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Ring Of Honor – Glory By Honor – Results

Ring Of Honor return to Baltimore for Glory By Honor which streams live on Honor Club and Fite TV. ROH are live in the UMBC Event Center for an ROH On Tour show that will see Jay Lethal defend his ROH World Title against The Last Real Man, Silas Young and Scurll-Hurricane III. To read my full preview, including pricing for Honor Club and Fite TV, Click Here.

If you are new to Fite TV you can download the app or visit the site and create an account for free. If you are new to Fite TV and sign up using my Code “n7djq9” you will get $15 to use on any show available on the service, this show. Fite TV is the premiere digital network for Combat Sports providing hours of live, PPV and on-demand programming to fans around the world. Fite streams more events than anyone else.

The show opens with Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana running down the card and we go to the first match.

Shane Taylor vs Adam “Hangman” Page

  • Page gets a good response as the place looks packed. From other angles, you can see the place is not packed. Shane Taylor seems bothered by the popularity of Page but after a shoulder tackle battle, Page gets the early advantage, until Taylor starts beating down page with chops. Page comes back but Shane is a lot bigger and wears down Page easily. Page will not give up but Taylor is vicious. Shane Taylor gets a two count on Page but when Page rolls to the corner, he eats a huge cannonball. Hangman moves out of the way of a leg drop on the apron, and takes over with some dives and a moonsalt, the crowd chants “Hangman”. Shane Taylor hits a few forearms and treats to throw Pag into the front row, or something, I’m not sure, but Page hits a buckshot lariat for a nearfall. Page fails to pick Taylor up for a Right of Passage and Taylor hits a powerbomb out of it. Taylor goes up to but Page cuts him off with his owns powerbomb and a Right of Pasage for the win. Winner: Adam “Hangman” Page.

The Kingdom vs Kenny King Cheeseburger & Flip Gordon

  • Kenny King doesn’t show up and Flip gets jumped by The Kingdom. This match starts as a two on one. The Kingdom beat up and attack Flip for a while until Cheeseburger comes down and we are told “The Board” has cleared this. Cheeseburger runs wild for a few minutes until he gets caught and finished off with the double team move, I think it’s “1000 Horses” for the win. Winners: The Kingdom.

Eli Isom vs Jeff Cobb

  • Jeff Cobb is announced as the new ROH TV Champion. This match starts off with the code of honor but shortly after that, Isom is tssed around the ring like a toy by Cobb. Jeff Cobb suplexes and throws Isom around for a few minutes until Isom fights out and shows signs off life, he never gave up. Moments later, Cobb hits the Tour Of The Islands for the win. Cobb looked impressive here, like he does everywhere. Winner: Jeff Cobb.

The Bouncers, Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas vs The Briscoes

  • Milonas starts this with Mark Briscoe but this quickly breaks down to an all out brawl with all four guys fighting on the outside. Minutes later, back in the ring Beer City Bruiser beats down Jay Briscoe. The Bouncers make quick tags as they wear down Jay, which is strange as they are both heel teams so either one getting heat on the other can get a dull reaction. Jay gets a tag and the Briscoes take over on The Bruiser. Eventually Bruiser gets the warm tag to Milonas and he runs wild on The Briscoes for a minute until he is cut off, at this point it’s pretty back and forth. The Briscoes hit a double suplex on Milonas, which, even with both Briscoes it looked difficult. Moments later, Mark hits a Froggie-bow for the pin on Bruiser. After the match they all share a beer. Winners: The Briscoes.

Marty Scurll vs Shane “Hurricane” Helms

  • This match gets a video package before the match, which is Scurll cutting a promo about how this is “Hero vs Villain 3”. Hurricane comes down first and Marty jumps Helms as Hangman Page comes out to Marty’s music, in Marty’s gear. The Villain, Marty Scurll attacks Helms at ringside after jumping him from behind. They get back in the ring and the bells sounds to start the match as Marty beats down Hurricane. Shane Helms makes a comeback and gets a figure four type move on Scurll. Marty pulls all the heel tricks to get ahead, including going for the mask of Helms. These two are very back and forth, hitting big moves and reversing things, until the ref takes a bump. As soon a s Paul Turner goes down, Hurricane hits a Hurra-chokeslam for a visual pin fall but when Marty gets up, he kicks Hurricane low. Marty calls out another ref, who looks like a trainee. Both Shane Helms and Marty double chokeslam the new ref. Marty and Hurricane brawl and the original ref rings the bell. The crowd boos as they are broken up and the crowd chant “Let them fight”, Page comes down and they beat up Hurricane and Marty Scurll stripes Shane “Hurricane” Helms of his mask and it’s revealed the he is in fact, Shane Helms. Winner: No Contest.

