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Ring Of Honor – Global Wars – Lewiston, ME – November 8th, 2018 – Results

The stars of Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling collide once again on the Global Wars tour. The Tour is four shows in five days and airs live, and on-demand on Fite TV and Honor Club. The tour starts in Lewinton, Maine and got on to Lowell on the 8th, Buffalo on the 9th and Toronto and the 11th.

The show kicks off with my personal favourite ROH commentary team, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana as they welcome us to the show and run down the card.

Eli Isom vs Flip Gordon

  • These two trade arm holds in the early going as they feel each other out. They build up the pace and Flip gets the better of Isom, hitting a nice dive to the outside on Eli. They chop each other until Eli ends up on the mat. Flip whips Isom into the corner but Isom begins so make a comeback. Eli Isom dodges a springboard from Flip and hits a suplex. Flip and Isom do lots of flips and Flip kicks Isom in the head for a two. Isom has some good spots and nearfalls but Flip is too much and hits the Flip Cutter(and F5 type move into a cutter). Winner: Flip Gordon.

The Bouncers vs SoCal Uncensored

  • Before this starts, SCU get the crowd to chant SCU and the crowd was happy to play along. The Bouncers started the match with the Bruiser taking it to Kazarian but after a few minutes SCU made a brief comeback. The Bouncers regained the advantage as the Bruiser hit a rolling senton onto Kaz on the outside and throwing him back in the ring to Brian Milonas. Kaz gets the hot tag to Sky but after another few minutes The Bouncers have taken over again. As Milonas has Scorpio Sky in the corner, on the ropes, Kaz sends Bruiser tumbling to the outside and SCU hit a huge powerbomb to Milonas and pin him. Winners: SCU

Cheeseburger vs ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb

  • It is so ridiculous that Cheeseburger could ever have a chance against Jeff Cobb. Jeff Cobb is a former olympian, fast, incredibly strong and agile. Cheeseburger probably weighs less than an actual cheeseburger. CB tries everything he can but Cobb just catches him and throws him away. Cobb lands a delayed superplex on Burger but CB kicks out at two. CB seems to stun Cobb with a stunner from nowhere. Cheeseburger lands a springboard move on Cobb and gets a two count but Cobb kicks out with power. Cobb seems annoyed and hits the Tour Of The Islands for the win. Winner Jeff Cobb.

Rhett Titus makes an appearance on the stage in tiny little pants and oiled up. He joins the commentary team. It’s quite the spectacle.

ROH Six-man Tag Team Championship Match – Dalton Castle & The Boys vs The Kingdom

  • They brawl before the bell rings and the Kingdom get the advantage as the bell rings. The kingdom wear down Dalton the start the match but a few minutes in he gets a tag to the Boys. TK O’Ryan runs the ropes and does spots while holding one of the Boys. Dalton throws the Boys over the top rope multiple times on The Kingdom. Dalton does his pose as Marseglia releases the red balloons. The Boys are pulled under the ring as Marseglia makes an appearance. Dalton hits the Banerang on Marseglia but the Kingdom break it up as the ref counts two. One of the Boys come back out wearing a jumper similar to Freddy Krueger and he and Marseglia do horror spots. Dalton and Matt Taven fight up the ramp as The Kingdom pins one of the boys with a double team move. Winners: The Kingdom.

Rhett Titus leaves the commentary team to continue oiling up. That was something.

The Briscoes vs Cody & Adam “Hangman” Page

  • Mark Briscoe starts with Page as they forearm each other then move quickly onto shoulder tackles. Briscoe pulls Page to the mat by pulling the hair. Jay tags in and so does Cody. Cody rips his tee off and throws it to a kid, Colts points out that the shirt is ripped up. Cody moves quick against Jay who tags Mark early. Page tags in and they double team Mark. At this point the feed cut out because of an apparent power cut in the building. the feed is back but the screen still has coloured lines. Cody is in the ring taking it to Mark but the Briscoes double team Cody to take over. Mark hits a rolling driver int the corner to Cody and goes back up to the top rope for a Froggy-bow but Cody moves. both men tag. Page takes it to Jay Briscoe, who look in danger for once. Page hits a shooting star shoulder tackle to the outside on Mark then continues in the ring with Jay. The Briscoes use double team tactics to get one over on Page and Cody. The Briscoes hit a redneck boogie on Page but Cody breaks it up. While Cody is in the ring with Mark, Mark is thrown into Brandi, who is on the apron. Hangman lands a huge moonsault on The Briscoes. After a Jay driller and a Froggy-bow on Page, The Briscoes pick up the win. Winners: The Briscoes.

