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WATCH: Being the Elite episode 136 – “How Dare You Defy Me”

Being the Elite this week opens up with Matt and Nick Jackson talking to Joey Ryan, as Joey is thanking the Elite for saving him and asked if they could save him again. Joey cut right to the Chase and asked for a AEW contract and said he’d sign anything. The Bucks retorted with “Oh that’s right, you have that life-time contract with Lucha Underground.”

Another fun episode here with the Bucks, Cody, Brandi and Hangman visiting some indie wrestling shows. Matt says how it is something they have wanted to do. They want to give back to the community and “the great fans.”

Watch Being The Elite Episode 136 – “How Dare You Defy Me” below:

At the end of the video Matt Jackson is talking to someone on the phone. Matt says to the person “I’m glad you’ve found your phone” and “see you soon” to this person. On the other end, we see the phone of the person talking to Matt as it has a timer. The timer reads 9 days, 19 hours, 5 minutes. This is likely Kenny Omega’s phone as we saw it ticking before the new year when he lost it. The likelihood is that Kenny cannot talk about post NJPW until his contract has ended and that is when he can be announced to be signing to AEW.
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