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With so much wrestling out there, and most of it behind a paywall, it can be difficult to decide where to start. A lot of wrestling fans may only watch WWE and want to try other wrestling but don’t know what other wrestling to try, that’s what this post is for.

Some people may not know about the free wrestling that is available and where to find it. There are many companies, services and websites that provide free wrestling, often weekly episodic shows that may lead to a PPV, live show or tour. Sometimes it might get confusing to locate these shows and when they are on, so I will catalogue some of the top alternative wrestling available today.

Ring Of Honor:

  • Ring of Honor are a wrestling company based in the Northeast of America and they have their weekly TV show available on Sinclair affiliated television stations in the US. ROH are also available every Monday on their website, and on Fite TV. Previous episodes are available as a member of the Ring Of Honor subscription service, Honor Club, along with PPVs, ROH on Tour shows and Honor Club exclusive content.

MLW Fusion:

  • MLW has a weekly television show on “beIN Sports” at 8pm EST. If you do not get beIN Sports, you can catch the show on the official MLW YouTube channel for Free on Saturdays at 6:05 EST. You can buy PPVs of MLW on their streaming service for just $4.99 each but MLW only have 3 shows at this date. The shows that are available are MLW: One Shot, MLW: Never Say Never and MLW: Zero Hour.

New Japan Pro Wrestling:

  • New Japan Pro Wrestling is the prominent wrestling promotion in Japan. NJPW has a TV deal in Japan on TV Asahi, and in America on AXS TV. In November of 2014, AXS announced that AXS TV had acquired the rights to air NJPW in the United States from TV Asahi. New Japan Pro Wrestling have a streaming service called njpwworld which costs ¥999 per month, but on that service they also have free content. The free content can be backstage reactions and comments from wrestlers, documentaries and free matches. NJPW shows a free match every week and usually they are very good to great matches and sometimes historic.

AXS TV (In the US):

  • AXS TV has spent a lot of time, effort and money into building a line-up that will attract pro wrestling and combat sports fans across the country of America. Friday nights on AXS are already the final destination for some fight fans but this is only going to get bigger in the new year as they add WOW – Women Of Wrestling Superheroes, which starts on January 18th at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST

Fite TV:

  • Fite TV is a service which wrestling companies use to sell Pay-Per-Views but not everything on the Fite TV platform costs. Fite TV have done deals with Ring Of Honor, MLW, Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling and more to provide a source of weekly wrestling shows, one off shows, documentaries and more.

DDT Pro:

  • DDT is a Japanese Wrestling promotion that promotes a very eclectic mix of styles of wrestling. When you subscribe to the service they provide called “DDT Universe” you are given a bronze level account, which is free. DDT has a whole range of free shows, some live, some after they have happened. DDT provide a who range of shows on their service, including main DDT shows, women’s shows and more. The DDT service, “DDT Universe” has four levels of membership, Bronze membership (free), Silver membership (¥500), Gold membership (¥900) and Platinum membership (¥1,200). DDT is the promotion that Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi spent a lot of their time in the earlier part of their career honing their craft.

Beyond Wrestling:

  • Beyond Wrestling is a promotion based out of the Massachusetts area in the United States of America. Beyond gives away free matches on their YouTube but has whole shows on powerbomb TV. You can get a free 20 days to the Powerbomb service by using the code “BEYOND”.

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