Ring Of Honor – Episode 377 – Review

This episode first aired on December 7th, 2018 on Sinclair Broadcasting, then on Fite TV and Ring of Honor’s website. New episodes of Ring of Honor are available each week, and the archive is available to Honor Club members. This episode was taped in the Stage AE venue in Pittsburgh, PA.

The show kicks of with a cold open as Christopher Daniels, with SCU, are trying to stay in ROH by challenging Marty Scurll at Final Battle with Marty’s championship match on the line. Marty says he will give Daniels the match of his career and this will be Daniels’ Final Battle.

ROH theme played.

The show starts with Silas Young heading to the ring as Ian Riccaboni welcomes us. Flip comes out and grabs the microphone, he challenges Silas to an “I Quit” match.

“I Quit” Match – Flip Gordon vs Silas Young

  • Silas jumps Flip and accepts the challenge, then stomps Flip down. Flip makes a comeback and sends Silas to ringside. Flip dives on Silas, then throws him into the barrier. Back in the ring, Silas starts to fight back but Gordon reverses him and dodges a clothesline on the apron. Flip pulls Silas to ringside again and they brawl as we go to break. We come back from break as Flip is pulling a table from under the ring, he sets it up in the corner of the ring. Silas takes over at ringside with a chair to the face of Flip, then proceeds to beat on the mid-section of Flip with the chair. Silas stands on the ribs of Flip while holding the mic and shouting “give it up Flip.” Flip will not give up so Silas gets a cane from underneath the ring. As Silas Young gets in the ring with the cane, Flip cuts him off with the chair. When Flip picks up the cane to hit Silas. Bully runs down, chokes out Flip with a chain then Silas drives Flip through the table in the corner with a spear as Bully held him. The bell doesn’t sound but things just end as we go to a break. Winner: No Contest

We see a clip for Jeff Cobb vs Hangman Page at Final Battle.

SoCal Uncensored come to the ring and start cutting the usual promo, until The Briscoes come to the ring and jump SCU. The Young Bucks run to the ring to help SCU but SCU get shoved into The Bucks by The Briscoes, so The Bucks superkick both Sky and Frankie. The Briscoes take superkicks next and it all breaks down. Kaz and Sky dive on The Bucks and The Briscoes, then get a ladder in the ring, climb it and hold the belts up

A video package about the four-way match for the Woman of Honor World Championship between Sumie Sakai, Madison Rayne, Kelly Klein and Karen Q.

Ad break.

When we come back from break, we get a really good video package about Christopher Daniels and his Final Battle. This was really good, Daniels is really good. Marty Scurll vs Christopher Daniels at Final Battle.

We see The Kingdom come out for our main event.

The Kingdom vs Dalton Castle, Cody & Jay Lethal

  • Jay Lethal starts against TK O’Ryan but Cody tagged himself in just before Cody could lock up with TK. Then Castle tagged himself in. When Castle got in, The Kingdom jumped him. They all brawled in the ring and at ringside for a moment. Castle, in the ring, gets the upper hand on TK, then tags in Cody. Taven comes in to take control of Cody but everyone runs in. When the chaos clears, Cody is in The Kingdom’s corner. The Kingdom wear down Cody but Cody makes a comeback, with a classic Cody spinning bodyslam. Cody tags Castle, Taven takes out Dalton on the apron and at ringside. The Kingdom wear down Castle as we go into a break. When we come back from a short break, Castle takes Taven down and tags in Lethal. Lethal is getting the better of TK when Matt Taven takes out Lethal, lays him on a steel chair and tries to hit Jay in the head with another chair. Castle fights Taven off and chases him out of the building. This match basically becomes a tag match and with Cody and Lethal trying to outdo each other, nearly hitting each other with finishers, Cody hits TK O’Ryan with the Cross Rhodes for the win. After the match, Cody takes the mic and says “There’s nothing left to say, there’s nothing left to do. I’ll see you at Final Battle.” Winners: Cody, Dalton Castle and Jay Lethal.

We then got one final hype package for all the matches to finish the show. Good show here, I’m looking forward to Final Battle.

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