PAC wrestles in hometown and gets huge reaction

PAC(formerly Neville in WWE) recently returned home, to Newcastle, on his current UK indie run. While in the UK, PAC has booked matches for IPW on February 20th in Canterbury, Future Shock Wrestling in Manchester on February 23rd and Revolution Pro Wrestling, Live at the Cockpit 37 against Zack Sabre Jr on January 6th, and High Stakes on February 15th against Will Ospreay.

PAC also showed up for a promotion called Defiant, in his hometown of Newcastle. The appearance was met with extremely loud chants of “He’s coming home, PAC is coming home”, “Welcome home” and more. The reaction really is quite something as you can see in this video from Twitter.



PAC will be facing David Starr for Defiant on their weekly show, Loaded, that is free on YouTube, Sundays at 8pm GMT. PAC and Starr cut promos on each other for Defiant’s YouTube which you can watch here.

Defiant also uploaded a teaser for the match that is free on YouTube this Sunday.

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