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Come Hell Or High Water – Results

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This show is live from Atlanta, GA, in the Espacio Discotheque.

Commentators for this show is Stew Myrick, Kevin Gill & Joey Janela.


  • Winners: Ethan Price, Cody Lane and Zack Taylor.

Main Show

Eli Everfly vs Matt Cross

  • They kick off with some athletic moves, getting the crowd to cheer, then Eli kicked Cross and the crowd booed. Matt Cross worked over Eli early as he got the fans behind him. Eli Everfly made a comeback while swearing at the fans. Eli lands a huge moonsault from the top rope to the floor, people popped for that. After Eli kicked Matt Cross in the nose, they begin to trade strikes. Matt Cross won this with a very nice Shooting Star press. Good, fun opener. Winner: Matt Cross.

Penelope Ford vs Delilah Doom vs Thunder Rosa

  • The pace of this match was so fast that at one point the commentators can’t even keep up. This was a fun match which all women worked hard and it paid off. Thunder Rosa wins this with a double foot stomp to Delilah Doom. Winner: Thunder Rosa.

Ricky Starks vs “All Ego” Ethan Page

  • Before the match, Ethan Page gets a mic says for one night only, “Ethan Page resides in Atlanta Georgia.” Our commentary team explain that Starks lives local to The Undertaker. Throughout the match, Starks would use Undertaker and The Rock moves such as “Old school” and a version of the “People’s Elbow”. Winner: Ricky Starks

Mil Muertes vs Casanova Valentine vs Vernon White

  • This was a battle of three very different and distinct styles, Mil Muertes (Lucha) vs Casanova Valentine(Death match) vs Vernon White(MMA) and it was very interesting clash. This was a no DQ match and they brawled through the crowd and back to the ring. In what seemed like a very anticlimactic finish, Mil Muertes pins Valentine with a face buster. White seemed to have gone home early. Winner: Mil Muertes.

Allie Kat, Moonshine Mantel, Steve o Reno & Spryda vs Joey Ryan, Kikutaro, Effy & Kris Wolf

  • This is obviously a comedy match but I enjoyed it. I’ve wanted to watch a Kris Wolf match for a while but no had the chance. This was my first chance to see Wolf in action and I want to see more. Joey Ryan with his usual gimmick of getting someone to touch his penis. As Mantel goes to touch it, he forearms Ryan and stomps him down. Joey Ryan pins Spryda after a whole load of dick flips, a lollipop in the mouth of Spryda and a superkick. Winners: Joey Ryan, Effy, Kikutaro and Kris Wolf.

After the match, Joey Ryan gets stomped down by the opposite team, until Hangman Page makes his way to the ring. Page’s music stops and Cody’s music plays. Cody comes to the ring with Pharaoh, the dog. Page and Cody run in the ring but after a minute get beaten down, four on two. MJF runs down to help Cody. After clearing the ring, MJF plays up that he really likes Cody but behind Cody’s back, MJF is an asshole to the rest of The Elite. Cody gets the mic and cuts a promo. The fans chant Pharaoh. Cody calls all the guys in the ring Elite, except Joe Ryan because he has a lifetime contract with Lucha Underground.


Toni Schiavone is welcomed to the ring, he cuts a promo and the fans cheer. Tony then announces the next match.

Open Challenge – Timmy Danger W/ Endgame vs Multiple opponents

  • This will apparently continue until Timmy Danger is pinned, the first opponent is Max Sex “Sells”. Sex Sells comes to the ring to “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”, has bleached blonde hair and was pinned immediately. The next opponent is Elisha Evans. Evans is pinned very quickly. The next opponent is Glacier. Glacier gets the obligatory “You still got it” chant. Glacier with the chin chops and Danger runs away to regain composure. After lots of stalling, Timmy Danger gets the upper hand with a distraction from Endgame. Timmy Danger rolls up Glacier for the win. The next opponent is, The Yeti. Yes, the Yeti from WCW. The Yeti grabs both Danger and Endgame for the DQ, yep. Next out is Brian Pillman Jr. This final match was good, Pillman Jr is fun and entertaining. Not sure what the finish was, kind of a strange neck breaker or something but either way, Pillman Jr pin Danger. Winner: Brian Pillman Jr.

Conrad Thompson is in the back row and gets huge cheers when he is announced.

Simon Grimm & Eddie Kingston vs Besties In The World vs “Filthy” Tom Lawlor & Mystery Guest “The World’s most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock

  • This starts starts with a brawl all over. Filthy Tom jumps off the concession bar and lands on three guys. A table gets involved. Shamrock knocks guys out. This is insanity. Lawlor and Grimm fight alot because they have a storyline in MLW where Grimm turned on Lawlor. Shamrock absolutely pummels guys. Finally back in the ring, Kingston fights with one of The Besties. Grimm gets in the ring and is tackled by Lawlor. Ken Shamrock is on the apron, looking for a tag, in this insanity. Now everyone is on the apron looking for tags, like a normal tag match. Grimm and Kingston get heat on Lawlor. Besties tag in and work over Lawlor. Everyone is in the ring as the ref tries to keep Shamrock out. Ken Shamrock finally gets a tag and takes out everyone. Shamrock wins the match for his team when he taps out one of the Besties In The World. Winners: Ken Shamrock and Filthy Tom Lawlor.

MJF vs Scorpio Sky

  • This is probably the best Wrestling match on the card so far, with less gimmicks and more actual wrestling. Sky is very over with the crowd as they chant SCU. Scorpio Sky tweeted earlier that he would bodyslam MJF 10 times, and he did it. Sky couldn’t make the cover straight away and only got a two count. MJF comes backs and get an armbar but Sky fights out. The crowd gets behind Scorpio Sky. MJF shoves the ref and low blows Sky. MJeff rolls Sky up with a small package for the win. Winner: Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Main Event

Lucha Brothers vs SoCal Uncensored

  • This starts with the Lucha Brothers running wild with moves I can’t even explain. They are wild. Kaz and Daniels fight back as they have an insane battle. They fight to a double down and the fans chant “this is awesome” and “fight forever”. The finish came when Rey Fenix dives out of the ring, over Kazarian and into the 5th row. Penta piledrives Daniels for the win. Winners: Penta and Fenix, The Lucha Brothers.

After the match, The Young Bucks make their way to the ring. Penta and Fenix look worried but Nick says “We come in peace” Matt says thank you for keeping Tag Team Wrestling alive. They have been scouring the globe for the best tag teams in the world. The Young Bucks call the Lucha Brothers the second best tag team in the world and Penta doesn’t like that. Matt says for them to prove they are the best by wrestling for AEW. The Bucks get attacked by some guys. SCU run down and they all clear the ring and The Bucks superkick everyone and The Bucks and Lucha Bros shake hands, making it clear that they have joined AEW. Daniels cuts one last promo saying if the fans follow them, they will take them into the future. This was a really fun show, one that I’d definitely recommend. A real mixture of wrestling, from comedy to storytelling, to high spots. It has everything. I look forward to more of these in the future.

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