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Ring Of Honor – Death Before Dishonor XVI – September 28th, 2018 – Results

On September 28th, 2018, Ring of Honor head to Las Vegas, Nevada for their 16th consecutive Death Before Dishonor PPV. ROH has held these Pay-Per-Views since 2003 and the Death Before Dishonor show has been an annual event for the company.

This show is available live and on demand on the Honor Club service and Fite TV for $34.99. For Honor Club monthly & regular yearly members the show is available at a 50% discount, for Yearly VIP members of the service the show is free.

To read my preview of this show, Click Here.

Ring of Honor kick off the show with a nice video package then we are introduced by our commentators tonight, Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman.

Kenny King vs Jyushin Thunder Liger

  • The commentary team point out that Liger debuted in 1984 with the help of the Tale Of The Tape before the match, while Kenny King debuted in 2002. These two start of with some simple wrestling but when King gets the upper hand with a shoulder tackle, he got booed. Kenny King is in his home town of Las Vegas yet the crowd seems to be behind the legend Liger. Liger makes a brief comeback but Kenny King starts to wear down Liger with backbreakers and submissions, targeting the back of Liger. Jyushin Thunder Liger continues to fight on and makes it to the ropes as the fans cheer for the Japanese star. King gets cocky and Liger fights back with a Shotei, while selling the back Liger continues to take it to King with high impact moves from the top rope. Liger sells the fact the he might not be able to continue and Kenny King claps as Liger slowly gets up. As Liger gets to his feet, King extends the hand and shakes Liger’s hand. Kenny King immediately hits Liger with a double A style spinebuster for the win. Winner: Kenny King

ROH Tag Team Title Match – The Addiction vs The Briscoes

  • The Commentators point out that The Addiction needs to win the Ring Of Honor Tag Championships as in story, their contracts run out soon and they need leverage to stay in the company. Early on, The Briscoes attack The Addiction with weapons, trying to get disqualified or counted out but they moved onto just Kicking The Addiction’s ass, mainly Daniels. The Briscoes beat the hell out of Christopher Daniels while getting the heat, making the hot tag all that more important. When Daniels tagged Kazarian, Kaz ran wild for a good few minutes before The Briscoes attempt more offence on a chair but The Addiction fought back briefly. As the ref gets shoved into the corner, Mark Briscoe attacks Kaz, who is on the top rope. When Daniels is on one side of the ringside area with Jay and the ref, Mark slams Kaz through a chair as you can see blood on his head. Kaz is checked on by SCU member, Scorpio Sky and doctors it’s obvious that Kaz is out. DAniels take a beating for a while but make a comeback and hits a Best Moonsault Ever for a great nearfall but after a Jay Driller on the outside, The Briscoes finished off Daniels moments later in the ring. Winners: The Briscoes

Women Of Honor World Championship Match – Sumie Sakai(c) vs Tenille Dashwood

  • After a video package we are reminded that this is the first time that the WOH World Title has been defended on PPV as Tenille Dashwood makes her way to the ring. This is Tenille Dashwood’s first attempt at the WOH World Championship, also Sumie Sakai is the first and only WOH World Champion. This immediately starts as a very hard hitting match as Sumie comes right out with forearms and kicks. Sumie looks like she means business tonight. Sumie hits a missile dropkick from he top which sent Tenille across the ring, then hits a huge crossbody to the outside, which looked great. Sumie tries to get an armbar on Tenille but Dashwood fights out and fights back but sells the arm and shoulder whilst doing so. Tenille attempts a new submission but Sumie stands on her head, instead of taking a pin, which is pointed out by Caprice that Sumie is putting her neck on the line, so Tenille stomps on Sumie’s Neck. After a battle, Sumie hits her finisher but cannot make the pin in time. After another armbar attempt by Sumie, Tenille hits a powerbomb from the apron to the outside. Back in the ring, Tenille hit another powerbomb but Sumie reversed it into an armbar and Tenille passed out. Winner due to ref stoppage: Sumie Sakai.

