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Ring of Honor – Bound by Honor Results

This show is live on February 10th from Miami, FL, and on-demand via the Fite TV app and Honor Club.

The commentators for this show are Nick Aldis and Caprice Coleman. Ian Riccaboni is not on this tour as he is expecting his second child. Good luck Ian and Family, all the best in the birth and the future, we look forward to seeing you back with the headset on.

Rhett Titus is in the ring, showing his physique off and Jay Briscoe makes his way to the ring. Rhett tells Jay to calm down and calls his a “Fat Ass.” People chant “Jay is gonna kill you” when Rhett invites Jay to join the “Flex Express.” When Rhett goes to rub Briscoe with baby oil, Jay kicked Rhett in the face.

Jay Briscoe vs Rhett Titus

  • Jay kicks and throws Rhett all over ringside then back in the ring. Rhett pulls Jay into the turnbuckle and begins to get the heat on Jay. When Jay begins to fight back, he is cut off by Rhett Titus. Jay rolls to the outside and Rhett lands a great dive. Most of this was Rhett Titus and it was a good, short match. Jay made a brief comeback and hits the Jaydriller for the win. Winner: Jay Briscoe.

Shinobi Shadow Squad vs Dalton Castle & The Boys

  • After some weird leg slapping, Dalton started the match with Ryan Nova. Dalton throws around Nova but Nova is able to escape everything and rolls into his corner and tags in Isom. Dalton tags a Boy but they tag right back and Dalton wrestles Eli Isom. A minute or so and Dalton tags a Boy, who tags the other Boy and for a minute, they run wild on Isom. Cheeseburger gets the blind tag and takes out the Boy. Cheeseburger tags Nova and they begin to isolate the Boy. All three hit a big move on a Boy but only get a two. The ref is distracted and The Boys switch. The Boy gets the better of Cheeseburger and tags in Dalton. Dalton works down Cheeseburger and tags a Boy.  Quick tags by Dalton and The Boys. Dalton almost plays a heel when one of the Boys tags in and Dalton shouts at him, tags back in and tells The Boys to stand in the corner. Eli kicks Dalton into the corner, and The Boys. Castle knocks heads with Nova then Eli Isom hits a brainbuster and pins Dalton Castle for a three count. Winners: Shinobi Shadow Squad.

Colt Cabana vs Zack Sabre Jr

  • Zack not shaking hands at the beginning of the match here, Colt tells Zack he is not a good man. Zack is incredibly talented but Colt manages to show of and get the better of Zack. Zack goes for the wrist but Colt wins that too. Colt gets the upper-hand for a few minutes in a few different situations but Zack seems to annoy Colt enough to rolls Colt up in a few ways. Side note, ZSJ looks very sunburnt on his nose. Cabana continues to get the best of ZSJ as Zack just tries to find a weak spot of Colt. Zack tries mind games to piss Colt off but that seems to be a mistake. Zack finally manages to wear Colt down enough with kick to the chest, Zack tries to get a Triangle choke but moves to a Kimura lock and get the submission win. Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

Four Corner Survival Match – Silas Young vs Willie Mack vs Kenny King vs Marty Scurll

  • Apparently the winner of this match “could” earn a future World championship match. ROH need to be more clear about stipulations during live show. Willie Mack and The Villain team momentarily to take out King. Silas and Marty exchange chops. Scurll takes down Silas and Mack leg drops him. Mack and Scurll go at it but Scurll is taken out by King. Lots of back and forth, in the ring, and out. Mack hits a huge dive on all. Willie Mack, if you haven’t seen him, is a bug man with great athleticism. This match is very fast and very fun. King goes for a corkscrew dive on Marty but Marty moves. Willie and Scurll take out King and Silas then exchange hard chops. They move to forearms, then SCurll hits a “just kidding” superkick to the knee ut is interrupted by SIlas and King during the finger break spot. Marty submits Young but he ref is distracted then King kicks Scurll low and rolls him up. Winner: Kenny King.

 ROH World Television Championship Match – Jeff Cobb(c) vs Rocky Romero

  • Romero tries to move Cobb when they lock up but, with a very unimpressed look on his face, Cobb throws Rocky around. Huge shoulder tackle by Cobb, Rocky tries chops but it doesn’t work so he pokes Cobb in the eye. Rocky tries to dive on Cobb catches him and throws Romero around. Rocky Romero, the King of SNeaky Style, drop toe holds Cobb into the corner and begins his offence. Rocky hits a knee to the chin of Cobb, followed by a sliced bread. Minutes later, Romero goes for a sliced bread number 2 but Cobb reverses it into a back-breaker. Cobb beats down Rocky but Rocky fires up and palm strikes Cobb in the chest. Rocky lands some good offence but in the end, Cobb gets annoyed, suplexs Rocky all over the ring and hits a Tour of the Islands for the win. Winner: Jeff Cobb.

