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Ring of Honor – Global Wars – Lowell, MA – November 8, 2018 – Results

Tonight (Thursday, November 8th, 2018) the stars of Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling return to Honor Club and Fite TV for day two of the Global Wars tour. Night two of the Global Wars tour is live from Lowell, MA in the Lowell Memorial Auditorium and will be live at 07:30 pm ET. On this show Adam “Hangman” Page will face Tetsuya Naito in a singles match, also ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb will face one third of SCU, Christopher Daniels in a non-title match plus more.

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We are welcomed to the show in Lowell tonight by our commentators Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana.

Matt Taven vs BUSHI

  • This starts off with a lock up but quickly moves to fast paced action as BUSHI flips over Taven and they both end up on the outside. Taven gets a good response in his hometown. This match is very fast with back and forth action, Taven is top talent in ROH but BUSHI is no slouch and often works very hard on these US tours. BUSHI pulls the ref in front of him to stop Taven running at him, then sprays black mist but Taven ducks. BUSHI misses with the mist and Matt Taven won with his finisher, the Climax. After the match, they shook hands but BUSHI kicked Taven in the nuts. Winner: Matt Taven.

At this point Rhett Titus comes onto the stage in his tiny pants, all oiled up with stripper music. He joins the commentary team.

The Bouncers vs Dalton Castle & Juice Robinson

  • The Boys wheel both Juice and Dalton out on some soft of box with wheels, it looks great as they are both so flamboyant and both have capes with multi colours. The team of Dalton and Juice looks like it’s been a thing for years, it’s great. The Beer City Bruiser grabs Juice in a headlock early but Juice powers out with a shoulder tackle. One of the Boys steals a beer from the Bruiser and the Bruiser chases him very slowly. They did a spot where the huge Brian Malonas gets kicked unconscious and falls onto Dalton Castle. The Boys, Juice and referee Todd Sinclair all try to push him off but cannot. BCB has to help them free Dalton from underneath Milonas. They go back to wrestling and Milonas and BCB take over while getting the heat on Juice. Milonas goes for a crossbody but misses and bothe guys tag out. Castle takes out BCB with a flying Clothesline. Dalton hits two dives, one on Milonas and one on the Bruiser. Big cannonball in the corner of the ring on BCB and a double suplex on him. Juice and Dalton try a double suplex on Milonas onto BCB but it looked like it killed BCB. Minutes later, the team dubbed Flamboyant picks up the win as Juice pins Beer City bruiser with a Pulp Friction. After the match they all have a beer. Winners: Juice Robinson and Dalton Castle.

At this point Rhett Titus goes backstage to find his missing tag team partner, Little Willie.

Flip Gordon vs Frankie Kazarian

  • This starts off very fast with both seeming even at the beginning. Kaz gets a headlock on and looks to take control. Flip shows some fire with a springboard dropkick and kip ups. Kaz takes over on the outside and gets a two fall back in the ring. Kazarian nearly gets an armbar on Flip but Flip kicks his way out. Kaz kicks Flip to the outside and hits a dive. Flip comes back with a flip kick and a spirboard spear. They punch each other as they get to their feet. Great Falcon Arrow by Gordon for a two. Kazarian goes for a superplex but Flip escapes and dropkicks Kaz in the back in the corner. Kaz hits a double knees on Flip from a reversal and comes up with a small cut on his head. They trade quick pins and Flip holds on as he manages to get a three count on Kazarian. After the match they shake hands and Kaz hold Flip’s hand in the air. Winner: Flip Gordon

At this time, Ian and Colt invite Brandi Rhodes to commentary for the next WOH match.

Women Of Honor Proving Ground Match – Jenny Rose vs Sumie Sakai

  • Sumie is really good and I always enjoy watching her. They brawl in the ring where Sumie gets an armbar in and Jenny escapes by getting to the ropes. Sumie throws Jenny Rose around in dominant fashion. Sumie takes things to the outside and lands a huge dropkick, on the way back in Jenny Rose takes control. Jenny runs wild on Sumie for a while and is getting some great nearfalls that the fans are buying. Jenny Rose looks really good in this match but in the end, the champion beats Jenny Rose with a top rope frankensteiner that looked like Rose landed right on her head. Winner: Sumie Sakai.

Jay Briscoe vs Scorpio Sky

  • Jay Briscoe jumps Sky in his entrance. As the bell rings, Sky is sent to ringside by Briscoe. As they get back in, Scorpio Sky double legs Jay then takes it to him in the corner. They go back to ringside as Jay beats down Sky but Sky reverses a suplex. Sky goes for an inside-out cutter but is cut off with a cutter from Jay. Jay stomps Sky in the corner. Jay gets a two count after a low dropkick to Sky. They trade punches until Briscoe goes for the eyes of Sky. Jay Briscoe hold Scorpio Sky down with a sleeper but Sky fights back. Sky hits a running neckbreaker. as the match resets, they trade strikes again. Jay hits huge boots and Sky fights back with his own. Sky get a two count with a code-breaker. Jay hits a very hard clothesline and a signature Briscoe neckbreaker for a two. Jay looks for the Jay Driller but Sky fights out with a pin and double stomp after the two count. SCU chants reign out as Sky takes Briscoe to the top rope. mark Briscoe comes out to help Jay but when Jay goes to hit Sky with a chair, Scorpio Sky rolls up JAy for the win. Winner: Scorpio Sky.

