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Ring Of Honor – Honor Reigns Supreme – Live Results

Tonight(January 13th, 2019) Ring of Honor returns to Honor Club and Fite TV for Honor Reigns Supreme. On this show is Jay Lethal defending his ROH World Title against Dalton Castle, Best Friends vs Juice Robinson & David Finlay and more.

The show opens up from Concord, North Carolina as commentators, Ian Riccoboni, Colt Cabana and Caprice Coleman run down the card.

John Skyler, Josey Quinn and Corey Hollis come to the ring to cut a promo, telling everyone to shut up and the want to beat the hell out of Nova, Isome and Cheeseburger.

Ryan Nova, Eli Isome & Cheeseburger vs John Skyler, Corey Hollis & Josey Quinn

  • Good opener, also good to see that ROH is looking at the future. Six young talents who put on a good opening match. Winners: Nova, Isome and Cheeseburger.

Beer City Bruiser vs Mark Haskins

  • Haskins starts with a waist lock but Bruiser says “this is America, we fight”, so Haskins starts to kick the Bruiser. Haskins fights hard but BCB is so much bigger. Beer City Bruiser does the spot where he bits the head and when the ref tells him not to bite, he shouts “I can’t bite, I got no teeth!” BCB goes for a splash from the top rope but Mark Haskins moves. Haskins hits the knee called From ‘Haskins with Love’ then lands a double stomp from the top for the win. Winner: Mark Haskins.

Best Friends vs David Finlay & Juice Robinson

  • Juice starts out with Trent Beretta and as they wrestle, Ian Riccaboni announces that Fin-Juice will be in this year’s ROH Tag Wars Tournament. The Best Friends work over Finlay, Beretta and Chuck Taylor look very aggressive tonight. Finlay makes a tag to Juice, then so Beretta makes a blind tag and all four take each other out. Juice and Beretta get up and start a chop battle, which ends with Juice giving Beretta a DDT. Beretta hits a knee to the back of Juice’s head for a good nearfall. After Juice and Beretta beat the hell out of each other, they both tag out. David Finlay pins Chuck Taylor after hitting a brainbuster to the knee, known as “Trash Panda”. Winners: Fin-Juice, Juice Robinson and David Finlay.

Special Announcement: ROH is now offering free tickets to US Veterans who served their country. Also, It’s Ian Riccaboni’s birthday. Find out more HERE.

“Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams vs Flip Gordon

  • Williams targets the knee early on and Flip Gordon falls to the mat but tries to carry on. Flip rolls out of the ring and the referee follows Flip to ringside. The referee, Todd Sinclair calls the match off and Flip is helped to the back. I really hope he’s okay. Winner: No Contest.

Luchasaurus, Delirious & Shane “Hurricane” Helms vs The Kingdom

  • This is a proving ground match for the ROH Six-man tag titles, so if Luchasaurus, Delirious or Hurricane wins the match in anyway, or last 15 minutes, they earn a championship match. The Kingdom try to isolate the Luchasaurus, but he’s so big he overpowers all three of them. Delirious tags in and The Kingdom get the heat on him. Delirious has his ribs tapped up, so they target that with stomps and suplexs. Delirious tries to suplex TK O’Ryan but it turned out more like a DDT. Luchasaurus, Hurricane and Delirious chokeslam all of The Kingdom. Marseglia pins Delirious after the double team driver they do. Winners: The Kingdom.

Bandido vs PJ Black

  • These two start off with some chain wrestling but the pase quickly picks up. Bandido superkicks Black out of the ring and hits three different dives. Bandido shakes hands of fans and hugs a fan in a wheelchair. Black hits three dives on the other side and acts arrogant saying “I could do that all night” to the fans. Bandido is so impressive with the speed he can spin around someone. Despite the being the smaller of the two, Bandido shows off his strength  by catching Black from a high cross off the top. PJ Black climbs to the top and Bandido jumps to the top and Black falls down to crotch himself, and Bandido falls out of the ring. They go back up to the top and Bandido hits Black with a fall away slam moonsault from the top rope for the win. Winner: Bandido

Instant Reward Proving Ground, Four Corner Survival Match – Rhett Titus vs Jonathan Gresham vs Shane Taylor vs Jeff Cobb

  • The rules are, as I believe it, the first person(not Cobb) to get a win will gain an instant championship match for Jeff Cobb’s ROH TV Championship. Before the match, Shane Taylor gets a mic and says he’s got nothing to prove, bad mouths all three guys and leaves. Gresham goes for a crossbody but bounces of the chest of Cobb. Cobb no sells strikes and catches everything, he’s great. Gresham is eventually able to work over the knee enough that that it starts to hurt Jeff Cobb. Gresham goes for a shooting star on Rhett Titus but Rhett gets the knees up and Gresham lands face first on the knees. Rhett looked really good in this match, but Cobb finishes him off with the Tour of the Islands. After the match Silas Young comes to ringside and Shane Taylor comes back out to jump Jeff, setting up a future match. Winner: Jeff Cobb.

Women of Honor World Championship Street Fight – Kelly Klein(c) vs Jenny Rose

  • Kelly Klein comes to the ring with a group of people that they are calling Camp Klein. Jenny Rose goes for a splash on Kelly Klein, who was laid on a table at ringside, but came flying off when the table didn’t break. Moments later, Rose drives Klein through the table from the apron. Rose hits a Superplex onto chairs but only gets a two. Klein hits her finisher, a driver, on the pile of chairs for the win. Good match and apart from the over playing to the crowd, Rose looked good. Winner: Jenny Rose

Silas Young & The Briscoes vs Vilain Enterprises

  • This is the first time the new team, Villain Enterprises, have been on a live ROH show and Brody King and PCO are here to leave an impression. At one point, PCO goes for a top rope moonsault to the floor but Mark Briscoe pulls him off, slamming him back first onto the apron. The Briscoes and Silas get the heat on Marty until Brody King is tagged in. King performs an insane luncha style double arm drag from the top rope. Silas hits PCO with a Canadian Destroyer on the apron, which sounded horrible as his head hit the metal. Mark Briscoe is thrown off the top rope by Brody King, straight through a table, it looked brutal. PCO pinned Jay Briscoe after a moonsault. Winners: PCO, Brody King and Marty Scurll. Villain Enterprises.

Nick Aldis comes out to announce that ROH and NWA will hold the Crockett Cup on April 27th in this venue, then joins the announce team.

Main Event

ROH World Championship Match – Jay Lethal(c) vs Dalton Castle

  • These two kick it off quick with hard stikes until they end up at ringside. At ringside they throw each other into the barriers. Back in the ring, Lethal lands a Lethal injection just a few minutes in for a one count. Lethal starts to target the injured back of Dalton. Jay Lethal hits a Lethal combination and a Hail to the king elbow drop but Dalton kicks out. The crowd chant for both guys as Lethal reverses a Bangerang into a roll up, Castle reverses a Lethal injection into a German suplex. Lethal reveres another Bangerang into a powerbomb into the corner and hits another Lethal Injection for the win. This was a very fun match, I enjoyed this a lot. Winner: Jay Lethal.

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