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Revolution Pro Wrestling – World Of Pro Wrestling – Episode 8 – Review

This episode first aired December 7th 2018 on FreeSports and was taped in York Hall, Bethnal Green, London.

The show opens with the intro video and music, then Kevin Kelly and Andy Simmonz welcomes us to the show and run down the show. We go to the first match as Kevin Kelly tells us the rules of pro wrestling, which are; 30 minute time limit, matches can be won by pinfall, submission, KO, count out or DQ, Titles can only change hands by pinfall, submission or KO, touching the ropes will cause a rope break and the referee will start a count of 5 for rope break and the referee will give a wrestler outside of the ring a count of 10 to re enter the ring.

Arrows of Hungary (Icarus & Dover) vs HxC (Dan “Hammerhead” Head & James Castle)

  • The crowd chant Arrows of Hungary as Dan starts with Icarus but the Arrows are quite a bit bigger so seconds in, Dan tags in Castle when Dover tags in. Dover is the bigger of the two Arrows and after a few failed attempts at shoulder tackles, Dover picks up Castle and places him on the turn-buckle. James Castle jumps over Dover but Dover grabs the belt of Castle and tries to back suplex Castle. James grabs the hand of Dan, who was leaning through the ropes and not a legal tag, so Dover pulls him in the ring and attempts to back suplex both of them but HxC rack the eyes of Dover. Icarus tags in and very quickly, they are all on the outside except for Icarus who was laid out in the ring. HxC suplex Dover on the ramp after diving on him, then move to Icarus, who was getting up in the ring. Dan Hammerhead hits a spinebuster for a two count, then tags in Castle. James Castle just mauls Icarus as Dover lays on the ramp. James tags in Head as Icarus begins to make a comeback. Icarus tacks down Head while fighting out of the corner but when he starts to crawl to his corner, no one is there. James tags back in and goes straight after Icarus and tags Head back in and HxC double team Icarus with kicks and clotheslines. Head pins Icarus for a two count as Dover has slowly made his way to the steps on the ramp. James and Head makes quick tags and hit a double team move on Icarus as Dover gets to the apron. Head kicks Dover off the apron and makes a cover but only gets a two count. Castle tags in as HxC set up for another double team move but Icarus moves and makes a comeback and a tag. Dover comes in holding his back but still managing to take out both Dan and James, even delivering a fall away slam, without falling back. Dover picks up Castle and Dan Head, one on each shoulder and powerslams them both. Castle cuts off Dover and tags in Head, who hits a diving headbutt but Icarus breaks up the pin. The Arrows take out Head and suplex him into his own corner so James tags in but both of the Arrows of Hungary pounce James Castle up into the air. James and Dan try to get some space at ringside but Dover stops them as Icarus climbs to the top rope. Icarus jumps off the ropes and land on both HxC pretty hard and on the solid floors of York Hall. Icarus throws James in the ring but he knees Icarus as Head tags in. The Arrows take out Castle with a spinebuster and knee to the back of the head combination. The Arrows try to take out Head with something but he flipped out and shoved them into each other. As Dover picks up Head for a suplex, Castle pulls the foot and holds it as Head lands on top. Dan Head pins Dover as Castle holds the foot of Dover from the outside. Winners: James Castle and Dan “Hammerhead” Head.

We go to an advert break.

When we come back, Kevin Kelly welcomes us back and he and Andy Simmonz talk about Chris Ridgeway vs Zack Sabre Jr coming up next. We see a video package of Ridgeway and ZSJ in the past few weeks. We go back to the ring.

Chris Ridgeway vs Zack Sabre Jr

  • These two start face-to-face, forehead-to-forehead, then start chopping. Zack chops Chris first but Ridgeway retaliates with very loud strikes. They strike each other a lot until Ridgeway kicks Zack to send him to the mat. Ridgeway hold him hands behind his back as Zack Sabre Jr gets up. Zack gives Ridgeway a European uppercut but Ridgeway kicks Zack back to the mat. Ridgeway kneels down and takes another uppercut, so ZSJ kneels too but move at the last second and grabs the leg of Ridgeway and for a moment, they battle over heel hooks. Zack gets the better of Ridgeway with a triangle choke but Chris bridges out and forces ZSJ to kick out of a pin. Zack kicks Ridgeway as he sits on the mat. Zack starts to wrap up Ridgeway but he’s too close to the ropes and Chris escapes and lands another kick to knock Zack down. Ridgeway kicks ZSJ against the ropes for a four count, twice. Zack fights back and these two begin to trade submissions. This is a very kick and submission heavy match. They reverse almost everything while both going for any submission they can get. Both men start to trade big kicks but Zack blocks a low kick and kicks Ridgeway in the head. Ridgeway slumps down, unconscious, onto the mat and ZSJ jumps on top with palm strikes to the back. The referee, Chris Roberts, shoves ZSJ of Ridgeway and calls for the bell. Winner: By KO, Zack Sabre Jr.

After the match, Zack grabs the microphone and says to Ridgeway “You snooze, you lose mate.” Zack also says “in case you didn’t realise my sublime teckers, I’m the best technical wrestler in the world.” Then Zack goes on to pipe down the crowd who cheer him. Zack then says he is the best professional wrestler in the world and he you think anyone can beat him, tell them to “come and find me.”

Up next, the main event, a semi-final match in the tag team tournament.

Advert break.

We come back to Andy and Kevin Kelly as they talk about the tournament so far and show us the brackets.

Aussie Open vs Roppongi 3K

  • The winners of this match will face The Hunter Brothers in the finals. Fletcher of the Aussie Open starts the match with YOH of Roppongi 3K and gets the early advantage until SHO runs in to help YOH get the upper hand. The Dunkzilla, Mark Davis tags in and over powers SHO quickly. Mark and Kyle double team SHO with a back-breaker big boot combo. Mark Davis tags in as the Aussie open work over SHO. YOH comes in and gets a figure four on Kyle Fletcher as SHO gets a armbar on Davis but the much bigger and stronger Davis picks up SHO and slams him into YOH, breaking up both submissions. Mark Davis tags in and takes out both of Roppongi 3K. Davis lands a big Airplane spin slam for a two count on YOH. Aussie Open throw YOH into the ropes but YOH puts the breaks on and grabs the ropes. Kyle runs at YOH but YOH low bridges and Kyle Fletcher goes tumbling over the ropes and to the floor after Davis collides with him on the apron. YOH hits a hurricanrana on Davis, SHO comes in and hits a dropkick, sending Davis to the outside. SHO and YOH both dive onto Aussie Open, who are at ringside. Roppongi 3K hits a double team move on Kyle Fletcher in the ring but Fletcher kicks out. Roppongi 3K hit a back cracker and a dropkick combination on Fletcher. As Roppongi 3K set up for the 3K (basically a 3D) Mark Davis comes back in but SHO and YOH get the better of him with strikes and jumping knees. Kyle Fletcher fires up and after a flurry of offence from Aussie open, Kyle Fletcher pins SHO but YOH breaks it up, sort of. So Kyle Fletcher is pinning SHO, YOH does get there in time and Chris Roberts stops counting as SHO’s shoulder if off the mat, but then Aussie Open’s music starts to play. Everyone in the ring ignores it and the commentators go silent for a second of two while the music plays. After another flurry by Aussie Open, they pin YOH to advance. The winner of Aussie Open and The Hunter Brothers will face Suzuki-gun for the tag championships. Winners: Aussie Open.

And that was the end of the show. Another really good show from Rev Pro on FreeSports, I hope these come back to TV soon.

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