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Ring of Honor – Road To the G1 Supercard – Results

Tonight(March 31st, 2019), live on Honor Club and Fite TV, Ring of Honor’s Road to the G1 Supercard show.

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I reviewed this live, so REFRESH for updates.

This show was live from Baltimore, Maryland in the UMBC Arena, and our commentary team tonight is Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni, not that I can hear them as the feed seems to be silent.

The show carries on with the entrance of Tracy Williams.

Tracy Williams vs RUSH

  • After a few minutes the sound comes back on and it appears that commentary went on like nothing happened, probably for replays. RUSH takes “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams to the outside and throws Williams into the barriers over and over, the crowd sound good. RUSH shows off and climbs the ropes to play to the crowd so Williams comes back with some strikes but RUSH gets the better of that. RUSH pulls his Tranqillo pose then continues to beat down Williams. Colt points out that this has been all RUSH, then Williams makes a comeback with a missile dropkick. RUSH cuts off Williams with a snap German suplex, followed by a brainbuster. RUSH gets a two count so he starts shoving the referee, Todd Sinclair and then went for a top rope senton but misses. I obviously didn’t hear the bell sound, but this match went roughly 12 minutes 30 seconds, and ended when RUSH hit his running dropkick in the corner for a pin fall victory. Winner: RUSH.

After the match, Dalton Castle came out and said “At Madison Square Garden, I will smash your face.” At MSG it will be Dalton Castle vs RUSH.

We got to commentators, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana and Rhett Titus makes his way to the commentary booth.

Shinobi Shadow Squad vs Coast to Coast & Colm Delaney

  • Isom starts with LSG and the pace starts off quick. LSG tags Ali as they get the better of Isom. Eli Isom comes back with a big knee to the running Ali. Eli tags Ryan Nova and the bigger Ali gets the better of a strike trading battle briefly. COlm Delaney and Cheeseburger tags in. Five minutes in, SSS has the better of Colm Delaney until Delaney rolls backwards from a back suplex and makes a quick tag . C2C take out Burger with a big double team move but only get a two count. Eight minutes in they all hit finishers or big moves on each other. Shaheem Ali powerbombs Isom to hell but the pin is broken up at two. Shinobi Shadow Squad pins Colm Delaney at about 11 minutes and 30 seconds with a triple team DDT. Winners: Shinobi Shadow Squad.

Silas Young vs Mark Haskins

  • Silas wouldn’t shake Haskins’ hand at the start but after about a minute or two, Mark Haskins had seemed to earn the respect of Silas enough for a hand shake. About two minutes later, Silas comes back with another hand shake but attacks Haskins and beats him down in the corner. Haskins comes back with his homing missile dive and then chops around the ring. Back in the ring, Silas wraps Haskins’ leg in the ropes and delivers a clothesline, twisting the knee. After working on the knee for a while, Silas delivers a backrake, which angers Haskins, who then runs over the ropes. Todd Sinclair counts but Haskins makes it back in. Young continues to wear down Haskins and run his mouth but Mark fights back with a leg lariat. After a very good match, with lots of back and forth this match ends at about 18 minutes when Silas tries to pin Haskins while holding the ropes and Todd counted to four and kicked the arms of Silas and Haskins rolls Silas up for three. Winner: Mark Haskins.

After the match, Bully Ray comes to the ring and bullies Todd Sinclair to reverse the decision but he won’t. Lifeblood come to the ring to help Haskins and Sinclair and Juice Robinson accepts the open challenge for MSG.

Gabby Ortiz & Karissa Rivera vs Tasha Steelz & Kris Stadtlander vs Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose

  • This was a good match with too much to write it all down here. A lot here wasn’t crisp or clean but it all came off well, the action was good and the stories in the match were simple but well executed. At just under 10 minutes, Kris Stadtlander pinned Karissa Rivera.

After the match, Kelly Klein came to the ring in street clothes and cut what seemed to be a babyface promo saying anyone can have a shot when she beats Mayu Iwatani but Sumie takes the mic and say Mayu will win and leaves.

