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Cody unable to wrestle in Toronto due to injury

Today(November 10th, 2018) on Twitter, Cody followed up on a tweet regarding an injury. Cody was scheduled to face Beretta for the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship in Toronto on night four of the Global Wars tour.

The original tweet regarding the injury was posted at 9:16 on November 10th, 2018 and spoke about teasing a t-shirt toss and Cody heard a loud pop. At this point Cody was hopefulthat he could still wrestle This coming Sunday (November 11th, 2018).

About twelve hours later, Cody tweeted that he will not be able to wrestle in Toronto for Ring Of Honor but will still be at the venue for meet and greets and to “say hello to everybody”. Cody is having an MRI scan this coming week and will confirm the extent of the injury after. If you are attending this show or watching on Honor Club or Fite TV then Cody and ROH have said they will find a suitable replacement.

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