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MLW Fusion – Episode 34 – Review

This episode first aired on December 8th, 2018, on Bein Sports, then on YouTube for free. Each episode is uploaded to YouTube every Saturday at 6:05 pm EST, and every episode is available on-demand. This episode was taped in the Cicero Stadium in Illinois.

The show opens cold with Simon Gotch walking outside somewhere. Tom Lawlor chases Gotch but Gotch runs behind a door, where Ricky Martinez jumped Tom. Tom fought Ricky into the building as Simon Gotch closed the door.

The MLW music and intro video plays.

We are welcomed to the show by our commentators, Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone as they run down the show with RUSH vs Sammy Guevara, Marko Stunt vs Ace Romero and more.

The ring announcer introduces Jason Cade, then we get a video package of Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr at Pro Wrestling Tees.

Jason Cade vs Teddy Hart W/ Brian Pillman Jr

  • Jason Cade gets the upper hand early, but after running Hart into the corner chest first and a neck breaker, Hart took over. Hart hit a lumbar check which bounced Cade up, then a moonsault into an elbow drop. Teddy Hart looks great as always but Cade reversed a slit-leg moonsault with the knees and throws Teddy out to ringside while Pillman is on his phone, live streaming on social media. Cade slaps Pillman Jr, the throws Teddy into the barriers. Cade jumps on Hart with a leg drop as Hart as Hart lays across the barrier. Back in the ring, Hart gets the knees up on a frog splash. Hart hits Cade with another lumbar check and a piledriver but Cade got his foot on the ropes. Cade fights out of what could have been a destroyer and hits a superkick. Cade gets a two cunt on Teddy after a death valley driver but on the top rope, Teddy Hart reverses Cade and hits a huge destroyer from the top rope, which looked like he killed Cade. Good match but I felt like Cade got a bit too much of the match and Hart should of been more dominant, but that’s just an option. Winner: Teddy Hart.


We get a recap video of the Lucha Bros. retaining their championships last week.

Backstage, Salina De La Renta talks to Konnan. Konnan says he’s going to take the championship, then go for her.

We see a video package for MLW in Miami, December 14th.

We go backstage where it looks like Konnan has taken out Ricky Martinez with a padlock, and Martinez is spitting blood. We still don’t know where Tom Lawlor is.

Marko Stunt vs Ace Romero

  • Ace Romero weights about 400lbs, Marko is billed at 144lbs. Marko goes to take the back of Ace but can’t get his hands round the waist. After a little offence by Stunt that did nothing, Ace lands a running dropkick that sends Stunt flying. Romero throws Stunt around for a bit until Stunt lays on the apron and Romero climbs to the middle rope and goes for a leg drop but Marko moves. Marko superkicks Ace, punts him then dives on “Acey Baby”. Ace Romero runs into the barrier hard, unfortunately for Stunt, he was between Ace and the barrier. Back in the ring, Marko makes a comeback and begins to “Hulk Up” but cannot bodyslam Ace Romero. Marko hits a springboard double stomp to the back for a one count. Stunt lands a nice tilt-a-whirl codebreaker for a two count. Marko lands a sunset-flip powerbomb for a great near fall and the crowd loved it. Stunt comes off the top but is caught and slammed for the win. Really fun match, Marko didn’t need to win to get over, people love him. Winner: Ace Romero.

More plugs for upcoming live events, an ad break then a video package of Shane Strickland vs Low Ki from two weeks ago.

Plugs for MLW Never Say Never, on December 13th and Zero Hour on December 14th. You can buy both of these shows for $4.99 each, Here.

We go to Selina and Low Ki, who cuts a promo on Konnan, until Ricky Martinez turns up with a bin, still spitting blood. Low Ki and Selina leave quickly.

Sammy Guevara vs RUSH

  • They start with very fast lucha style wrestling and both end with a dropkick, RUSH takes his t-shirt off. At ringside, RUSH powerbombs Guevara on a table, then whips Sammy with a wire from the camera man. Sammy hits a spinning corkscrew dive, which looked insane. The fans chant “RUSH” throughout the match. Big superplex from the top on Guevara for a two count, the fans keep chanting for RUSH. RUSH misses a senton from the top but Sammy moved, Sammy goes for a shooting star but RUSH gets the feet up then hits the RUSH-driver, a double underhook piledriver, for the win. A lot more happened in this match than I could write down, but the match was fast paced and extremely entertaining, good fun. Winner: RUSH.

After the match, RUSH gets the microphone saying he has come to MLW for the rivalry worth gold. He wants RUSH vs LA Park.

Low Ki and Selina De La Renta are leaving the building, as they pull off Tom Lawlor attacks the car but they pull off as the show ends.

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