Jenny Rose & Stella Grey vs Sumie Sakai & Britt Baker

  • Jenny Rose starts this against the dentist, Britt Baker and Rose dominates Baker early until she tagged Stella Grey. Britt got the best of Stella Grey but Stella wouldn’t stay down for even a two count. Sumie tags in and uses lots of submissions on Grey. Both Sumie and Britt tried a double suplex on Grey but Grey reverses it and suplexes both Sumie and Britt, on to their heads. This match is sometimes badly timed and a bit messy and didn’t get a good response, Sumie looked the obvious best here but Britt pinned Grey. Winners: Sumie Sakai and Britt Baker.

No Disqualification Match – Jonathan Gresham vs Bully Ray

  • We get a Pull-Pit segment before this match, explaining why this match is a no DQ match. Bobby Cruise starts to announce this match until Bully shouts from the stage for Bobby to “Shut the Hell up”. Bully shouts at Bobby Cruise, Colt Cabana and the fans. In the ring, Bully starts to say “Stop throwing those or I’ll..” then a streamer hit Bully Ray in the face, it was great, I laughed. Gresham came out and Bully took the microphone and cut down Gresham. At the start of the match, Gresham ran wild until a backdrop from Bully. They brawl at rigside after a great rolling dive from Gresham and Jon is getting the best of Bully at the moment. Bully takes over in the ring, Bully rolls out and gets a table and chairs. Bully Ray gets the heat on Gresham with chair shots to the back as the fans chant “let’s go Gresham”. Bully hits a chop and Gresham asks for another one. When Bully chops Gresham, Gresham slaps Bully. Gresham fights back until he’s on Bully’s back with a sleeper, Bully racks the ref’s eyes. Bully puts Gresham on a table and jumps off the ropes but Gresham moves, and Bully goes through it. Gresham gets a two count but when he goes to hit Bully with a chair, Bully low blows him. Really good action as Gresham hits a dropkick from the top rope into a chair that hits Bully’s head and a shooting star for a near fall. As Gresham goes for a Kendo Stick, Bully hits a low blow again and rolls up Gresham for the cheap win. Winner: Bully Ray

ROH Six-man Tag Championship Match – SoCal Uncensored vs Bullet Club(c)

  • This match starts with Cody and Frankie Kazarian, who are wearing the same t-shirt and they do “a bit” with Brandi in the ring where they plug some cigars. The wrestling starts after that, and Nick and Scorpio Sky tag in. Lots of fats action as The Bucks tag in and out and so does Daniels. Everyone is in and out so quick with both teams getting a good reaction but the crowd obviously prefer the Bullet Club. SCU start to work over Matt Jackson who is selling the back still. SCU pick up the pace as Daniels hits an arabian press to the outside on Nick. Matt tags Cody and Cody runs wild on the whole of SCU until he powers up and tears his top off. The Bucks get back in and The Bullet Club are in full control. Everyone is in the ring again and the fans are really loving it when Cody hits a Cross Rhodes but it’s broken up at two. but after another few minutes of fast paced action, with Nick pulling off a great spinning dive off the top rope to the outside on Scorpio Sky and Kaz, Cody hits another Cross Rhodes on Christopher Daniels for the win. Winners: The Bullet Club.

Before this next match, The Kingdom come to the ring and Matt Taven claims he is the real ROH World Champion, as he holds a purple belt. Taven says he’s beaten everyone and says he’s a defending champion but no one deserves a shot.

ROH World Championship Match – Jay Lethal(c) vs Silas Young

  •  Both men get a promo video package before the match and we get a full in-ring championship introduction. This starts with some mat wrestling as Jay gets the better of Silas Young briefly but Silas does a cartwheel dropkick to take over. They wrestle again and Jay gets the better of Silas, tries his own cartwheel dropkick but Silas moves and slaps Lethal. They start to brawl at ringside as Young throws Lethal into the barrier and suplexs him on the floor. Silas takes Lethal back in the ring and slaps on a sleeper. Lethal fights back but after multiple reversals, Silas gets the upper hand again. Lethal won’t give up and after many comebacks, Lethal hits his finisher, The Lethal Injection for a great near fall. Jay looks distracted by Silas kicking out of the Lethal Injection but gets back into it and hits three consecutive dives, a missile dropkick, Lethal combination and finally another Lethal Injection for the win. Very fun match, good story told in the match that Jay is trying to go back and beat all those who beat Lethal before he became champ again, it’s called The Lethal Challenge. Winner: Jay Lethal.

After the match, Cody came out and cut a promo asking for a ROH Title match. When Cody came out, he took a toy that a kid handed to him, Cody showed it to the camera and handed it back, that made the kid’s day. Right when Cody and Lethal might make this match, Kenny King interrupts. Kenny King cuts a delusional heel promo on both of these guys as the crowd chants “boring”. The champ, Jay Lethal finishes the promo by simply saying “Any time, any where.” And that was that, a very fun show, which I enjoyed and I’m glad I stayed up until ten past four in the morning to watch it.

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