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Ring Of Honor – Global Wars – Toronto – November 11th, 2018

Tonight(November 11, 2018) the stars of Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling return to Honor Club and Fite TV for the fourth and final night of the Global Wars tour. As reported previously, Cody is injured and no longer able to compete on this card but has said they he and ROH are finding a “suitable replacement”. This show is headlined by Jay Lethal defending his ROH World Championship against Kenny King plus more.

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We are welcomed to the show and a packed Toronto by our Commentary team, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana.

Karen Q vs Kaitlyn Diamond

  • This is first time I’ve seen Kaitlyn Diamond but she’s looking good against Karen Q. Kaitlyn starts off strong but Karen takes over after a few minutes. Karen Q gets the heat on Kaitlyn for a while but Kaitlyn makes a decent comback and the fans seem kind of with her. Karen Q cuts off Kaitlyn after Kaitlyn used Colt’s submission which is pointed out on commentary. Karen Q wins to go on to the four-way at final battle with a Boston Crab. Winner: Karen Q.

After the match, the four Women of Honor who are in the Final Battle match had a brawl and was broken up by security but they kept fighting.

Rhett Titus comes out again dressed in little blue pants, a Hockey helmet and a Hockey stick to join the commentary team. He looks ridiculous.

Chuckie T vs Adam “Hangman” Page

  • The code of Honor is adhered to. This starts off pretty fast and Page very quickly takes over in the match. Page hits the deadlift suplex into a pin for a two. Chuckie fights back with some forearms but one from Hangman sends Chuckie T down. Chuckie T blocks a rana with a powerbomb and Page rolls out of the ring. Chuckie T dives on Page, sending him into the barriers. Chuck Taylor sends Hangman into the barriers again. Back in the ring Page hits a clothesline from nowhere and a powerbomb but Taylor kicks out. Page hits a buckshot lariat and goes for a Right of Passage but Chuckie T turns it into a snap piledriver which looked great. Moments later, Chuckie T goes for his finisher the Awful Waffle but it’s reversed into the Right of Passage for the win. Winner: Hangman Page.

At this point Caprice Coleman comes out to tell Rhett Titus to leave and ” get some clothes on”. Ian Riccaboni just says “Yeah, I don’t know what was happening there”.

BUSHI & Tetsuya Naito vs Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan

  • BUSHI starts with Marseglia and BUSHI refuses to shake Vinny’s hand and for the first few minutes, Vinny is trying to take the mask of BUSHI off with the ref tries to hold TK O’Ryan and Naito back. BUSHI makes a comeback and tags out. TK tags in to face Naito. Naito does hit pose but Marseglia jumps him. TK gets back in the ring to face Naito and while the ref is distracted, Marseglia attack Naito at ringside. Marseglia tries to deliver a sliced bread but it turns into a cutter. TK and Marseglia get the heat on Naito for what seemed like forever until Naito finally got the hot tag to BUSHI. After The Kingdom took over, BUSHI tagged Naito and at the end BUSHI sprayed TK in the face with black mist and Naito pinned Marseglia with a Destino. Winners Los ingobernables De Japon.

After the match, Taven comes down to attack Naito but Christopher Daniels comes down to help. The ref decides to start the match for Taven vs Daniels.

Christopher Daniels vs Matt Taven

  • Daniels gets the upper hand early with an Arabian press to the outside, which he calls the 48 Special because he’s 48 years old and special. During the beginning of the match, Dalton comes out with his Boys and takes the headset of Ian Riccaboni. This match was okay but the fans only cared about Daniels, chanting SCU and when Taven got any offence the crowd went quiet. The Kingdom came down for a bad finish. After a distraction Taven kicks Daniels in the nuts and hits his finisher, a reverse DDT for the win. Winner: Matt Taven.

The Briscoes vs EVIL & SANADA

  • EVIL kicks off with Mark Briscoe and the fans are chanting for EVIL loudly. Mark tells EVIL to “obey the law” when they go up against the ropes, moments later pulls his hair to take advantage. At first The Briscoes get heat on EVIL but EVIL gets some offence and tags out. The Briscoes tag quick and use very good teamwork to get the heat on SANADA for a long time. The Briscoes hit hard and you can see the look on SANADA’s face as they run through him with double shoulder tackles. EVIL tags back in and fights to slowly take over in this match. When SANADA tags in he runs wild, putting both Briscoes in the Paradise lock. Mark slides a chair in and when the referee Paul Turner takes it out, Mark slams SANADA in the back with another chair. Jay hits the Jay driller on SANADA for the win. After EVIL laid out The Briscoes out with the chair. Winners: The Briscoes.

