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Club WWN To Air Every EVOLVE Match Live

The WWN subscription service, Club WWN, has changed, updated and evolved since it’s launch as an on-demand service last January. This services has grown to show all of the WWN Family, including EVOLVE, Shine, WWN Supershows, FIP, Style Battle, ACW and more. Club WWN features almost 500 events from the WWN Family with some of the biggest stars in wrestling today. The next step in the evolution of Club WWN comes at EVOLVE 114, Sunday October 28th, 2018.

In the past, there were restrictions on certain matches on EVOLVE PPVs but according to the press release sent out by WWN, that is now over. A subscription to Club WWN is $9.99 per month and that includes instant access to over 1000 hours of content and upcoming live events. To register to Club WWN, Click Here and watch all this action on WWNLive. Club WWN members can stream live events or on-demand content on the WWN Website, Club WWN, WWN Roku App, Club WWN Fire TV App, Club WWN Apple TV App, Club WWN Android TV App, Club WWN Facebook Page & Fite TV. The changes will take effect starting with EVOLVE 114.

EVOLVE 114 – October 28th – Ybor City, FL – 7pm EDT

SHINE 54 – November 2nd – Ybor City, FL – 9pm EDT

ACW – November 3rd – Port Richey, FL – 7pm EDT

EVOLVE 115 – November 9th – Livonia, MI – 8pm EST

EVOLVE 116 – November 10th – Oak Lawn, IL – 7pm CST

Thanks for reading this and don’t forget you can subscribe for free via email, tweet to me @ProWresMatthew or email me at

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