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Revolution Pro Wrestling – High Stakes 2019 Results

Tonight(February 15th, 2019) is Revolution Pro Wrestling’s High Stakes 2019 show, live from York Hall in Bethel Green, London.

The headliner for this show is Will Ospreay vs PAC and you can find the lineup is available HERE.

This show is no longer Live

The show starts with the ring announcer and referee Chris Roberts coming to the ring to the RPW music. The ring announcer welcomes us to High Stakes 2019 and welcomes the first wrestlers.

Josh Bodom vs Angelico

  • Josh Bodom was accompanied to the ring by the “East End Butcher” Sha Samuels. Bodom gets the upper hand with forearms, Angelico fights back and hits a dive but is cut off at ringside. Bodom sends Angelico in the ring and they go back and forth. Angelico nearly gets the win with a Swanton Bomb. Sha Samuels gets on the apron, is knocked off, Angelico dives on Sha but is taken out with a draping piledriver when re-entering the ring. Winner: Josh Bodom in 6:34 minutes

Team White Wolf vs Besties In The World

  • The Besties in the World come down to the ring singing and dancing to Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden. The crowd popped huge. Welcome to London, guys. After some chops back and forth, TWW get the upper hand early. The fans were split between TWW and BITW but when TWW started to get the heat on one member of BITW the chants of “Besties in the World” rang through York Hall. BITW get the hot tag and the place goes mad for a dive and Frog Splash in quick concession. TWW hit multiple dives, one after another, then a huge moonsault from the top rope, the place get louder for White Wolf. A near fall and the battle chants start: “White Wolf, Besties”. After a hell of a match that the crowd seemed to love, Team White Wolf pick up the win at 14:51. Bodom and Sha Samuels beat down TWW after the match and Sha cuts a promo saying “Everything is about to change.” Winners: Team White Wolf.

Undisputed Women’s Championship – Zoe Lucas(c) vs Bea Pristley

  • Zoe tries to hit Bea before the match with the belt but misses and is suplexed. The belt goes flying. Zoe cuts off Bea with hard kicks, she gets a two count. Zoe hits a slingblade style face buster for a two. Bea starts to counter the kicks of Zoe but then they both kick each other in the head for a double down. A spinning leg lariat, a DVD and a PK from Zoe for another two count. Best fights back and gets a rings of Saturn like submission but, out of nowhere, Lucas rolls up Bea for the win in 8:09. Winner: and still Champion, Zoe Lucas.

CCK(Gresham and Brookes) vs Aussie Open

  • Both Brookes and Gresham want to start but when the bell rings and Mark Davis tags in, Brookes tags out. The crowd chant “Gresham”, loudly. Bit of comedy in the first few minutes to open up the match and Brookes tags back in. Five minutes in and they are still stalling, the crowd are getting restless with this. More stalling until about 10 minutes in when Davis tags in and throws Gresham around the ring. They fight into the crowd and Gresham pulls a staple gun out of his tights and goes to staple Davis. I tried to get a video and Gresham pushed the phone of of my hand. Hilarious. CCK get the heat on Fletcher while Mark makes his way to the ring, slowly. Mark gets back to the ring and is immediately DDTed on the ramp, leaving Kyle to face CCK alone. Fletcher hits a suplex on both CCK as Mark Davis makes back to the apron. Mark gets a tag and the place goes crazy. Huge hot tag. Davis lands a huge bodyslam to both CCK at once. Back and forth with all four. Gresham staples Davis in the face and tries to do the same to Fletcher but is stopped. Fletcher goes for a brainbuster but is reversed and rolled up for the win in 28:42. Winners: CCK.


Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs El Phantasmo

  • MJF cuts a promo saying he is the all-star of All Elite Wrestling and better than you, and you know it. El Phantasmo calls him a “Tory wanker” before the match and the crowd pop. El Phantasmo shows off his agility by walking the ropes, Undertaker style, but all around the ring. ELP does some great athletic spots, he’s in great shape. El Phantasmo does a huge moonsault after walking from the corner to the middle of the top rope. He landed on MJF in the front row and on fans, amazing. MJF is great at getting the reaction he wants and the fans love ELP. ELP comes off the top rope in the corner and MJF shoves referee Chris Roberts into him. MJF hits a package piledriver for a great near fall. They trade shots then unload on each other. ELP goes for a big punch but MJF spits in his face. MJF pokes the eyes of ELP and hits a Canadian destroyer on the Canadian, ELP. ELP comes back and hits a huge splash on MJF for the victory at 16:00 minutes. Winner: El Phantasmo

Kip Sabian vs MK McKinnan

  • Kip Sabian is stepping in for Chris Ridgeway who could not make the show due to vehicle issues. This starts off with some chain wrestling but quickly spilled to ringside where they traded strikes. They really tried early on but the crowd was not getting into it, until Sabian hit a big hurricanrana from the top rope. McKinnan hits a Swanton from the top, onto the back of Kip who is laid on the middle rope. Winner: in about 13 minutes, MK McKinnan.

Main Event

Will Ospreay vs PAC

  • about 4 minutes in, they fight over a headlock. Both guys flip out of moves and when PAC flips out of a backdrop I heard a girl shout “what the fuck was that?!” Ospreay goes for a power bomb off the apron but is kicked and PAC lands a huge moonsault off the top rope to the floor. PAC hits a top rope brainbuster for a two count. PAC throws Opsreay into the barrier and half the lights on the large metal structure around the ring turn off. Suplex on the ramp by PAC and Ospreay gets back in at 9. Ospreay hits his backflip into an enziguri, both men hit clothesline for a double down and the crowd go wild. Opsreay hits an Oscutter and PAC kicks out at two. The fans go nuts. Opsreay climbs the ropes, PAC grabs the leg and referee Roberts is knocked down hard. Ospreay goes for that elbow strike that he hit on Ibushi but CCK run down to attack Ospreay. Will and PAC fight off CCK and Aussie Open come to the ring to take out CCK. Ospreay and PAC continue to fight inside the ring. Ospreay lands a shooting star for two and then a styled clash for two. The fans are behind every move in the match. One minute left. PAC hits a low blow but Chris Roberts would not end it like PAC wanted. Then the match ended. Winner: Time Limit Draw.

After the match, the fans chanted for more but PAC walked out. The fans then chanted for Ospreay as his music played.

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