Caprice Coleman is taken off the commentary table by The Last Real Man, Silas Young.

Jonathan Gresham vs Flip Gordon

  • These two start off with some chain wrestling but after a few minutes Flip does a dive on Gresham and looks to injury his knee. This is obviously a work as Gresham starts to target the knee and even gets a one leg Boston Crab on but Flip doesn’t tap. The match continues and seems to go okay but doesn’t become anything too special considering the level of talent involved. Flip wins with his F-5 Cutter out of nowhere.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match – Super Smash Bros vs SoCal Uncensored (c)

  • Stu Grayson starts off with Kazarian and after a few minutes of chain wrestling Stu gets the upper hand with a dropkick and both men tag out. Kaz and Sky the upper hand on Evil Uno but after a while Uno takes over and runs wild on Kaz and Sky who use quick tags. Most of the match either three or four guys are in the ring at once. All four men are down as the camera pans out to show the packed crown in Toronto. All four get up and start trading strikes. Grayson and Sky hit moves on each other in the corners until Grayson jumps straight over the corner, surprising everyone and dives on Kaz. SSB get a great near fall on Sky moments later but the crowd boos because they want new champions. SCU win the match when Sky pins Grayson with a new finishing move, kind of a rock bottom into a back stabber. Very good match, the fans cheered for both as they shake hands after. Winners: SCU

Trent Beretta vs vs Juice Robinson

  • This match is happening as a result of Cody’s injury. This match starts with some headlocks and wrist locks but Juice is sent to the outside early. Beretta throws hard into the barriers outside and Juice goes flying over the railings. Beretta hits a double stomp to the back of Juice as he climbs over the railings.  Juice has some serious marks on his back. Back in the ring, Beretta works over the back of Juice. Juice fights back and creates space but going to deliver a shoulder in the corner, Trent moves and Juice hits the post hard and falls out of the ring. Juice counters a high crossbody with knees which looks brutal. Trent hits a piledriver on the apron to Juice and slowly picks him up and drags Juice in the ring. Juice manages to hit the Juice punch for a double down. Juice climbs to the top rope but Trent pushes Juice to crotch him on the turnbuckle. Beretta hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex from the top. Juice hits some Juice punches but Beretta reverses the Pulp Friction and they fight on. Beretta comes off the top rope and gets hit with another Juice Punch and Juice quickly hits the Pulp Friction for the win. This was a very good match and went quite long, but not too long. After the match, Juice cuts a promo, starting in Japanese but quickly moving to English. Juice claims to be going for the US Title.

Chris Sabin & KUSHIDA vs The Young Bucks

  • KUSHIDA kicks this match off with Nick Jackson. Nick and Matt use double team moves early on to get the upper hand on KUSHIDA but before long all four guys are in the ring and everyone does spots at once. This is a very busy match that obviously has no rules. Matt Jackson is still selling his lower back but he’s not slowing down. After about ten minutes of all four guys in and out, the ref tells Matt Jackson he’s not legal. Not long later, everyone was back in the ring. The fans are going crazy as nick Jackson dives off the corner and onto KUSHIDA, they then hit the Meltzer driver for a near fall. In the end, Matt Jackson has Sabin in the Sharp Shooter which they call the Cease and Desist for the submission win. Very good match, very fun and busy with lots of action from the beginning. Winners: The Young Bucks.

Main Event

ROH World Championship Match – Jay Lethal (c) vs Kenny King

  • Kenny King starts the match during the official ring announcements with shotgun knees in the corner. King takes it to the champ and takes Lethal to ringside. Lethal fights back a little bit but King is ruthless. Jay Lethal makes a comeback and sends King to the outside. As Kenny gets back in the ring he reverses the offence of Jay and sends him into the corner post. Jay sells his shoulder as King targets the arm and shoulder in submissions. Lethal hit a superplex to turn things around. Lethal goes for his patented three dives. This match got really good with both guys kicking out of the others finishers at times. King held the title belt but Lethal kicked it out of his hands, King then rolled Lethal up for the three count with the feet on the ropes. the referee saw the feet and disallowed the fall. Moments later Lethal hits the Lethal injection for the win. Winner: And still the Ring Of Honor World Champion, Jay Lethal.

That was a good show, maybe not the best on the tour but the tour itself has been great and well worth the subscription to Honor Club. I’d say the last four matches were very good and on the top end of the scale of matches, and the Chuckie T vs Hangman page match was also very good. Good, fun show all around.

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