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Ring of Honor – 17th Anniversary – Results

Tonight(March 15th, 2019) is the ROH 17th Anniversary show, live on Fite TV, Honor Club and PPV.

To view my preview and predictions, Click Here.

The show starts with a video package introducing Lethal as your Ring of Honor World Champion, which is interrupted by Matt Taven, claiming to be the “real world champion.”

The commentators welcome us and run down the card. Commentators tonight are Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman and Nick Aldis.

Kenny King vs Marty Scurll

  • Quick start from Marty. MArty hits a European uppercut, followed by a superkick from the apron. Back in the ring, they trade chops. Marty gets the better of King but spends too much time and King slams Marty’s throat into the ropes and gets a two count with a blue thunder bomb. King works over Marty with a back breaker and a few holds, things slow down for a minute. King misses a dive and Marty lands a satellite DDT from the apron. Back in the ring, they trade a few reversals until Marty hits a powerbomb and stacks King up for a two count. MArty hits a 619 on King, which is the first time I’ve seen that from Marty. King counters Marty again and lands a spinebuster, picks Marty un to his knees and slaps him. Marty slaps King back, then they trade roll ups. At ringside King lands a very nice corkscrew dive from the apron. King hits his finisher in the ring, but Marty rolls to the outside. King tries to use a chair but the ref takes it away. As the ref is giving the chair to someone at ringside, Marty uses a umbrella around the head of King to win the match. Winner: Marty Scurll in 13:00 minutes

ROH World TV Championship Match – Shane Taylor vs Jeff Cobb(c)

  • Shane Taylor kicks Jeff’s hand away, then as the bell rings they trade big shots then suplexs. They both get straight up, stair at each other then trade shoulder tackles. Taylor starts to get the better of Cobb, throws Cobb hard into the turnbuckles then chops Cobb. Jeff Cobb doesn’t appreciate the smack talk and begins to hit back. Taylor pulls the feet out from Cobb as he stands on the apron and cannonballs from the apron on Cobb. Back in the ring, Cobb moves from a cannonball in the corner and deadlift suplexs Shane Taylor, the crowd goes nuts. Cobb clotheslines Shane Taylor so hard, Cobb goes flying out of the ring. Taylor gets up, Cobb gets back in and they trade forearms. Cobb throws Shane Taylor across the ring in a suplex position and gets a one count. Cobb immediately hits a standing moonsault for a two. Taylor fights back and hits a second rope splash for a really close two count on Cobb. Taylor starts slapping Cobb and Cobb hits a German suplex with a bridge for a two. Shane Taylor hits a destroyer on Cobb and gets a great nearfall as the crowd goes mad and chants “both these guys”. Cobb hits a Tour of the Islands but Taylor starts getting up so Cobb hits a second for the win. Winner: Jeff Cobb in 13:27

WOH World Championship Match – Mayu Iwatani(c) vs Kelly Klein

  • Klein runs at Mayu and attacks with kicks immediately. Klein looks very intense in the second minute, Mayu collapsed. Klein is all over Mayu until, all of a sudden, Mayu Iwatani hits two slingblades . They trade strikes but they don’t really look good, then Mayu goes for a kick and gets caught on Klein’s back. Kelly Klein throws Mayu on her head with a German suplex. Mayu Iwatani wins the match with a small package. This was not a great match, a lot of stuff got botched. Winner: Mayu Iwatani in 9:00 minutes

Life Blood (Mark Haskins & Tracey Williams) vs The Kingdom( TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia)

  • Taven comes out instead of his teammates, O’Ryan and Marseglia and claims he cannot wait another minute to face Jay Lethal. This tag match has been postponed.

ROH World Championship Match – Matt Taven vs Jay Lethal(c)

