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NJPW – Road To Power Struggle – Super Jr Tag League – October 23rd, 2018 – Results

This was another show on the road to Power Struggle that was not live on njpwworld but had matches on the show taped for the Super Jr Tag League. These matches are available individually on the New Japan Pro Wrestling streaming service. Neither of these matches have commentary.

Taiji Ishimori & Robbie Eagles vs Kanemaru & El Desperado

  • These matches can be interesting as Kanemaru and El Desperado are the current IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champions, and anyone they lose to could have earnt a future title shot. That being said, the champions start this off with a jump start but Eagles and Ishimori take over quickly, working down Kanemaru. As Eagles runs the ropes, he is dragged to the outside by El Desperado and they all move to ringside to use chairs, railings, etc. Back in the ring, Suzuki-gun work over Eagles as Ishimori gets back to his corner. Suzuki-gun work over the leg of Eagles. Kanemaru holds Eagles in a single leg Boston crab as El Desperado holds Ishimori outside. Ishimori finally gets the tag and he is a bundle of fury and fire. Ishimori takes out both El Desperado and Kanemaru whist Eagles recovers. Eagles tags in and runs wild for a minute or two and but as he runs the ropes, El Desperado grabs the ref, stopping Eagles from running. El Desperado shoves the ref into Eagles as Kanemaru sprays whisky in the face of of Robbie Eagles. El Desperado rolls up Eagles for the win. Winners: Suzuki-gun, Kanemaru and El Desperado.

Chris Sabin & KUSHIDA vs Ryusuke Taguchi & ACH

  • ACH starts this match with Chris Sabin and they do some quick back and forth arm drags, roll ups and holds. They seems even and get a good reaction, both guys tag out. KUSHIDA and Taguchi wrestle and at first seem to be even but KUSHIDA starts to get the upper hand and ACH comes in for the Taguchi Japan running corner spot. Sabin comes in to help KUSHIDA and they tag. Sabin goes to work on ACH’s arm. KUSHIDA tags in and also targets the arm of ACH as Taguchi watches from the apron, trying to cheer on his partner. KUSHIDA hold down ACH and tags out with his foot. Sabin works over ACH in the corner but ACH fights out and both men tag. Taguchi runs wild on both Sabin and KUSHIDA with Hip Attacks until Sabin uses his knee for an atomic drop and bits Taguchi’s Funky Weapon. Sabin tags out and KUSHIDA and Taguchi fight to a double down and Taguchi gets the tag. ACH and Taguchi double team KUSHIDA until Sabin comes in to break up the pin, this leads to Sabin and KUSHIDA double teaming ACH for a near fall. KUSHIDA gets the Hoverboard Lock on ACH as Sabin throws Taguchi out of the ring and dives on him. KUSHIDA sinches in the submission and ACH taps out. This was a very enjoyable and fun match, two babyface teams but someone had to lose. Winners: KUSHIDA and Chris Sabin.

The points standings so far in this tournament

  • LIJ, Shingo Takagi & BUSHI – 6 Points
  • Bullet Club, Taiji Ishimori & Robbie Eagles – 4 Points
  • Roppongi 3K, SHO & YOH – 4 Points
  • Jyushin Thunder Liger & Tiger Mask – 4 Points
  • Suzuki-gun, El Desperado & Kanemaru – 4 Points
  • Chris Sabin & KUSHIDA – 4 Points
  • Volador Jr & Soberano Jr – 2 Points
  • Taguchi Japan, ACH & Taguchi – 2 Points

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