Suzuki hushes the crowd and shouts “five more minutes” to which Barnett agrees and the match restarts. They continue to beat the hell out of each other for another 5 minutes. The time runs out and the referee calls the match a time-limit draw. After the match, theyshake hands and hug. They then kneel and bow to each other. Great match! Winner: Time-limit Draw.

That was a very interesting show which I enjoyed. My Match of the Show would have to be the main event but the whole card is full of exciting matchups not to be missed. You can see the replay on Fite TV.

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