Japanese Wrestling

Will Ospreay still injured and NEVER Openweight Championship Match Cancelled

Will Ospreay was wrestling at a Revolution Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling show entitled Global Wars, where Will suffered an injury that was initially thought to be a neck injury but turned out to be an injury to the ribs of Ospreay. Full details are still not known but Will has hinted recently on Twitter that his healing isn’t going as smooth as planned.

Today NJPW released a statement saying that Will Ospreay is not fit to compete and will “miss the event in Osaka on November 3rd (Saturday). As such the NEVER Openweight Championship match has been cancelled.”

As stated on their website, Will’s treatment hadn’t progressed as fast as both NJPW and Will had hoped and therefore, the Championship matchagainst Taichi has been cancelled.

New Japan go on to apologise for the situation, “We are very sorry to any customers who were looking forward to this championship match. We humbly beg your forgiveness”

I find it interesting that New Japan would use the word Cancelled rather than postponed and hope this doesn’t mean Ospreay will be out of action for too long.

You can read the whole statement, Here.

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