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PROGRESS Wrestling – Hello Wembley Results

On Sunday September 30th, 2018, PROGRESS Wrestling hold their annual big show and this year they go bigger than they, or any other independent wrestling company has gone in England. This show, Hello Wembley, has been announced and built up for over one year as it was announced on September 10th, 2017 at the Ally Pally show, Chapter 55: Chase The Sun.

The Pre Show Battle Royal

This was a fun battle royal that got the crowd going. You can watch this for free on the PROGRESS Wrestling Facebook Page. Winner: Chuck Mambo.

The band, WARS played in the show open, with a video package of the build to the show.

The show opened with Jim Smallman giving his usual speech to the fans in Wembley Arena. This is always good and a perfect way to open a PROGRESS Wrestling show.

Matt Riddle vs Mark Haskins W/ Vicky Haskins

  • This started very even with the crowd, loud and split. The match built with intensity and had some great nearfalls. At one point, Riddle hit a very nice Fisherman’s Buster then a Gotch-Style Tombstone for a nearfall but in the end, Mark Haskins stopped Matt Riddle in his final independent wrestling show before heading to WWE. Winner: Mark Haskins.

PROGRESS Women’s World Title match – Millie McKenzie vs Toni Storm vs Jinny(c)

  • This was a fun three-way with a group of girls by ringside with Jinny, I didn’t catch their names. The match ended with an angle when Jinny faced off with Toni Storm and Jinny’s girls got in the ring, Toni had two girls that got in to help, Candy Floss and Laura DiMatteo but Laura turned on both Toni and Candy Floss causing Jinny to pin Toni to retain. Winner: Jinny.

PROGRESS Atlas Championship Match – Doug Williams (c) vs Trent Seven

  • As Doug Williams steps in front of this very lively and loud PROGRESS Wrestling crowd, he puts his title on the line for what could be the last time ever. The crowd was fully behind Doug, knowing it could be Doug’s retirement. This match had loads of great nearfalls as the fans wanted Doug to win so bad but in the end, Trent beat Doug with a crossbody to win the championship and retire Doug Williams. Winner: Trent Seven.

No Disqualification Grudge Match – Jimmy Havoc vs Paul Robinson

  • This was a blood-fest with light tubes, ironing boards, staple guns, a door and more. Seriously insane match with both men bleeding from the face, chest, back an I’m sure they bled places we don’t know about. Hell of a war to end the first half. Winner: Jimmy Havoc.


After Intermission, Jim Smallman announced the attendance of 4,750 which smashes the previous attendance record of 2,400 in Brixton. PROGRESS announced that Super Strong Style will be held in Alexandra Palace on May 4th-6th, 2019 and tickets will be on sale October 22nd, 2018.

Tag Team Thunderbastard Match – Flamita & Bandido vs Sexy Starr vs Mills & Mayhew vs Aussie Open vs Anti Fun Police vs The Grizzled Young Veterans vs Brooks & Thatcher

  • The Tag Team Champions kick this off with David Starr and Jack Sexsmith. After about three minutes, the third team cam out, Mills and Mayhew. Without an elimination, the fourth team enters, Aussie Open. The GYV made their way to the ring through the crowd while getting booed. As Brooks and Thatcher made their entrance, GYV eliminated Mills and Mayhew. The 198, Flash Morgan Webster and wild Boar make their entrances next last. The 198 eliminated Sexy Starr and The Anti Fun Police. Aussie Open eliminated the Anti Fun Police. The 198 eliminated Thatcher and Brooks then The 198 used Flash’s helmet to beat and eliminate the champions, Bandido and Flamita, this left Aussie Open and The Grizzled Young Veterans. The Aussie Open beat The GYV when Kyle Fletcher pinned James Drake and the crowd exploded. Winners: Aussie Open, Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher.

Pete Dunne vs Ilja Dragunov

  • After a very exciting and tense match, The Bruiserweight submitted Ilja Dragunov with a Triangle Choke while snapping the fingers. Definitely worth a watch on Demand-PROGRESS. Winner: Pete Dunne.

TLC Match – Eddie Dennis vs Mark Andrews

  • What a bloody match, these two ripped it up and took some chances most wouldn’t. They came off some huge ladders and tried to break many tables. About four tables didn’t break but when Eddie came off the top of a huge ladder, with Andrews in hand and they both went through the final table, the crowd exploded, again. Eddie Dennis beat Mark Andrews after going through that table. Winner: Eddie Dennis.

PROGRESS Wrestling World Championship Match – WALTER (c) vs Tyler Bate

  • Tyler made his entrance first and came to the ring with Pete Dunne and Trent Seven, making this fight feel big as they are the only seconds at ringside outside of the women’s match. WALTER had live violinist playing him to the ring as well as Timothy Thatcher at ringside. This was e hell of a match and the crowd was behind Tyler Bate the whole match, Tyler had multiple hope spots with WALTER showing his power. I believe most of the fans thought we would see a new champion, me included so when WALTER hit a Piledriver for the win the crowd was shocked. Very good match. Winner: WALTER.

This was a very fun show, I enjoyed my night tremendously and struggle to come up with a MOTN(Match Of The Night) with so many great matches and moments. Doug Williams retirement, a death match in Wembley, a turn, TLC and those damn tables, WALTER retains and so much more. Everyone worked incredibly hard and the professionalism by all PROGRESS staff was amazing. If you ever have the chance to see PROGRESS live, go!

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