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NXT UK Takeover – Results

This is the first ever NXT UK Takeover, live from the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England. The show is headlined by Pete Dunne defending the WWE UK Championship against Joe Coffey. Also on this show is Rhea Ripley defending the NXT UK Women’s Championship against Toni Storm, the NXT Tag Team Title Tournament Finals and more.

This show aired live, at 7pm GMT on the WWE Network, where it is now available on-demand.

The show opens with a video package, showing the best bit so far from different UK Championship matches, the original tournament, Pete Dunne winning the championship and NXT UK being announced plus clips of NXT UK. Very nice video package, getting everyone up-to-date with what’s been going on.

We go to ringside, where Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness is standing in front of the crowd. Nigel looks genuinely overwhelmed wit excitement.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament Final – Moustache Mountain vs Grizzled Young Veterans

  • As the match started and Tyler Bate was in the ring with Zack Gibson, the whole crowd starts jumping and dancing while, very loudly, chaning for Bate. Moments later, the crowd all stand and start chanting “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!” and all held shoes in the air. Tyler Bate, while in with both Gibson and James Drake, is absolutely amazing. Bate does an insane headstand, from a bridge he slowly lifted his feet and rolled backwards, on his head. After a shine from Moustache Mountain, GYV, Gibson and Drake begin to get the heat on Trent Seven. James Drake gives Trent Seven a stiff forearm to the back of the head, causing Seven to bleed. The fans don’t like Gibson or Drake but when Zack Gibson tags in, the fans boo very loud. Tyler Bate tags in and runs wild, astonishing everyone with an airplane spin to both Gibson and Drake. The GYV hit a few devastating double team moves and Drake lands a 450 splash and Trent Seven kicks out, the place goes absolutely nuts. The finish came when Zack Gibson stood on the outside with sat Bate on his shoulders. Drake ducked a clothesline from Seven in the ring and dove into Bate, knocking him off the shoulders like a doomsday device on the floor. Seven, realising he was alone, tried to dive on Gibson but was cut off by Drake, who dropkicked him out of midair. The Grizzled Young Vets hit Trent Seven with the Ticket To Mayhem(an assisted codebreaker) for the win, and the championships. Winners: The Grizzled Young Veterans, Zack Gibson and James Drake.

We get an NXT Takeover advert for NXT Takeover Phoenix in 2 weeks.

Pete Dunne tapes his wrists.

We get a recap of Jordan Devlin attacking Travis Banks when he was entering the building.

Travis Banks vs Jordan Devlin

  • Banks dives on Devlin as he walked to the ring. Banks sold the knee as he attacked Devlin but Jordan Devlin fights back, throwing Banks, knee first into the steps and stomping on the knee as it lay on the step. Travis Banks is being tended to by Sid Scala, referees and Johnny Saint. Sid Scala announces they have a back up plan. The lights go out and Finn Balor’s music plays, the crowd goes nuts.

Jordan Devlin vs Finn Balor

  • The crowd goes crazy for Finn Balor as Devlin watches on and holds his ears due to the volume. They stand face-to-face and Devlin slaps Balor. Balor takes it to Devlin early but Devlin takes control when he kicks the middle rope into the crotch of Balor. Some good back and forth and the crowd are so into Balor, it’s great. Finn Balor hits the 1916 DDT, dropkicks Devlin into the corner and hits Coup de Grace double foot stomp from the top rope for the win. Winner: Finn Balor.

We get an ad for Royal Rumble in two weeks.

No Disqualification Match – Eddie Dennis vs Dave Mastiff

  • The bell rings and they start slugging it out with forearms. They quickly head to ringside and Mastiff sends Dennis into the steps. Mastiff sends Dennis back into the ring and pushes the steps into the ring. Eddie Dennis rolls out and gets a cane, which he uses to get the upper hand. Mastiff uses the cane to fight back but when he goes for a crossbody but Dennis catches Mastiff and slams him onto the steps. Dennis sets up a table in the corner, which makes the fans chant for the table. Mastiff fights back and slams Dennis on the exposed solid floor at ringside. In the end, Mastiff gives Dennis a huge high-angle German Suplex, on his head, then cannonballs through Dennis, through the table. Mastiff pins Dennis to a loud NXT chant. Winner: Dave Mastiff.

