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AEW’s Double Or Nothing Ticket Party

On Thursday February 7th, 2019, All Elite Wrestling held their Ticket Announcement Party at the MGM Grand Pool Complex. We knew The Bucks, Cody and Hangman would be there but not much else was official until it was unveiled during the night.

I will take you through the Press Conference, then some thoughts at the end

Pre Show

The show opens with a wide shot of the crowd surrounding the pool, with AEW and Double or Nothing posters and signs.

We are joined by Excalibur, Alex Marvez and Conrad Thompson.

A few audio issues with the three microphones as they talk who was at the AEW Rally and speculate on what matches we will see at Double or Nothing. Excalibur nearly spills the beans on a “special incentive” for everyone. They talk about Cody, The Young Bucks and the women’s division in AEW among others. Alex Marvez says this will be on PPV, but doesn’t say on what platform. They talk about OWE, a brand of professional wrestling in Shanghai, China. Maxwell Jacob Friedman interrupts, calls Conrad “Turkey Tits Thompson” then says he looks so “poor and ugly.” MJF then calls the crowd a “Bunch of losers” and he gets an Asswhole chant. Excalibur calls it “an unfortunate bit of body shaming by MJF” and thanks us for watching the Pre Show.

Main Show

We come back to the MGM Grand Pool, it looks freezing. Conrad is there with Alex Marvez are on the stage, while Excalibur is by the pool. We are joined by Sonny Kiss, who throws a tee in the pool. Sonny Kiss then announces he will be at Double or Nothing. He then leaves. Sonny was apparently brought in by Brandi. Cody is welcomed out to the stage, he gets a good reaction as you can imagine. Cody signs things on the way to the stage and gets lots of chants. Cody talks into the microphone that is attached to the stand, which is way too low. Cody thanks the crowd and says it feels like a revolution, he gets an AEW chant. Cody announces a partnership with “dynamite promotion” AAA. Cody starts talking about tickets and says there is a presale opportunity right now, if you goto up until February 10th, 10pm EST. Presale tickets go on sale Monday February 11th at noon EST and general sale tickets are available Wednesday February 13th noon EST. Cody welcomes AAA Cruiserweight Champion, Sammy Guevara. Sammy says he is “one of the best damn wrestlers in the world” and gets a slight AAA chant. Sammy got a mild reaction and seemed to get put off by the crowd momentarily. After Sammy leaves, Conrad welcomes Hangman Adam Page. Hangman comes out with sunglasses, even though it’s night, and a denim top and jeans. Page then explains he has been told he cannot be seen in his “full gear” because he doesn’t have the body. Hangman says he is going to get a gym membership, might even get two, and maybe he will start eating right and at Double or Nothing he’s going to be in the best damn shape of his life. Page talks about PAC, calling him slimmy haired , then his is interrupted by a video from PAC. PAC calls Page one in the first line of Elitist pricks he is going to humble. PAC says a lot of horrible stuff to Page but not much of substance so we go back to Page. Hangman says PAC couldn’t be here tonight because he’s doing what he does best, sitting at home. Page makes it official, Hangman Page vs PAC at Double or Nothing. Marvez goes on about Michael Jackson then brings it back to The Young Bucks and welcomes them to the stage. Matt and Nick come out and sign stuff on the way to the stage. The Bucks soak in all the chants. Matt reminisces over past time when he and Nick started wrestling. Matt moves onto tag team wrestling and says “It’s like, you can even see tag team wrestling on wrestling programs anymore. That’s all about to change.” Nick asks if tag team wrestling be the main event and the crowd chants Yes. Nick welcomes to the stage, Best Friends. Chuckie T and Trent Beretta make their way out in denim jeans and denim vests, no t-shirts underneath. Beretta announces he’s not even cold, and they are there to change the world through the power of friendship. They hug and leave. Matt and Nick are back on the stage but interrupted by The Lucha Bros. In full suits and masks, The Lucha Bros takes out The Bucks and piledrives Matt on the stage. Lucha Bros cut a promo saying they are number 1 and AEW should watch out.

Back to Conrad and Alex who sell the attack. Then we move the women’s division and welcome out Brandi Rhodes, the Chief Branding Officer of AEW. Brandi announces two names that will be attending Double or Nothing, Yuka Sakazaki and Aja Kong. Brandi welcomes to the stage, new women’s roster member, Kylie Rae. Kylie shows off her new dress and gets a “holy shit” chant. Brandi say she brought somebody else. Nyla Rose who bullies the nice, smiley Kylie Rae off the stage.

We go back to Excalibur who welcomes out SCU as the cornerstone of professional wrestling. SCU announce that the afterparty of Double or Nothing will be called SCU All Night. Then Excalibur talks about the collaboration with OWE and welcomes out the vice president and CEO of OWE and Cima. Cima will be standing across the ring from SCU at Double or Nothing.

Back to Conrad and Marvez, who are having lots of sound issues. They say there is maybe one more announcement, the fans chant Kenny. Kenny Omega makes his way to the stage and he is named as a Executive Vice President of AEW. Kenny, in a suit, signs things on the way to the stage. Kenny Omega announces he didn’t put “pen to paper” until the morning of February 7th. Kenny announces he found his phone and is now a full time member of AEW. Omega explains that the journey never stops but had to end in Japan. Omega begins to talk about changing the world when he is interrupted by Jericho’s music. Jericho slowly makes his way to the stage, dressed in all black leather and a bowler style hat. Jericho gets in the face of Omega and a brawl kicks off. BJ Whitmer, Billy Gunn, Cody, SCU and a security guard break it up and dragg Jericho to the back while Fozzy continues to play. Omega wears Jericho’s hat and says his catchphrase, “Goodbye and Goodnight. Bang.” Kenny walks poolside taking pictures and meeting people as they pan out and Conrad signs off.

Final Thoughts: It was reported by the Wrestling Observer later in an interview with Omega that Kenny signed a four year deal, taking him to February 7th, 2023. The press conference wasn’t anything I didn’t necessarily expect, but it gave AEW direction going into the May 25th show, Double or Nothing. They have quite a few tech issues to resolve but those type of kinks will get worked out as time goes on. I’m also excited to see Excalibur back working for Cody and The Bucks as he’s one of my favourite commentators. The show was fun and simple, until AEW gets TV, this will do to get the crowd hyped enough to buy the big shows as AEW reportedly already have over 12,000 requests for presale codes, that number could have risen. On a previous Being The Elite, Cody said that the building was scaled for 14,000 but I’m wondering if they have the freedom to extend the venue if tickets are in very high demand and sell out quick. Either way, this looks to be a success from early signs and I wish all the best for them.

Watch the full 1:31:33 video below:

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