Juice Robinson vs Christopher Daniels

  • This starts off with a lock up after they play to the crowd. Juice starts to gain advantage early until Juice goes for a cannonball and Daniels moves. Daniels wears down Juice with a sleeper. When Juice fights back, he is cut off and Daniels hits a Arabian moonsault. Juice fights out of another sleeper and hits a spinebuster hard. Juice tries for the cannonball in the corner again and gets it. After a full nelson slam, Juice gets a two count. Juice goes to the top of the ropes but reveres and goes to the top rope himself. Juice knocks Daniels onto his groin in the corner and moments later Daniels does the same to Juice. They are both crotched on the ropes and laying facing each other. As they get up, they have a short striking battle. Juice hits the Pulp Friction for the win. Winner: Juice Robinson.

The Young Bucks vs Silas Young & Bully Ray

  • Silas makes his way out first,mouthing off the the fans in attendance. As Bully comes down, Bobby Cruise starts to introduce Bully, Bully shouts at Bobby Cruise and tells him to shut up and get out of the ring. The Young Bucks make their entrances. The match starts with Silas and Nick but after a tag to Bully, Bully wants Matt Jackson. Bully wrestles with Matt using lock ups, body slams and “old school” stuff. When the Bucks use lucha, they get the upper hand briefly. Bully pulls Matt into the corner post, groin first. Bully and Silas make multiple tags as they wear down Matt. Matt gets a spear as Matt makes a tag but the ref didn’t see it so holds Nick off. Bully and Silas continue to work over the back of Matt Jackson. Matt Jackson hits a desperation rana from the top rope and makes a tags moments later. Nick goes for a superkick but Silas moves, at this point the Buck have used zero superkicks. Back and forth between Silas and Nick when Silas gets a good nearfall. Nick hits the first superkick on Silas and then takes out Bully on the outside then goes back in the ring. The feed goes out again and we miss the entire finish. Apparently Silas pinned one of the Young Bucks. Of all the matches to miss the finish on, The Young Bucks is probably an act people tune in to see. Winners: Silas Young and Bully Ray.

Main Event

KUSHIDA, Sabin, Gresham & Lethal vs Los Ingobernables De Japon

  • Gresham starts with Tetsuya Naito but Naito tags out to SANADA immediately. SANADA gets the arm of Gresham but Gresham rolls out. SANADA goes for the Paradise lock but Gresham gets out. Sabin and EVIL tags in but BUSHI jumps Sabin. Sabin comes back against BUSHI and SANADA and KUSHIDA tags in. Quick tags from Sabin, Gresham, KUSHIDA and Lethal while that all work over the arms and shoulder of EVIL. LIJ stand on the floor instead of the apron because they say they want fans to get a better view, but I’m not sure how many ROH fans know that, it doesn’t seem that Colt and Ian Riccaboni know. LIJ work over Gresham but he finally gets the hot tag to Lethal. Everyone does a dive to the outside, things are kind of all over the place but in an good way. EVIL breaks up an Octopus by Gresham after a four on one attack, leading to a three on one with LIJ working on Gresham momentarily. A Destino on Gresham ends a very fun and exciting match. Too much to write it all here but that was a fun main event to a fun show. Winners: Los Ingobernables De Japon.

That was the show. It was a good show but with a surprisingly low amount of New Japan wrestlers if you hadn’t looked at the card, which I hadn’t. I don’t think there was a bad match on the show but it was slightly let down by technical faults, which sounds like it wasn’t even Ring Of Honor’s fault which is a shame. Good show overall and I’m looking forward to night 2 in Lowell.

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