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Ring Of Honor – Road To The G1 Supercard, Houston

Tonight(January 25th, 2019) Ring Of Honor return to Honor Club and Fite TV for night two of the Road To The G1 Supercard tour in Houston.

We kickoff with Dalton’s Boys in the ring and Ian Riccaboni and Dalton Castle on commentary. The Bouncers make their way from the bar.

Tag Wars – The Boys vs The Bouncers

  • The Boys actually get the upper hand early with their speed. The Boys dropkicks, both, Malonis and BCB out of the ring. Malonis squashes both boys. The Boys tried everything, including swapping place in the ring but in the end, the Bouncers win with a giant frog splash. Winners: The bouncers.

Due to an injury(I missed who) the next match is

Sumie Sakai vs Thunder Rosa

  • After just a couple of minutes of action, Holidead, the tag partner of Thunder Rosa got involved, causing a disqualification. Winner: Sumie Sakai

Madison Rayne came out to help Sumie when Holidead and Thunder Rosa began to stomp down Sumie and this turned into a tag match.

Sumie Sakai & Madison Rayne vs Holidead & Thunder Rosa

  • This was a very long heat segment with the Twisted Sisters beating down Sumie for ages. Sumie finally tags in Madison Rayne, who runs wild for a few minutes until she is rolled up and pinned. Winners: The Twisted Sisters, Holidead and Thunder Rosa

Rhett Titus comes out wearing tiny little pants, and is oiled heavily. Rhett joins Ian on commentary.

Tag Wars – Eli Isome & Cheeseburger vs Coast to Coast

  • Cheeseburger tags in early and Coast to Coast beat on Cheeseburger for a while. Cheeseburger gets the hot tag to Eli Isome, who gets the better of Coast to Coast and a near fall. Coast to Coast pins Cheeseburger in a very good match. Winners: Coast to Coast.

Villain Enterprises vs Clark Conners, Karl Fredericks & Alex Coughlin

  • After a few minutes of the Villain Enterprises going nuts, including PCO already taking a bump on the apron on his head and neck, PCO could become the best thing in this company very quickly. the Young Lions start to work over Marty. Marty tags Brody king and after a Gonzo Bomb(a powerbomb into a piledriver) Brody tags PCO who hits a moonsault for the win. I love these guys, PCO is insane and I love him, Brody King is great and Marty is extremely talented. Winners: Villain Enterprises.

Matt Taven TK O’Ryan vs Jonathan Gresham

  • Before this match, Matt Taven and TK call Gresham a melvin and Jay Lethal’s lacky do the match is changed. Gresham out wrestles TK easily in the beginning of the match. Gresham plays to the crowd by the audience is quite small for this show and pretty quiet. TK gets the heat on Gresham with European uppercuts. Gresham makes a comeback and gets TK in the octopus when red balloons float up to the ceiling. Marseglia gets out from under the ring, where he has probably been since the beginning of the show, and distracts the ref as TK taps out. Gresham lets go for some reason and is rolled up while TK puts his feet on the top rope, right in front of the ref. The ref counts anyway. Winner: TK O’Ryan.

The Kingdom beat down Gresham after the match when Lethal comes out to help his friend. Lethal calls out Marseglia and they get on with their championship match now.

ROH World Championship Match – Jay Lethal(c) vs Vinny Marseglia

  • Marseglia throws the belt and Jay jumps him for it to kick of the match. They quickly sil to the outside and Lethal chops the hell out of Marseglia and dropkicks Vinny in the corner of the barriers. On the outside, Marseglia goes to “destroy” the title belt with his axe but Lethal cuts him off with a running dropkick. Lethal combination in the ring as Lethal takes over. Marseglia fights back briefly but a Lethal injection and Jay wins. Quick win for Jay here. Winner: Jay Lethal.

Video package for RUSH in Florida. Mandy Leon joins Ian for commentary for a WOH match.

WOH World Championship Match – Dr. Britt Baker vs Kelly Klein(c)

  • Kelly starts the match with a kick to the mouth of the dentist, Britt Baker. Britt comes back quickly and goes straight after the mouth of the champ. Britt looked really good until, out of nowhere, Klein taps out Britt with a guillotine. Klein cut a good promo on the commentary booth after. Winner: Kelly Klein.

Tag Wars – Colt Cabana & Willie Mack vs Kenny King & MVP

  • This match was very back and forth, with plenty of action. When it kicked off, it started a bit slow but picked up quick. Willie Mack has a very interesting way of moving and is very innovative, I like him. MVP had some very krisp offence and they picked up the win, as King pins Colt. Winners: Kenny King and MVP.

Proving Ground Match – Dalton Castle vs Rocky Romero vs Jeff Cobb

  • This is easily the best match so far on this card. Cobb is so strong, Dalton is fantastic and Rocky is the King of Sneaky Style. Lots of back and forth action in this triple threat. They usually followed the ‘one rolls out as two fight in the ring’ format but still a very good match. Jeff Cobb is my favourite thing in all of ROH at the moment, he’s great. Out of nowhere, Rocky Romero reverses a Bangerang from Dalton and pins Castle for the win. Yes, Rocky Romero won. Rocky Romero won a proving ground match, earning a future ROH TV Championship match. Rocky. Everyone was stunned and shocked, even Rocky. Winner: Rocky Romero

Main Event

Handicap Match – Life Blood; Mark Haskins, Tracy Williams, Finlay & Juice Robinson vs The Briscoes, Silas Young, Shane Taylor & Bully Ray

  • Bully comes out before the match and talks lots of crap so Juice begs the ref to make this a 5-on-4 handicap match. Lots of shit talking before the match, but it eventually gets going and Haskins quickly takes control of Mark Briscoe and tags in Williams. Life Blood show plenty of heart in the early going. Bully Ray calls out Juice, who tags in. Juice gets worked over for quite a while with the five guys breaking all the rules whenever they can. * This was a very good match, due to an error, I lost what I originally wrote but, the winners were Life Blood after Bandido hobbled to the ring wrapped in bandages and referee Todd Sinclair said it was legal. Bandido pinned Bully Ray with a frog splash. Winners: Life Blood.

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