  • No code of Honor, they start with forearms and strikes. Lethal comes back with chops. Very back and forth for the first few minutes until Taven gets Lethal in the corner and pounds away, Taven shouts at the crowd and Lethal hits the Lethal combination. Taven starts to wear down Lethal as the match slows down and the crowd go quiet. Lethal hits a dragon screw leg whip. Taven counters two Lethal injections and it looks like Jay might have hurt his shoulder. At this point, Ian Riccaboni announces that Jeff Cobb will face Will Ospreay at MSG, TV Championship vs Never openweight championship. Jay wears Taven down and this match is very slow so far. Taven begins to sell the knee which he previously had surgically repaired. Jay hits multiple dives and the fans wake up. While Lethal is on the top, ready to go for an elbow drop, the red balloons fly to the ceiling. Vinny attacks Lethal with a bat while TK O’Ryan is on the apron. Gresham runs down to help but is taken out with a chair to the leg. As Taven and Lethal get up Life Blood chase the Kingdom out and Taven low blows Lethal and hits his finisher, the climax, for a very nearfall. Taven lands a perfect frog splash at 30 minutes but Lethal kicks out. Lethal gets the knees up for a second frog splash and a cutter but only gets a two count. They fight on the apron and when Lethal tries to suplex Taven back in, Taven manages to suplex Lethal to the outside, through a table that was set up earlier by the Kingdom. Taven rolls in and referee Todd Sinclair counts to 17 but Tavan stops the count and rolls outside to get Lethal. At 45 minutes Lethal hits a Lethal Injection but Taven kicks out and the crowd respond start a battle chant. Lethal pulls out a table and sets it up against the barrier. Not leant against the barrier, just really close. Taven pulls out a ladder and lays it from the apron, onto the table Lethal set up. Taven is dropkicked onto the ladder and Lethal goes for an elbow from the top rope but takes about 5 minutes to do so and Taven moves. Taven gets in the ring and a medic comes to the ring to help Lethal who keeps telling them “No.” Taven dives on the two guys trying to take Lethal to the back and Lethal. Taven hits loads of knees to the face but Lethal will not stay down. Taven goes for another frog splash but Lethal counters into a cutter. Lethal hits multiple superkicks and a Lethal Injection. Taven kicks out at 60 minutes and the bell is rung to end the match. After the match, Marty Scurll comes out and takes the belt. Winner: Time Limit Draw at 60:00 minutes.

A rapper named Mega Ran is welcomed to the stage by Ian Riccaboni. He does a song for ROH and NJPW entitled “Going to the Garden” for about a minute and a half, until Bully Ray comes down. Bully slaps around both Mega Ran and his hype-man, then Bullies some children, as well as Carey Silkin. Bully laids down an open challenge for “anybody in the wrestling business” at the Garden. Bully says

Bandido vs RUSH

  • Dalton Castle joins commentary for this match. This starts off fast and minutes in, RUSH catches Bandido from a rana and powerbombs Bandido through the announce table. Bandido makes a comeback, hitting two quick dives and a springboard crossbody. RUSH fakes a running dropkick, kicks Bandido and rolls out, into the Tranquillo pose. Both men are down and as the ref counts, the fans count in Spanish. RUSH hits a deadlift superplex for a two, great spot. Big move after big move from both men, then Bandido hits a running hurricanrana from the apron to the floor. RUSH pins Bandido with the running dropkick in the corner, he’s calling it the Bull Horns. Winner: RUSH in 15:02 minutes.

After the match, Dalton gets in the ring and confronts RUSH. Dalton calls RUSH a “mountain of meat” then challenges RUSH to a match at MSG. RUSH accepts the challenge.

Previously announced matches of The Kingdom vs Life Blood and Gresham vs Silas Young have been postponed until a later date. The main event is for the Tag Team Championships.

Street Fight – ROH Tag Team Championship Match – Villain Enterprises vs The Briscoes(c)

  • All four guy ho straight to the outside and throw chairs in the ring. They all get back in and trade chair shots. PCO kills Mark Briscoe with a driver from the apron through a table. Then VE(Villain Enterprises) kill Jay with a chair. The Briscoes somehow make a comeback, taking PCO out at ringside the targeting Brody King. King takes out both Briscoes, putting Mark through another table. Jay is bleeding. Mayhem is happening everywhere and Jay’s face is covered in blood as PCO hits him with a piece of a table. PCO is hip tossed into the apron. PCO is not human. PCO takes a backdrop on the metal ramp. PCO IS NOT HUMAN! Ian shouts that blood is everywhere, on the table, on his suit, on his hands. PCO is still down and Mark Briscoe hits a blockbuster from the top rope, through two tables. Brody King kicks out of a Jay Driller after that. The Briscoes work over King with kendo sticks. PCO stumbles in the ring and takes multiple kendo stick shots to the head then takes one, breaks it and takes The Briscoes down. PCO is not bleeding a lot. Mark “stabs” PCO is the throat with the end of a stick. King throws Mark from the top rope, onto a load of chairs on the floor at ringside. King gives a piledriver to Jay from the apron, through a table at ringside. Brody King holds Jay to the mat with a chair on him as PCO moonsaults onto him. PCO pins Jay Briscoe! New champs! Winners: AND NEW Tag Team Champions, PCO and Brody King, Villain Enterprises in 20:00 minutes.

And that was that. Very enjoyable show and I was very happy with the title change at the end. Good PPV and lots of set ups for MSG. Thanks for reading this and don’t forget you can subscribe for free via email, tweet to me @ProWresMatthew or email me at You can also follow @altprowres on Twitter. Comments, likes and shares are always welcomed.

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