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Ring Of Honor – Survival of the Fittest – ROH On Tour – November 4th, 2018 – Results

ROH return to Columbus, Ohio for the thirteenth Survival of the Fittest tournament plus more. This show is Live and On-Demand on ROH’s streaming services, Honor Club and Fite TV. If you are new to Fite TV you can download the app or visit the site and create an account for free. If you are new to Fite TV and sign up using my Code “n7djq9” you will get $15 to use on any show available on the service, this show. Fite TV is the premiere digital network for Combat Sports providing hours of live, PPV and on-demand programming to fans around the world. Fite streams more events than anyone else.

My preview for this show is available Here.

The show kicks off with commentators Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana who run down the card and welcome us to the show.

SCU make their entrances and tell Columbus that “This is the worst town I’ve ever..” then the crowd shouts “Ever been in”. Christopher Daniels says he’s going to win the tournament and become the next ROH World Champion.

1st Round Survival of the Fittest tournament match – Christopher Daniels vs Beer City Bruiser

  • Daniels turns his back to pass his jacket down as the bell rings and Bruiser charges C.D in the corner and after a Vader bomb the Bruiser gets a two count. When Beer City Bruiser goes for a frog splash from the top, Daniels moves and quickly hits a Best Moonsalt Ever(BME) for the win. Very quick match but as Ian Riccaboni says, six of these guys will wrestle twice. Winner: Christopher Daniels.

1st Round Survival or the Fittest tournament match – Colin Delaney vs Dalton Castle vs Adam “Hangman” Page

  • This match is Dalton Castle’s official return to Ring Of Honor after multiple injuries suffered earlier this year. This is also Colin Delaney’s ROH debut. Delaney gets some good spots in but Hangman is a lot stronger, while Dalton fights well against Hangman but Dalton is still hurt and wrapped up with tape and what looks like a girdle or something to hep with posture. Hangman hits a shooting star on Delaney on the outside and might of hit his head on the wooden barrier built in to the venue. Dalton hits a “Doctor bomb” on Delaney and gets a great near fall which gets a “This is Awesome” chant. Colin and Dalton wrestle for a while on the inside until Page comes in and eventually hits a Buckshot Lariat on both Dalton and Colin Delaney then Page hits Delaney with his finisher, the Right Of Passage for the win. This was a really fun match, Delaney has a good future in ROH and Dalton is still recovering but he’s always fun. Page wad the star here and deserved the win. Winner: Adam “Hangman” Page.

1st Round Survival of the Fittest tournament match – Tracey Williams vs Jonathan Gresham

  • This starts off very technical until Tracy Williams takes it up a level and gets more violent with strikes and suplexs. Gresham starts to target the arm of Williams. Williams hits multiple big moves on Gresham throughout this match for great nearfalls, including a Piledriver. Tracy Williams go over big here with the live crowd and looked really good in his debut. Jon Gresham wrapped Williams up in the Octopus and targeted the arm as Williams tapped out. Another very good match, both guys were over big. Winner Jon Gresham.

1st Round Survival of the Fittest tournament match – Andrew Everett vs Guerrero Maya Jr vs Flip Gordon

  • This is three wrestlers known for flipping and high flying. Maya Jr is from Mexico and wrestles for CMLL, who currently has a talent trading deal with ROH. Andrew Everett is an American Independent wrestler. After about 5-10 minutes of high flying and fast paced action, Flip begins to sell the knee on a flip as if he’d tweaked it. Flip continues to wrestle the match but just sells the knee, like he would if he were actually hurt. All three guys do dive spots, one after another and they all looked great. Flip hits a Kinder Surprise on Andrew Everett and a 450 on Maya Jr but then springboards out of the ring to attack Bully Ray who was in the crowd. Flip hits the wooden barrier built in to the venue as Bully hits Flip to the floor. In the ring, Everett misses a 450 and Maya Jr hits his finish for the win. Winner Guerrero Maya Jr.

1st Round Survival of the Fittest tournament match – PJ Black vs Luchasaurus

  • PJ Black is playing a cocky heel here, not shaking hands with any fans of even his opponent, the Luchasaurus. The Luchasaurus is half Luchador, half dinosaur and hails from Chokeslam City. Luchasaurus is a man in a green mask with a green beard and green tongue. This was an Okay match which finished with the Luchasaurus hitting PJ Black with a Tombstone then hoping up to the top rope and going for a shooting star but misses and PJ Black pins him. Winner PJ Black.

