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Ring Of Honor – Final Battle 2018 – Live Results

Ring Of Honor return to pay-per-view tonight(December 14th, 2018) with their biggest show of the year, Final Battle.

The show is available on FiteTV and Honor Club and is packed with top matches. This show is headlined by Jay Lethal defending the Ring Of Honor world championship against Cody, Jeff Cobb defending the ROH TV Championship against Hangman Page, Zack Sabre Jr in his ROH debut against Jonathan Gresham and more.

The show opens up with a video package about one year ago when Cody faced Jay Lethal and Cody turned heel. The video package turns to tonight as Cody faces Lethal again, and much more.

We are welcomed to the show by our commentators, Ian Riccoboni and Colt Cabana who tell us that the Ladder War match will headline the show.

Kenny King vs Eli Isom

  • King comes out first and when Eli comes out, King get the mic and says to Eli he shouldn’t even be here and “the new school sucks”. Kenny King hits Isom in the head with the microphone before the bell. King beats on Isom for a while but Eli makes a comeback and a few minutes in, hits a huge dive on King. After a minute or two of offence from Isom, King cuts him off and hits an interesting stunner like move that looked great for a two count. Eli makes a brief comeback back it doesn’t last long as King is just too strong. A few good hope spots for Isom, and he shows good fire but Kenny King wins this the Royal Flush. Winner: Kenny King.

ROH World TV Championship Match – Jeff Cobb(c) vs Hangman Page

  • This starts off with Cobb and Hangman beating each other with huge strikes. Hangman Page dropkicks Cobb to the outside then goes for the shooting star tackle from the apron but Cobb catches him and suplexs Page. Cobb, with the upperhand, hits his delayed suplex off the second rope in the early stages of this match. They absolutely beat the hell out of each other in this match. Page is hit with a crossbody and rolls through and somehow picks up Cobb for the release Alabama slam. Hangman hits a huge dive, followed up quickly by a moonsault from the top rope to the floor. Lots of great spots in this match, the crowd was electric for both men. Jeff Cobb pinned Hangman after two Tour Of The Islands on Page. Winner: Jeff Cobb.

Women Of Honor World Championship Match – Sumie Sakai(c) vs Karen Q vs Kelly Klein vs Madison Rayne

  • The commentary team is joined by WOH star, Mandy Leon. This match is a four-corner survival match and is an elimination match. The first elimination is Kelly Klein pinning Karen Q, Karen Q is out of the match. Kelly Klein pins Madison Rayne after Sumie hits the Smash Mouth. It’s now Kelly Klein vs Sumie Sakai. Sumie hits Smash Mouth on Kelly but takes to long and Kelly Klein kicks out. Kelly catches a rana and turns it into a powerbomb but Sumie kicks out. Kelly Klein hits her finisher, K-power, but Sumie kicks out. Kelly Klein take Sumie to the top rope and hits a super K-power and pins Sumie to defeat her and win the WOH World Champion. after the match, Sumie and Kelly not only shake hands, but they hug. Winner: And new WOH World Champion, Kelly Klein.

Jonathan Gresham vs Zack Sabre Jr

  • This is a technical master class, obviously, with ZSJ using his normal Suzuki-gun, heel tactics. They constantly out wrestle each other but ZSJ tries to take Gresham off his game throughout the match with hard slaps and chops to the face and just complete disrespect throughout. This match was really good and I fully enjoyed it, as I’m a big fan of both. the winner here was Zack Sabre Jr with his bridging roll-up pin. Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

Dalton Castle vs Matt Taven

  • Dalton has an amazingly elaborate entrance, as usual on these big show. Dalton is great. Before the bell, Taven says this match is for his “Real World Championship.” Dalton is still strapped up a lot but shows good fire early on and seems to be moving okay. Taven went for a dive straight over the ropes but Castle moved and Taven landed chest first on the railings. It looked terrible. Taven gets up and is alive, I’m not sure that spot was planned to be that bad as Taven takes control soon after. There is some shenanigans between The Kingdom and The Boys, Taven hits Castle on the head with his purple belt and the ref counts two as Castle kicks out for a good nearfall. They fight to the outside as Castle hits double knees to Taven who’s laying on the top rope. Castle hits a Bangerang to the ringpost then rolls Taven in. Castle hits the Bangerang in the ring but TK O’Ryan throws a boy in the ring at Dalton as he pins Taven. The Boys and TK are thrown out. Taven reverses another Bangerang into the Climax for the pinfall victory. Winner: Matt Taven.