ROH Tag Team Championship Match – The Briscoes vs Villain Enterprises

  • Jay and Brody King start the match off with a lockup, which quickly turns into forearms from both. The Briscoes target Brody King early on but Mark wants PCO so let’s him tag in. They stare each other down then chop as hard as they can for a long while. PCO backdrops Mark over the corner post and the fighting spills to the outside. Back in the ring, Mark wears down PCO then tags his brother, Jay. The Briscoes make quick tags to hopefully do some damage to PCO, if that is possible. PCO reverses a suplex and hits a DDT on Jay, then tags in King. Villain Enterprises beats down Jay Briscoe.for a while until The Briscoes fight back and the fight spills to ringside. Quickly, chairs end up in the ring, a table is at ringside, Jay gets thrown in the barrier as Mark gets pushed from the top rope through a table. PCO misses a top rope senton onto Mark as Jay saves him and PCO crashes onto the apron. The crowd chant for The Briscoes as Ian points out that they have the hometown advantage. King hits Jay in the back with a chair and Mark hits King in the face with a chair for the DQ finish at 14 minutes and 20 seconds. The Briscoes continue to beat down the regaining champs as they superplex PCO onto a oile of chairs. Jay gets PCO back to the tope rope and hit him with a kendo stick. The Briscoes then superplex PCO onto a pile of chairs and a barrier in the ring. The Briscoes then put Brody King on a table and Mark comes crashing down with a froggie bow from the top rope. Then The Briscoes leave. Wow. Winners: Double Disqualification.

After a short break, we get back to the action.

Kenny King vs PJ Black

  • These two trade holds early on and PJ seems to get the better of King. At about 5 minutes in, they brawl top ringside and King throws Black, upside down and back first into the guard rails and Black foot knocks a fans glasses off. Back in the ring, King takes it to PJ but takes too long to get to the top rope and Black gives King a rana from the top. This is a very back and forth match so far, ten minutes in as King reverses PJ into a AA spinebuster. King hits a barrage of kicks to Black but only gets a two count. Kenny King looks frustrated. Black hits a springboard moonsault for a two count and goes for a hand shake, King spits in the hand of PJ. Moments after, PJ was knocked off the top rope when King shoved referee Todd Sinclair into the ropes, Kenny King hits a Royal Flush at 13 minutes for the pin fall win. Winner: Kenny King.

King announced he has signed a two years deal with ROH and also has requested to be number 1 in the Honor Rumble at MSG.

Winner goes to the ROH Title match at MSG – Shane Taylor vs Marty Scurll

  • This starts with Marty slapping Taylor and Taylor grabs Scurll’s throat and throws him into the corner. Marty tries shoulder tackles but it doesn’t move Shane Taylor. Marty targets the arm of Taylor and attacks him with chops and European uppercuts. Taylor cuts Marty off and hits an assisted stunner for a two. After a long beat down from Taylor, Marty makes a comeback and hits a 619! Marty goes back to the suplex but still can’t so hits a satellite DDT instead. Scurll slides out of a powerbomb and goes for the Chicken Wing but is shoved backwards into the corner. Marty grabs the hand of Shane Taylor and dislocates the fingers. Taylor punches Scurll but sells the hand a lot. Finally Marty hits a brainbuster on Shane Taylor and the crowd goes nuts. Shane kicks out at two. Matt Taven comes to the ring and distracted the ref and Shane hits a low blow and hits Marty with a chain for the three count at 12 minutes and 30 seconds. Todd Sinclair runs to the ring to tell the referee Paul Turner what happened and Paul Turner restarts the match. 13 seconds later, Shane Taylor taps out to the Crossface Chicken Wing. Winner: Marty Scurll.

Main Event

Juice Robinson & Bandido vs The Kingdom vs Jay Lethal & Jeff Cobb

  • This starts with the Kingdom vs Juice and Lethal but the Kingdom quickly leave and Juice goes one-on-one with Lethal. Three minutes in, Cobb tags in and begins to show off his strength by throwing Juice around. Cobb is wonderful to watch. Bandido tags in against Cobb. Ian Riccaboni and Colt announce that Mark Haskins has been attacked backstage, see more on social media. This is a very fast paced, quick action match with guys in and out of the ring all the time. Bandido catches Jeff Cobb from a second rope crossbody and slams him! Then lands a crazy spinning dive from the top turnbuckle to ringside. Moments later, Lethal pins Vinny Marseglia at 16 minutes and 10 seconds. Winners: Jay Lethal and Jeff Cobb.

Commentators run down the G1 Supercard Line-up, with the ROH Championship match above the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, which I assume will be the main event.

The show closes.out with Lethal, Taven and Scurll in the ring, face-to-face.

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