WOH World Championship Match – Kelly Klein(c) vs Mayu Iwatani

  • The former champion, Sumie Sakai is watching from ringside. Iwatani shows lots of heart in the opening moments of the match. Klein gets the better of Mayu and Maya rolls out of the ring. When Sumie goes to give her Japanese friend some advice, Kelly comes out and throws Iwatani into the barrier. In the ring, Klein works over Iwatani by choking her in the corner. Iwatani fights off Klein and hits a huge dve from the top rope to the floor. Iwatani jumped very high here and landed the crossbody great. Klein jumps up and delivers a German suplex on the floor. Klein rolls in the ring and Iwatani gets in, slowly, at seventeen. Klein screams “aghh Mayu” then Mayu fights back. Mayu hits some suplexs, kicks to the head of Kelly Klein the hits two moonsaults for the win and championship. Winner: And new Women of Honor champion Mayu Iwatani.

8-Man Tag Match – Coast to Coast & The Bouncers vs Life Blood

  • Life Blood apparently want to bring the Honor back to Ring of Honor. Life Blood tonight consists of “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams, Mark Haskins, Bandido and Juice Robinson and is joined by Tenille Dashwood. About 5-10 minutes into the match, Bandido gets the tag and the Miami crowd goes wild. Banadido goes one-on-one with LSG of Coast to Coast and they seems evenly matched at that time. Everyone gets in the ring to face off. The ref gets control of the situation and LSG tags in Brian Milonas. Bandido tries a bodyslam, crossbody and a hurricanrana but nothing works on the much larger bouncer. Bandido tags Haskins and they get the heat on Haskins for a while. Milonas and the Bruiser squash Haskins but when they go for splashes, Mark Haskins moves. Haskins eventually tags Juice, who runs wild on Coast to Coast. Juice is squashed by Milonas and Bandido takes out LSG. Everyone fights, I have no idea who is legal. In an absolutely insane spot, Beer City Bruiser dives from the second rope to crossbody Bandido, but Bandido catches him and powerslams the Bruiser. Bandido then hits his springboard German suplex on LSG for the win. They all have a beer in the ring with the Bouncers after the match, Tenille included. Winners: Life Blood.

PCO vs Mark Briscoe

  • PCO is amazing and must-see every time he is in the ring, or out of it. You just cannot put a ceiling on how important PCO is to ROH with his incredible talent, polarising character and immense experience. On the other hand, Mark has been a cornerstone of ROH for many years and is insane in his own right. They go all out on each other in this. After kicking the hell out of each other for a while, PCO  hits a rolling senton over the ropes onto Mark Briscoe and seems to be bleeding from the eye. PCO places Briscoe on the apron and goes for a senton off the ropes but Mark moves, PCO is NOT human! Briscoe hits a huge dive from the top rope. They brawl to the top of the stage where Mark Briscoe powerbombs PCO on his head then kicks him down the steps. Briscoe hits PCO directly in the head with two chairs the a Froggybow but PCO kicks out. PCO hits a moonsault for the win in an incredible showing. Winner: PCO.

Main Event

The Kingdom vs Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham & RUSH

  • After much stalling by the Kingdom, Vinny Marseglia starts against Gresham. Gresham gets the upper-hand quickly with dropkicks and mat wrestling. TK O’Ryan gets in the ring with RUSH. If RUSH stays in ROH for a decent amount of time, he could be World champ, the people love him. The leader of Los Ingobernables gets the better of TK easily and shows off. All of a sudden, Jay Lethal and Taven fight at ringside. Everyone fights at ringside. RUSH hits a dive on everyone. Multiple brawls all over the place and TK O’Ryan give RUSH a DDT on a chair. TK and RUSH eventually get back in the ring and TK tags Marseglia. All of The Kingdom beat down RUSH while the ref’s back is turned. Vinny pins RUSH, who kicks out at one. Taven gets in the face of a fan at ringside. RUSH tags Gresham, TK tags Vinny. Suplex by Gresham to Vinny and Lethal tags in to face Taven. Lethal throws Matt Taven out of the ring and hits three dives, one on each of The Kingdom. In the ring, Lethal goes for something off the top but Taven moves, just not quite enough. Lethal lands awkwardly on the back of Taven. It looks like Lethal hurt his knee on that. Matt Taven blocks the Lethal injection and hits The Climax on Lethal for the pinfall victory. Winners: The Kingdom.

After the match, Kenny King comes to the ring and cuts a promo on Lethal, calling him a loser and saying he “woop wooped” Scurll’s ass earlier. Scurll runs down and jumps King. The Kingdom jump Scurll. Villain Enterprises come to the ring. Absolutely everyone runs to the ring and brawls everywhere. Then Bully Ray comes to the ring and gets in the face of referee Todd Sinclair. PCO faces off with Bully. The Briscoes jump PCO. PCO takes out both Briscoes and hits a moonsault on everyone at ringside. Complete mayhem but a great way to end the broadcast. Once again, PCO is amazing.

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