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Ring Of Honor – Global Wars – Buffalo, NY – November 9th, 2018 – Results

Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling are back on the road for night three of the Global Wars tour. The entire tour streams live and on-demand via Fite TV and Ring of Honor’s streaming service, Honor Club. Night three is coming live from the Buffalo Riverworks in Buffalo, NY. On this show will be matches such as Jeff Cobb vs EVIL and The Young Bucks vs SANADA & Tetsuya Naito and much more.

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SoCal Uncensored made their way to the ring minus Scorpio Sky who was apparently at a wedding. Sky text Kaz his lines, who said “This is the worst town I’ve ever been in” they then sent well wishes to Thousand Oaks, where there is a raging wildfire happening.

We are welcomed to the show in Buffalo New York by our Commentators, Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana and Caprice Coleman and they run down the card.

The Kingdom vs The Boys

  • This does not start with the code of honor, instead Taven and Marseglia jump the Boys before the bell. Marseglia hold a boy as Taven whips him with his purple waist-belt then does the same to the other. The Kingdom beat the Boys at ringside, backdropping one then removing the mats. Marseglia gave a brainbuster to the other boy on the concrete floor. The Boys are thrown back in the ring and Taven lawn darts a boy into a chair in the corner. The other boy is thrown in the ring as Taven gets a microphone. Matt Taven calls out Dalton, saying “Dalton, this isn’t going to end until you come out here.” Dalton makes his way out with a mic and says “You’re a son of a bitch”. Matt Taven wants his “first defence” of his purple championship to be against Dalton Castle at Final Battle. Dalton is attacked by TK O’Ryan on the stage and The Kingdom bring him to the ring as they beat Castle down. Some guys in “ROH Crew” tees got in the ring to take all the chairs away. The Match is called off. Winner: No Contest.

Dalton Castle vs TK O’Ryan

  • TK O’Ryan says to the ref “I was scheduled to wrestle Dalton Castle tonight so why don’t you just ring that bell.” The bell rings and TK gets heat on Dalton as the crowd chant for Castle. Dalton makes a brief comeback but is cut off quickly. TK pulls the jumper of Dalton off him and chokes Dalton with it. Dalton is trying to fight back but selling the back and leg a lot. TK has been controlling most of the match but is talking to much trash to Dalton and not taking advantage. Dalton goes for the Bangerang from out of nowhere but drops TK, selling everywhere. TK makes the mistake of taking it easy on dalton, thinking he’s done. Dalton fights back and hits a Bulldog for a two count. Dalton hits running knees to TK as he’s laying on the top rope, Dalton on the apron. Dalton finally hits the Bangerang for the win. Winner: Dalton Castle.

Dalton gets the microphone and talks about how recently he broke his back and the bandages he wears are holding him together. The crowd goes silent for this but Dalton accepts the challenge of Taven and calls him a jackass.

Kenny King vs Cheeseburger

  • King cuts a promo before the match saying he will win the championship at Final Battle when he beats Jay Lethal, but now he’ll get a warm up match. Cheeseburger comes out and King cuts a promo on Cheeseburger saying he was looking for a warm up. The bell rings. King sweeps the legs of Burger then kicks and stomps him down. Cheeseburger starts to mount a comeback as the fans cheer. Kenny King cuts Burger off and stretches him. Burger starts to come back again but takes a hard clothesline then spits on Burgers friends. Burger comes back with some chops and forearms but takes a suplex. Cheeseburger tries a springboard crossbody but is caught and King hits the Royal Flush for the win. Winner: Kenny King.

Madison Rayne vs Kelly Klein

  • These two fight over the arm in the early stages as Klein gets the better of Rayne. Kelly Klein looks like she going to break the arm of madison Rayne when she twists it. Klein keeps Madison Rayne out of the ring as WOH World champion, Sumie Sakai comes out and sits on the stage. Madison Rayne makes a slight come back but Klein cuts her off and looks brutal while she does so. Klein throws Rayne into the corner but Rayne reversed it into a crossbody. Moments later, Klein wins with an O’Conner roll with a bridge. Winner: Kelly Klein.

At this point, Saxophone music plays as Rhett Titus comes out to join the commentary team but Todd Sinclair runs out to cover Rhett with a towel and take him away as the crowd cheered Todd.

Four Corner Survival Match – BUSHI vs Chris Sabin vs Jonathan Gresham vs Flip Gordon

  • BUSHI won’t shake hands before the match and got booed for it. as this starts, it’s instantly fast paced match with guys in and out of the ring. Classic NJPW Jr Heavyweight action mixed with classic ROH multiman action. BUSHI holds Todd Sinclair to the side as he spits black mist in the face of Gresham and tries to roll up KUSHIDA but KUSHIDA kicks out and moments later, hits the Back To The Future for the win. Way too much for me to write down here but very good match. All guys were great. Winner: KUSHIDA