Bully Ray & Silas Young vs EVIL & SANADA

  • Bully Ray cuts a promo on the crowd where they all through streamers at Bully and few hit him in the face. Bully was offering $20 to a fan but ripped it up and through it at a fan. LIJ came out and they were very over. Bully takes a mic and instantly gets nuclear heat, the microphone doesn’t work and the crowd cheer. SANADA starts with Silas and SANADA gets the upper hand easily and quick. Bully tries to tell Silas to stop clapping and Silas tells Bully to mind his own business. SANADA and Silas shake hands buy Silas kicks SANADA but SANADA dropkicks Silas back into his own corner. Bully tags in and as they circle, Bully chops EVIL. SANADA tags in EVIL and EVIL gets Bully in a side headlock but is taken down with a shoulder tackle. Bully takes EVIL down with a couple of shoulder tackles but EVIL comes back with two of his own. Bully tags Silas in but it doesn’t take long for EVIL to take over. Bully tags in when Silas is whipped into the ropes and they land a double team on EVIL to take control. Silas and Bully get the heat on EVIL for a while but after EVIL throws Bully off the top rope they both tag. EVIL and Bully fight at ringside as Silas and SANADA are legal in the ring. A Magic Killer to Silas Young ends to match as SANADA pins Silas. After the match Bully and Silas argue, which almost turns into a fight when Bully pushes Silas but Bully tries to hug Silas. Silas Pushes Bully away. Winners: Los Ingobernables De Japon EVIL & SANADA

Christopher Daniels vs Jeff Cobb

  • They begin with a lock up but Cobb backs Daniels up into the corner easily. Cobb is fantastic and has had some good matches where he can showcase his moves but this should be a match where he really shows how good he is. Daniels is one of the best in ROH and it’s great to see these two together. Daniels is struggling with the power and wrestling ability of the former olympian and current ROH TV Champ, Jeff Cobb. Cobb lands his delayed vertical sperplex for a one count, then a two count. Daniels comes back with a enziguri and an Arabian moonsault to the outside onto Cobb. Cobb cuts off Daniels with a European uppercut for a two. Cobb goes up top but Daniels lands a top rope rana and an Angel’s Wings for a one count, which Daniels and the commentators play up huge. Moments later, Cobb hits the Tour Of The Islands for the win. They shake hands after. Jeff’s really being looked after in the booking here and I like it. Winner: Jeff Cobb.

Mark Briscoe vs Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes

  • They lock up and Cody cartwheels out of the corner. Cody ducks a punch and chops the chest of Mark twice before Mark fights back. Cody goes to the outside to regroup. Cody gets the better of Mark and sends Mark to the outside with a superkick then a nice dive. Cody poses on the ramp as fans cheer. Mark takes it to Cody after stealing Brandi momentarily. Mark beats down Cody in Briscoe fashion, with punches, hard clotheslines, chokes and more. Mark takes Cody to the top rope for a suplex but Cody fights out and hits a moonsault for a double down. They both get up and trade blows. Cody lands the fast powerslam and a disaster kick for a two. Cody sinches in the figure four leg lock but Briscoe turns it over and escapes. Cody teases a cross rhodes off the apron but eats a dropkick. Mark lands a Froggy-bow but Cody rolls away and gets a foot on the ropes. At the end, Cody hits a low blow and a Cross Rhodes for the win. Winner: Cody.

Adam “Hangman” Page vs Tetsuya Naito

  • Naito takes his sweet time taking white suit off. Naito gets his pose in early as he teases a dive but rolls into the middle of the ring instead. Hangman attempts to do Naito’s pose but takes a dropkick to the back of the head. At ringside Naito sends Page into the barriers. Naito goes for the eyes of Page and spits on the ref. Page fights back and sends Naito to the outside with a clothesline. Page hits a big dive onto Naito into the barrier. Back in the ring, Page gets a two count with a nice bridging German suplex. After some back and forth Page goes for a Right Of Passage but Naito rolls out and after a few reversals, Page hits a Buckshot lariat for a two count. Page throws Naito to the outside and hits a huge moonsault. Naito hits a Destino for an apparent two count but Page didn’t kick out, the crowd booed. Minutes later and after a few more spots Naito hits a brainbuster and a second Destino for the win. Winner: Tetsuya Naito.

Main Event

Four Corner Survival Tag Match – The Kingdom vs The Young Bucks vs Sabin & KUSHIDA vs Gresham & Lethal

  • This match works with two legal men in the ring at once and all the others on the apron, and anyone can tag anyone. It doesn’t take long to break down in the classic ROH main event style. Fast pace, high risks and good action. Gresham locks in the Octopus on Sabin as the Bucks get submissions on in the ring too, The Bucks and Lethal and Gresham face off. Lethal injection to Sabin then Lethal dives on everyone as Gresham hits a shooting star on Sabin for the win. very fun match, too much to write it all down. Fast paced and good entertaining action from all. Another good night. Winners: Gresham and Lethal.

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