Number 1 Contendership Match – Marty Scurll vs Christopher Daniels

  • The crowd shows Daniels lots of respect as it could be his last match and final battle. Daniels starts off like a house of fire and takes it to the Villain but Marty cuts Daniels off and gets the extended heat on Daniels. Daniels makes a comeback and the fans are rallying behind Daniels. Everything Daniels does, the fans are behind him, knowing that if Daniels loses he could be gone. CD kicked out of everything Marty Scurll had but in the end, Marty tapped out Daniels with the Chicken-wing after Marty stomped on the neck over and over. After the match, the fans chanted “Thanks You Daniels” as Daniels looks sad. Bully low blows Daniels from behind, throws him out and calls out Flip Gordon. Winner: Marty Scurll.

“I Quit” Match – Flip Gordon vs Bully Ray

  • Flip comes out dressed in army gear and springboards in the ring to take it to Bully for the opening portion of this match. In this match, Bully starts to target Cary Silkin, the ROH Ambassador. At first, Bobby Cruise steps up and gets shoved down. Then the referee steps up to shove Bully back but Bully knocks down Todd Sinclair. A girl in the front row is pointed out as Flip’s girlfriend and Bully pulls her over and threatens to powerbomb her through a table but Cary silkin hits Bully with a cane. Flip makes a comeback with a USA flag attached to a cane. Silas Young comes down and sets up a table with lighter fluid after taking out Flip. The lights went out and when they came back on, The Sandman was standing in the ring. The Sandman took out Silas and evened the score. Flip had Bully bent over the table while hitting him with the cane until Bully quit. I absolutely loved this match. Winner: Flip Gordon.

Ring Of Honor World Championship match – Jay Lethal(c) vs Cody

  • Before the match, The fans are chanting for both Cody and Lethal, Cody grabs the mic and says “I think you love me” then says “If I loved you, I’d be doing the Madison Square Garden show but you can all kiss my ass.” Lethal says on the mic, “two things, 1. this is my company, Jackass” then Lethal goes on to say he is leaving here still the ROH Champ. Early on Cody sells the knee as if he is really injured and Todd Sinclair starts to seperate the two but Cody just jumps up and takes advantage. Cody gets great heat from the crowd, one guy even throws his drink over Cody’s back. People are genuinely angry at Cody and someone is clearly heard calling Cody a piece of shit. This has a very good, classic world title match feel with Cody turning the fans who cheered him at first against him and the rest of the fans cheering Lethal. Brandi gets involved, spearing Lethal and then accidentally, Cody. Lethal stops Todd from DQing them and ends up hitting the Lethal Injection on Brandi who hit hard. For some reason, Hangman Page rings the bell, stopping Cody from applying a submission and hands Cody the belt. The match carries on as these two try everything. In the end, Lethal plays into the finish of last year’s Final Battle as Todd Sinclair takes a bump and Lethal hits Cody in the knee withe the Title belt. Lethal sticks his middle fingers in the face of Cody then supperkicks him twice and hits a Lethal Injection. Lethal isn’t done as superkicks Cody in the face twice again and goes for another Lethal Injection but is caught, Lethal turns it into a Figure Four and Cody taps. Vey good match, I enjoyed this a lot. Afterwards, Marty comes out to face the champ but so does Nick Aldis. Winner: Jay Lethal.

ROH Tag Championship Match – Ladder War XII – SoCal Uncensored vs The Young Bucks vs The Briscoes

  • The match starts with The Briscoes running around the ring and throwing chairs in the ring. Mark and Jay get very violent, very quickly. A few minutes in, Kazarian is busted open and bleeding from the forehead. Matt Jackson powerbombed Jay Briscoe hard into a Ladder in the corner and Caprice Coleman on commentary shouts “powerbombed the pants off of him”, which I found funny as Jays trousers or “pants” were practically falling off. So many dangerous table spots, ladder spots, blood, chair shots it’s insane. This match has earned it’s name “war”. Jay Briscoe is covered in blood, Mark Briscoe is covered in blood, Frankie Kazarian is covered in blood, tables and ladders are broken everywhere. Everyone in the crowd is standing for the majority of this match. There was just too much to write it all here, so many great moments, I just hope everyone is okay after that hellacious match. Jay grabbed both belts after Mark threw a chair at Matt Jackson on the ladder. Winners: And new ROH World Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes.


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