ROH TV Championship – Punishment Martinez (c) vs Chris Sabin

  • This was Sabin’s chance to continue as a singles wrestler in ROH and took it to Martinez and attempted a dive early but Martinez caught Sabin and chokeslammed him on the apron. Punishment wore down Sabin early for a while but Sabin made a comeback after a few minutes. Sabin had the fans behind him strong but after a ref bump and shenanigans with a chair, in the end Punishment Martinez hits a South of Heaven Chokeslam on Sabin for the win. Winner: Punishment Martinez.

*After the match, Punishment continued to beat down Sabin until Jeff Cobb came down, making himself known in Ring Of Honor. Punishment started to walk away but took a shot at Cobb with a chair. Jeff Cobb took the chair shot and no sold it, hit a Tour of The Islands and left Martinez laying.

Tag Team Elimination Tables Match – Bully Ray & Silas Young vs Flip Gordon & Colt Cabana

  • Silas and Bully start this match looking like they are not on the same page, while Flip and Colt seem to have one thing in mind, revenge on Bully Ray. When Bully gets Colt on his own, he shouts over to Ian Riccaboni calling him names whilst hitting Colt with a chair. Ian runs to ringside and Colt makes a comeback but Bully puts Colt through the announce table, making it a 2-on-1. Bully and Silas start to fight and in the argument, flip sidestepped Bully, sending him through a table in the corner and eliminating him. The ref took a bump when Young swung Flip Gordon around lading to the finish. Flip gordon hit a 450 splash, putting Silas Young through the table but the ref was out. Bully swapped them over and when the ref came too, he called Silas the winner as he saw Flip laid in the table. WInners: Bully Ray and Silas Young.

CHAOS vs Bullet Club

  • This match starts with the two heavy hitters, Ishii and Hangman Page. They trade blows early on which is very exciting. Okada is tagged in, so Marty tags in and the crowd cheers, Okada then tags out to Rocky Romero and everyone boos. As I’m sure you can imagine, there is lots of multi person spots from time to time in the early stages of this match but we get Okada tagging back in to face Cody one-on-one. Things break down once again as they set up a dive by Chuckie T from the stage onto everyone. Back in the ring, Rocky Romero got his forever Clotheslines, taking out Bullet Club. Multiple time in this match Bullet Club was not on the same page, hitting teammates instead of their opponents. During the match, Nick Aldis on commentary announces that his rematch against Cody will be a 2 out of 3 falls match. Lots was happening in this match as all ten men fought all over the ring and ringside area. In the end, Marty reversed a suplex into a Chicken Wing on Rocky for a submission victory for Bullet Club. This was a really fun match, just too much to write it all down. Winners: Bullet Club

ROH World Championship Match – Jay Lethal (c) vs Will Ospreay

  • Jay Lethal extends the hand for the code of honor but Ospreay steps back, not accepting the hand. This gets serious a few minutes in when Ospreay slaps Lethal. This becomes a battle early on, feeling like a big fight as the crowd chant for both men. These two beat on each other with big forearms, uppercuts and chops. Ospreay seems more calculated in this match as he is more focused. Jay and Will trade chops but when Jay takes too long, Will kicks him out of the ring and delivers and huge dive. While outside of the ring, Will Ospreay pulls out a ladder from under the ring but it’s not used. Ospreay hits a springboard forearm to get back in the ring. They do a spot by the time keepers table when Bobby Cruise takes a bump. While Jay is on the apron, Will jumps over him and sunset flips Jay onto the ladder. Will takes Jay back in the ring and goes crazy with kicks to Jay and reveses two Lethal Injections and hits his finisher, the Oscutter for a great nearfall but in the end Jay hit the Lethal Injection to retain his championship against Will Ospreay. Winner: Jay Lethal.

*The Kingdom attacked both Ospreay and Lethal after the match, leading to a new look for Matt Taven and a new belt. Taven held the ROH World Title up in one hand and a purple version in the other hand, through down the ROH Belt and shouted “I’m Matt Taven” as he held up the purple belt and the feed closed out.

That was the show, I thought it was a fun show and I’m glad I watched it live on Honor Club. Thanks for reading this and don’t forget you can subscribe for free via email, tweet to me @ProWresMatthew or email me at

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