1st Round Survival of the Fittest tournament match – Silas Young vs Stuka Jr vs Marty Scurll

  • This was another fun match with the winner being the final person in the Survival of the Fittest tournament finals later. All three guys looked good and Stuka Jr was put over big in the match. At one point Stuka Jr got a great near fall on Silas with a big splash from the top rope. Marty Scurll won this one with the move he calls the Graduation on Stuka Jr. Winner: Marty Scurll

Winner goes to Final Battle for the WOH World Championship match – Madison Rayne vs Britt Baker

  • Since the introduction of the Women Of Honor Championship, which later became the Women Of Honor World Championship, Ring Of Honor have slowly integrated WOH action into the ROH On Tour shows. This was one of the better WOH matches on Honor Club for a while. Madison Rayne wins this match with a kick that seemed to come out of nowhere. Holidead and Thunder Rosa, known as the Twisted Sisters attacked both women. Winner Madison Rayne.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match – The Kingdom vs Bullet Club

  • There is two referees for this match as Matt Taven apparently demanded it, for some reason. The Elite run wild in the early going of this match but The Kingdom will do anything to win this match and thy even find ways to keep two refs occupied while they cheat. Later in the match all three members of The Elite get sharp shooters on the Kingdom but Cody’s didn’t look great. On the outside, Todd Sinclair takes a superkick and the ref in the ring takes a springboard kick. Brandi comes in the count the pin as a referee, Brandi count the three as Cody pins Vinnie Marseglia and the bell rings and music plays. Then the two refs consult each other and have to restart the match because Brandi is not a referee. The match is restarted and The Kingdom win the six-man championships from The Elite. Winners: TK O’Ryan, Vinny Marseglia and Matt Taven, The Kingdom.

Champions Challenge Match – ROH World Champion Jay Lethal and ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb vs ROH Tag Champions SCU, Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian

  • The World Champ and the TV Champ take it to the Tag champs early until SCU manage to work over Jay Lethal after Jay goes face first into the turnbuckle padding and the commentary team play it up as if Lethal may have a broken nose and can’t breathe. Jobb tags in and takes over while keeping Sky away from his corner. Sky finally tags in Kaz and Kazarian runs wild for a minute until all four champions are in the ring. All try suplexs, including superplexs until Cobb suplexs both of SCU. After a few dives and a minute or two, The Briscoes came onto the ramp to distract the Tag champs as Cobb hits the Tour of the Islands for the win. Winners: Jeff Cobb and Jay Lethal.

Survival Of The Fittest Final Six Man Elimination Match – Christopher Daniels vs Adam “Hangman” Page vs Jonathan Gresham vs Guerrero Maya Jr vs PJ Black vs Marty Scurll

  • Maya Jr starts this match against Christopher Daniels as two men start and four are on the apron and have to tag in, shortly after Hangman and PJ Black tag in and seem pretty even. Both tag out to Marty and Jon Gresham. After a lot of back and forth with everyone, PJ Black stacks up Maya Jr on his head and pins him to eliminate him. Gresham leapfrogged Scurll and he speared Hangman so Marty attacked Gresham. Hangman hits a buckshot lariat on Gresham then a Right Of Passage to eliminate Gresham. At this point Daniels kind of teams with PJ Black as Marty and Page team for the time being. Daniels and Black get some heat on the Villain Marty Scurll as this starts to look like a normal tag match. Hangman gets the hot tag and takes out both Black and Daniels for a while and when Marty and Page take out Daniels on the outside, Marty manages to roll up PJ Black to eliminate him. The fans sing goodbye to PJ Black, they don’t like him. It’s suddenly a two on one with The Elite against Daniels but it’s only a matter of time before Marty tries to pins Page with a roll up, which fails. Christopher Daniels eliminates Hangman with a BME to the face. Marty gets a few near falls on Daniels but then finally gets the three to eliminate Christopher Daniels and win the Survival Of The Fittest Tournament and earn a future title shot.

That was a fun show and it’s shows like this that make me glad I’m an Honor Club subscriber. Thanks for reading this and don’t forget you can subscribe for free via email, tweet to me @ProWresMatthew or email me at

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