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NJPW – Road To Power Struggle – Super Jr Tag League – October 16th, 2018 – Results

New Japan Pro Wrestling returns to njpwworld for the beginning of the Road To Power Struggle. The tour, that is on njpwworld, starts in Korakuen Hall and is headlined by the newest member of NJPW and Los Ingobernables De Japon, Shingo Takagi teaming with LIJ member, BUSHI. LIJ wil face SHO & YOH of Roppongi 3K.

It has been announced that due to injury, Will Ospreay will miss this show and the tour. Will is at home, in England, recovering.

This show kicks of with lead commentator, Kevin Kelly welcoming us to the show in Korakuen Hall with Rocky Romero.

Ren Narita, Shota Umino & Toa Henare vs Yuya Uemura, Yota Tsuji & Ayao Yoshida

  • Classic opening tag here by the New Japan Young Lions, Henare and Tsuji are the powerhouses of their teams but Henare often wins the striking battles and power spots. The Young Lions are always very crisp, clean and technically sound wrestlers and often the only things that separates these guys from top guys is screen time, card placement and (sometimes) size. These six are very profitent wrestlers and this match got lots of crowd participation as Yoshida and Shota battle it out. Yoshida beats down Shota Umino with kicks as Shota kicks out and starts to fight back. Shota gains ground and downs Yoshida, both men tag out. Uemura and Narita tag in and battle over Boston crabs as the crowd gets louder. After a few dropkicks and a belly-to-belly, Ren Narita gets the Boston crab on Uemura for the submission win. Really good match here, if you don’t normally watch the Young Lions, this is one to catch. Winner Ren Narita, Shita Umino and Toa Henare.

It was commentated on here by kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero about Will Ospreay missing some time on the Road to Power Struggle but will compete for the Never Openweight Championship on November 3rd.

Chase Owens, Yujiro Takahashi & Kota Ibushi vs Tomoaki Honma, Makabe & Hiroshi Tanahashi

  • The match starts with Tanahashi facing off with Ibushi with showcased a small amount of their talent but when Chase tagged in against Honma, he and Yujiro fight dirty and take any advantage possible. Kota is not happy with those tactics and when he tags in, Kota tells Chase he doesn’t want to double team. Kota kicks Honma hard in the chest but Honma asks for more. Tanahashi stays on the apron for a while but When Kota is back in the ring with Makabe and both are down, The Ace tags in. Owens tags in to face Tanahasi as the other four brawl outside until a quick flurry of action from everyone hitting big moves until Tanahashi hits a High Fly Flow on Owens for the win. Tanahashi face each other at the end as Tanahashi wants Kota Ibushi to join him. Winners: Tanahashi, Makabe and Honma.

Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Bad Luck Fale & Switchblade Jay White vs Toru Yano, Chuckie T, Beretta and Kazuchika Okada

  • This match starts off with Okada and Tama Tonga as Okada wants Jay White. Okada knocks Jay White off the apron and Tama jumps Okada. Lots of heat for this match as Bullet Club work over Okada for a while but eventually tags in Beretta. Lots of action, again in this match but when Okada finally hit Jay White with the dropkick the place went crazy. The finish ame when Gedo got in the ring to distract the ref and Tama Tonga hit a low blow on Chuckie T and a Bladerunner for the win. Winners: Bullet Club.

Super Jr Tag League 2018

Taiji Ishimori & Robbie Eagles vs Jyushin Thunder Liger & Tiger Mask

  • Ishimori starts off with Liger but quick tags are made early. After Some back and forth, Eagles and Ishimore work over Ligers leg. It is noted on Commentary that this years Tag League is a round robin tournament instead of single elimination. Ishimori and Eagles are very athletic but they are battling the experience of Tiger Mask and Liger. Robbie eagles hits a 450 splash on Ligers knee that they worked over early in the match and submitted Liger with a figure-four style leg submission. Winners: Robbie Eagles and Taiji Ishimori with two points.

