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Update on Cody Rhodes’ injury

As noted a few days ago, Cody tweeted about an injury to his knee that would keep him out of the final day of the Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling Global Wars tour. Cody was set to defend his IWGP US Heavyweight Championship against Beretta in Toronto on November 11th but had to pull out due to injury.

Cody had originally tweeted that he had heard a pop when teasing a t-shirt toss and would have to have an MRI on his knee to know the full extent of the injury.

Cody tweeted the following today:

“GOOD news is my doctor is fairly confident that my mcl/pcl/acl are structurally sound.

BAD news is the meniscus is fairly damaged, gonna’ require a scope. No dates will be adjusted at the moment, and I’ll definitely still compete in the final battle main event & at WK.”

After doing some brief research, it seems that this type of injury could take up to six weeks to heal. This could be a problem as Final Battle is in just under 5 weeks from now, held on December 14th, 2018.

Read my initial post on Cody’s injury, Here.

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