Jeff Cobb vs EVIL

  • EVIL goes for a waist lock but Cobb fights out easily and switches it up, EVIL has to get to the ropes to escape. The fans chant EVIL. They trade shoulder tackles until Jeff Cobb leapfrogs EVIl and lands a huge dropkick. Cobb is so impressive, he might be my new favourite wrestler this week. They fight on the outside and EVIL gets the upper hand and throws Cobb back in. Cobb chops EVIL and it sounds very loud but when EVIL chops Cobb back and it doesn’t sound very loud so EVIL goes for the eyes. Cobb powers out of anything but goes for a standing moonsault but EVIL counters. EVIL starts to throw Cobb around ut when EVIL goes to the top rope, he eats a dropkick and Cobb delivers a delayed vertical superplex for a two count. Evil hits the Darkness Falls for a two count and looks shocked. Cobb counters Everything is EVIL and hits a suplex. Cobb hits a clothesline and a standing moonsault for a great nearfall, moments later EVIL hits a Magic Killer, using the ref, for another great nearfall. Cobb revered an Everything Is EVIL into a Tour Of The Islands for the win. very fun big man match, go see this one if you haven’t and like those kind of matches. Winner: Jeff Cobb.

Juice Robinson vs Silas Young

  • There’s a little of playing around at first with Silas refusing to shake the hand of Juice but Juice arm dragged Silas and shook his hand so Silas left the ring, annoyed. Silas took over quickly when Juice missed a crossbody, taking it to the outside and whipping Juice into the barriers. Silas wears down Juice in the ring, kneeling on the back of Juice and suplexing him. The camera pans out and you can see the building is packed, both on the floor and in the balcony. Juice is on the apron and Silas runs into him, sending Juice hard into the barrier back first. Back in the ring, Juice hits a spinebuster but sells his back and is slow to get up. Juice hits the Juice Punches and a dropkick. Juice gets a two count from a high crossbody from the top rope. Silas escapes a powerbomb and take a leg lariat from Juice but it looks like it rocked Silas. Silas counters Pulp Friction and goes for a springboard moonsault which Juice countered with knees. Juice hits a huge cannonball and powerbomb for a two count. Silas rolls outside as Juice follows him. Silas stuns Juice on the ropes. As Juice goes for Pulp Friction, Bully comes down and kicks Juice in the balls, ruining a really good match. Flip comes down to interrupt a lovers tiff between Bully and Silas but Silas low blows Flip. As Bully and Silas stand over Flip with a cane, Joe Koff comes down and tells Bully that if Bully uses that stick on anyone again, he will be fired. Winner: Juice Robinson by DQ

The Young Bucks vs Tetsuya Naito & SANADA

  • Matt Jackson starts off with Naito and Matt is looking to be in great shape but Naito gets the upper hand with fingers to the eyes and he hits hits pose as Matt rolls to the outside. SANADA and Nick Jackson tags in and after a few minutes Nick take over and Matt tags in. This is when the match starts to break down into multiman action and after a few minutes, SANADA has both Bucks tied up in the Paradise Lock and dropkicks them in the butt. Later in the match, The Bucks goes for a Meltzer Driver on Naito but LIJ reverse and hit one of their own on Matt Jackson, who kicked out. Matt Jackson hits a spear later on and is still selling the neck. The Bucks finally hit the Meltzer Driver on SANADA but Naito breaks it up for a great nearfall. Naito prevents the More Bang For Your Buck but Nick Jackson rolls up SANADA for the three count. Winners: The Young Bucks.

ROH Proving Ground Match – Chris Sabin vs Jay Lethal

  • In a proving ground match, the championship is not on the line but if the challenger can defeat the champion of last fifteen minutes, the challenger will earn a future title match. These two start with some chain wrestling as Lethal gets the upper hand with a lucha style arm drag which surprised Sabin. Lethal works over Sabin and chops Chris Sabin hard in the corner. Lethal goes for a dive on Sabin, Chris slides back in and dropkicks Lethal. Sabin takes over here with targeted attacks to the knees and shoulders. After some back and forth, they both fight over a suplex, which Lethal wins. At about the fourteen minute mark Lethal gets the figure four leg lock in but the bell rings for a time limit draw. Lethal grabs the microphone and says in response to a chant of five more minutes, “We’re gonna need a lot longer than five more minutes” Lethal restarts the match but with a ten minute time limit and makes it for the ROH World Championship but after ten seconds, Kenny King interrupts. Winner: Time Limit Draw

Main Event

Best Friends vs The Briscoes vs Cody and Adam “Hangman” Page

  • In this match only two men are legal at once and Jay Briscoe tags in from Beretta to face Cody straight away. Jay tags in Mark when Cody take over and Cody tags in Page. Page stomps down Mark in the corner and Cody tags in. The Best Friends tag in from Mark Briscoe and Cody, Page, Beretta and Chuckie T where in the ring. The Best friends go for a huge but it’s broken up by the Briscoes. Briscoes work over Best Friends as Chuckie T tags Beretta. We see a four-way hug with Best Friends and The Elite as Ian sounds orgasmic shouting “Oh, Yeah”. The Briscoes tagged in and convinced the ref to throw out Brandi Rhodes and “her distracting boobs”. Cody is facing Beretta on Sunday for the IWGP US Heavyweight championship so they play up spots with that but in the end, The Best Friends win with their finisher on Mark Briscoe. Winners: The Best Friends.

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