Volador jr & Soberano Jr vs ACH & Taguchi

This was a very exciting match with lots of highflying with ACH and Taguchi working over Volador Jr in the opening moments. Volador Jr recently lost his hair in a tag match in Mexico, and takes his mask off early in the match to show it off. Taguchi and ACH are a fun tag team, like most of Taguchi’s teams. Taguchi uses a variety of hip attacks to Volador as ACH and Taguchi use very quick tags. When Soberano Jr tags in, he is a house of fire as he targets Taguchi. Taguchi and ACH double team Volador Jr, Taguchi fights with Soberano outside. Volador Jr picked up the win with a Frankensteiner (Rana) from the top rope to ACH, while busting the stitches on his ear, causing his ear to bleed. Rocky Romero leaves commentary to be with SHO and YOH but has a friend to replace him. Winners: Volador Jr and Soberano Jr with 2 points.

El Desperado & Kanemaru vs Chris Sabin & KUSHIDA

  • Beretta joins Kevin Kelly for commentary here. This match obviously starts with a jump start. Quickly we get more fast paced action with KUSHIDA and Sabin working well as a team, eluding the classic Suzuki-gun tactics they are known for early. KUSHIDA and Sabin use a lot of double team moves and show a lot of heart in this match but it’s only a matter of time before Suzuki-gun take over and El Desperado and Kanemaru double team Sabin, preventing the tag to KUSHIDA. Sabin makes a comeback and the crowd get behind him, he eventually tagged KUSHIDA. Suzuki-gun don’t do well in the ring against these two so they take this to ringside. Back in the ring Suzuki-gun double team KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA makes a comeback and rolls to tag in Sabin, who hits a crossbody on El Desperado. Sabin has marks on his ribs, probably from the chair shots outside. Sabin hits his finisher but the referee is pulled out of the ring, Kanemaru sprays the whisky in Sabin’s eyes and El Desperado hits the Pinche Loco on Sabin for the win. Winners: El Desperado and Kanemaru.

BUSHI & Shingo Takagi vs SHO & YOH

  • Representing Los Ingobernables De Japon, BUSHI and the newest member of LIJ and NJPW, Shingo Takagi. Rocky Romero comes out with SHO and YOH to represent Roppongi 3K. SHO starts this match against BUSHI but SHO quickly shows that he wants Shingo in the ring. After a striking battle, BUSHI and YOH tag in and they pick up the pace. SHO tags in and Roppongi 3K double team BUSHI. After Roppongi 3K taking it to BUSHI, Shingo comes in and takes both SHO and YOH out. They all brawl around ringside as two go to the “East” sign and the other two go to the “West” sign that are on the walls of Korakuen Hall. Back in the ring, after a minute or two, LIJ double team SHO. BUSHI tries to submit SHO as Shingo holds YOH back. Shingo Takagi tags in as LIJ get heat on SHO but SHO finally gets the tag to YOH. YOH runs wild for a bit then SHO and YOH double team BUSHI until Shingo gets back in the ring. They all take big moves and we have a moments where all four guys are down. When they get up, we have SHO and BUSHI slapping and hitting each other, then all four guys were in and out regularly and quickly. BUSHI DDTs YOH on the apron, through the ropes as Shingo hits a few signature moves and gets a very believable near fall. Moments later, Shingo hits SHO with his finisher, formerly known as the “Last Falconry”, now know as “Last of the Dragons” according to Kevin Kelly. Winners: Shingo Takagi and BUSHI with 2 points.

The points standings so far in this tournament

  • LIJ, Shingo Takagi & BUSHI – 2 Points
  • Suzuki-gun, El Desperado & Kanemaru – 2 Points
  • Volador Jr & Soberano Jr – 2 Points
  • Bullet Club, Taiji Ishimori & Robbie Eagles – 2 Points
  • Roppongi 3K, SHO & YOH – 0 Points
  • Chris Sabin & KUSHIDA – 0 Points
  • Taguchi Japan, ACH & Taguchi – 0 Points
  • Jyushin Thunder Liger & Tiger Mask – 0 Points

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