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Ring Of Honor – Road To G1 Supercard, Dallas – Results

Ring of Honor are back on tour with the “Road To G1 Supercard” tour as we head to the big show at the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. On this show we have three round one matches of the ROH Tag Wars and more. This show is available on Fite TV and Honor Club.

Our commentary team is Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana.

Due to an issue with the Ring of Honor app, I missed the first few minutes. I join this match in progress.

Rhett Titus vs Marty Scurll

  • Marty Scurll wins this match after Rhett goes for a “Doggy splash” but Scurll gets the knees up, Scurll hits the “Cambridge Destroyer” and the Graduation for a pin fall victory. Winner: Marty Scurll.

They spoiled ROH TV coming up, showing us that a new group has been formed, called Life Blood. Life Blood include; Mark Haskins, Bandido, Tracy Williams, David Finlay, Juice Robinson & Tenille Dashwood.

ROH need to get their stories all lined up so these shows don’t spoil the weekly TV shows.

Karl Fredericks & Alex Coughlin vs Fin-Juice, David Finlay & Juice Robinson

  • Fin-Juice are accompanied by Tenille Dashwood, as the three are members of Life Blood. Fin-Juice show more aggression but won’t break the rules. Tenille, on commentary, says that’s what they(Life Blood) are trying to instill here in Ring of Honor, you don’t need to use those tactics. David Finlay picked up the win in a very hard hitting match with his brainbuster to the knee on Coughlin. Winners: Fin-Juice, Finlay and Juice Robinson.

Katsuyori Shibata comes to the ring.

Proving Ground Match – Clark Conners vs Jeff Cobb

  • Conners is Shibata’s trainee, hench Shibata watching this at ringside. Conners is a Young Lion in the NJPW Los Angeles Dojo and only wears black and uses simple moves. Conners takes a beating early, but shows heart. Conners makes a comeback and nearly gets the Boston crab but Cobb fights him off. Cobb hits and swinging suplex for a tw count, so he hits Conners with a Tour of the Islands for the win. They shake hands and bow after, Cobb bows to Conners, then Shibata. Winner: Jeff Cobb.

The Briscoes & Shane Taylor vs Dalton Castle & The Boys

  • Jay Briscoe wants to face one of the Boys but Dalton won’t tag so Jay gets a mic and calls them little bitches. Dalton eventually tags one of the boys. The Boys run wild on the Briscoes for a few minutes and The Briscoes and Shane Taylor eventually get the best of one of the Boys. Finally Dalton is tagged back in, Dalton Castle takes down the tag champ, the Briscoes, in the ring then at ringside. Dalton hits a Bangerang but Shane Taylor pulls the ref out of the ring. The referee calls of the disqualification. The Briscoes beat down Dalton and the Boys until Fin-Juice runs down. Winners: By Disqualification, Dalton and the Boys.

Madison Rayne vs Holidead W/ Thunder Rosa

  • Holidead gets the early heat on Madison Rayne, Thunder Rosa choked Rayne on the ropes. Madison Rayne makes a comeback, hitting a satellite DDT on Holidead. Thunder Rosa gets involved again but this time is thrown off the apron. As Holidead beats on Rayne, Madison hits a Sunset Flip for the win. This match was okay. Winner: Madison Rayne.

Matt Taven vs Rocky Romero

  • Taven gets the mic before the match and runs down the crowd, before turning to Rocky. Taven calls Rocky a melvin and offers his Title up in this match. During this match, they fight to the ramp and Rocky dives off the stage, onto Taven but Rocky seems to decide not to flip half-way through and it’s basically a massive shoulder tackle.This is quite a long match and the fans are chanting for Rocky. Matt Taven retains his purple belt when Taven catches a flying crossbody and delivers Climax to Rocky. Winner: Matt Taven.

The Kingdom vs Brody King & PCO

  • Marty came down with his stable mates, King and PCO, to chase Taven away. Brody King fires PCO up by chopping him, this team is nuts. PCO seems to love taking hideous looking bumps, on the apron and hard wooden floor. Vinny Marseglia shoves his finger in the eye of PCO as it’s pointed out by Ian Riccaboni that PCO only has one eye. Marseglia jumps from the top rope and senton bombs straight through at ringside. Brody King hits TK O’Ryan with his piledriver finisher, then PCO hits a crazy looking moonsault for the win. Winners: Villain Enterprises, PCO and Brody King.

Bandido vs Silas Young

  • Bandido is crazy athletic and the fans love it, they chant for Bandido early. They both target the backs of each other and at one point, Bandido goes for a powerbomb but can’t hold Silas, they fall back and Silas lands on his feet. Silas hits a superplex from the top rope and goes to roll through for another suplex but Bandido reverses and gives Silas a brainbuster. Bandido wins this match when he flips over the back of Silas and springboards back and German suplexs Silas with a bridge. This match was great, Bandido is great and Silas is a very underrated talent in ROH. Winner: Bandido

After the match, Silas kicks Bandido in the knee and they play up an injury angle where security comes out and helps Bandido to the back as he screams.

We go to a video package for RUSH who is returning to ROH.

Main Event

Tracy “Hot Sauce” Williams & Mark Haskins vs Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal

  • This match starts off slow, showing that this could go long. Haskins and Hot Sauce get to show themselves off here. This is Haskins first match since signing with ROH and has had a match against Jay Lethal once already. Haskins shows off his submission skills against Jay. Tracy Williams tags in but with some quick tags from Gresham and Lethal, they begin to work over Williams. Lethal and Gresham work great together but eventually Haskins tags in and is a house of fire. Mark Haskins wows the Dallas crowd with his British style wrestling. For some reason, Haskins tags Tracy Williams, who hobbled in after having his knee worked over. Lethal combination to Tracy Williams. Jay continues to work over the knee as he sets up for the figure four. Williams fights out as Gresham tags in. Lethal and Gresham target the knee of Hot Sauce as Haskins has been taken out. Haskins fights his way back in the ringto break up the figure four. Williams and Haskins double team Jay Lethal and get a great near fall. Williams lands a DDT to the buckle from the second rope to Lethal and Haskins hits a driver for another near fall. Great stuff. Lethal and Gresham do a rolling assisted DDT to Hot Sauce Tracy Williams for the win. That was great. Winners: Lethal and Gresham.

After the match, The Briscoes, Silas Young and Shane Taylor beat down all four in the ring. Fin-Juice run to the ring to help but get beaten down. Jay-driller to Juice as the show finishes.

Another really good show by ROH and a good angle to finish with to lead us into tomorrow night.

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