Enzo Comments on being escorted from the Staples Centre by security during Survivor Series

Former WWE Superstar known as Enzo Amore showed up at Survivor Series and tried to hijack the show but was removed by security.

Enzo Amore, real name Eric Arndt, was suspended by WWE on January 22nd, 2018 due to allegations of sexual harassment. Amore’s scheduled defence of the Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble was cancelled and Amore was fired the next day.

Eric was recently kicked off a plane for vaping, played this up in a tweet that I’m sure he thought was hilarious. Enzo, who now goes by the name ‘Real 1’ tweeted “Apparently you can’t vape inside the staples centre. #HowYouDoin!?”


Enzo on Twitter


Enzo on Twitter

Videos are coming in from social media of Enzo in the crowd of the WWE event, Survivor Series and outside, on the streets.

Thoughts: I’m not sure what Enzo thought he would get out of this but in my opinion, it was just stupid and comes across desperate. I know he’s taken to a career up in rap music and I have never listened to one of his songs but this stunt maybe shows up that Enzo isn’t over the break up between himself and WWE.

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