We get an ad for The Rock’s new film about Paige and her family, The Knights. This film looks like a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to watching it. It’s called “Fighting With My Family”.

Kay Lee Ray and Jazzy Gabert are shown in the crowd.

NXT Women’s Championship Match – Rhea Ripley(c) vs Toni Storm

  • This match starts with forearms galore, as Toni takes it to Rhea. Ripley quickly throws Storm down and after a scuffle, Rhea runs away but Toni chases. As they get back in the ring, Rhea grabs the hair of Toni, holds oni’s head against the ropes and kicks the head on Toni. Back in the ring, Ripley begins to wear down the previously injured back of Toni. The fans are very loud for Toni but slightly subdued compared to earlier in the night. Ripley runs at Storm but Toni headbutts Ripley and they both go down. As they get up, they hit each other with punches and forearms until Storm hits a German suplex. After a moment of miscommunication, Ripley hits the Rip Tide for a two count. Ripley holds onto the wrist of Storm and keeps clotheslining her, after a few, Storm ducks and hits the Storm Zero but Ripley kicks out. After a few reversals of finishers, Toni hits the Storm Zero for the win. Winner: Toni Storm.

We see an advert for “Chasing the Magic: The Nigel McGuinness Story” also available on the WWE Network.

WWE UK Championship Match – Pete Dunne(c) vs Joe Coffey

  • This starts with a lock up and Dunne pushes Coffey back into the ropes. Dunne takes control in the early going as Dunne starts to bend and twist the fingers of Coffey. Dunne starts to move Coffey into a leg lock as he twists the feet of Coffey. Joe Coffey begins to fight back, using his strength advantage to throw Dunne around. They go to ringside, where Dunne runs up the steps and backflips over Coffey. Moments later, on the ramp, Joey Coffey stopped Pete, who was running at him, with a huge slam onto the wooden ramp. Back in the ring, Joe Coffey work over the back of Dunne with a bear-hug, irish whips and a suplex. Dunne fights back and sends Joe Coffey to ringside. Pete Dunne jumps over the ropes and up to the middle turnbuckle, then moonsaults onto Joe. Back in the ring, Joe Coffey gets Dunne into a Boston Crab and it looks like Pete is out after taking kicks to the back of the head. Coffey comes off the top rope but is caught with a forearm from Dunne, Dunne then hits the Bitter End but Joe Coffey kicks out. As they both fight on the apron, Joe Coffey picks up Dunne and powerbombs him on the apron. Back in the ring Joe Coffey stomps on the head of Dunne but Dunne gets the wrists of Joe and stomps on the head of Coffey. They go back and forth and Joe Coffey hits his discuss lariat finisher for a nearfall and everyone stands to applaud. Pete Dunne gets Joey Coffey in a triangle choke so to get out, Joe throws Pete onto the top rope, climbs up tot the top and powerbombs him off the top. These two won’t stop beating the hell out of each other and the fans chant “Are you watching Vince McMahon.” Both climb to the top rope and as Joe is shouting at Pete, they both slip and Coffey goes tumbling to ringside. They are both spent, but they try it again and while on the top rope, they both fall off and go to ringside. Pete hits a Bitter end but Joe Coffey kicks out again so Pete immediately rolls into a triangle and snaps the fingers, Joe Coffey taps out. Winner: Pete Dunne.

After the match Pete was celebrating, until Dvořák Symphony Number 9 played, the music of WALTER. WALTER is a 31 year old(August 20th, 1987) Austrian wrestler who has made quite a name for himself on the independent scene in Germany(WXW) and in the UK, mainly for PROGRESS Wrestling. If you haven’t seen this man before, then you will want to see him in NXT UK as it seems he will be the next challenger for Pete Dunne’s Championship.

Conclusion: This was a really fun show and the crowd was red hot for this show. My personal favourite match is probably the tag match, even if the heels won, the dynamic was great, Tyler was amazing and the length of the match was perfect. I feel the main event probably went too long. Without timing it, I’m not sure how much I would shave off the overall time of the match but I do feel the main event was too long and we could of lost some of the match and it would of made it better. That being said, everyone worked great, a few missed spots here and there but that happens, and doesn’t always take away. This was a red hot show from top to bottom and I couldn’t recommend skipping a match. Great start for the UK Takeovers.

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