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NJPW – Road To Destruction – September 7th, 2018 – Results

The stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling return to NJPWWorld for the Destruction Tour leading to three big shows, Destruction in Hiroshima, Destruction in Beppu and Destruction In Kobe. This is the first of three “Road to” show. To view the line-up for this show, Click Here.

Shota Umino & Ren Narita vs Yujiro Takahashi & Chase Owens

  • Good opener, the Young Lions got to show heart and fire but Takahashi and Chase were too much for most of the match. This match finished when Chase hit Ren Narita with a package Piledriver. Winners: Chase Owens & Yujiro Takahashi.

Taiji Ishimori, Tanga Loa, Tama Tonga & Bad Luck Fale vs Ayato Yoshida, David Finlay, Juice Robinson and Michael Elgin

  • This was a fun, fast paced match with good heat but finished when Tanga Loa hit his sit down Piledriver for the win. Winners: BC OG – Tanga Loa, Taji Ishimori, Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale.

Toa Henare vs Beretta

  • This was a good match, Toa Henare looked competitive and I feel he’s moving up on the New Japan Pro Wrestling roster nicely. Beretta pinned Toa Henare. Winner: Beretta.

Taichi & TAKA Michinoku vs Gedo & Hirooki Goto

  • Gedo had some good spots in this match, Taichi is showing he is also one on the move up the roster but the true star of this match was Goto. Goto pinned TAKA after a GTR. Winners: Gedo & Hirooki Goto.

Kanemaru, Iizuka, El Desperado & Minoru Suzuki vs BUSHI, SANADA, EVIL & Tetsuya Naito

  • This was a very fun match with the emphasis being on Naito vs Suzuki, they even got into it after the match. EVIL pinned Iizuka after the Magic Killer. Winners: Los Ingobernables De Japon.

YOSHI-HASHI, Toru Yano & Kazuchika Okada vs Tomoaki Honma, Togi Makabe & Hiroshi Tanahashi

  • This match was aimed to build the Okada vs Tanahashi match on this tour. This was also Honma’s first match back in Korakuen Hall. The fans were loving this match as they chant and clap and stomp. I’m sure he’s fine but watching Honma sell his head and neck can get a bit uncomfortable for me given the severity of his previous injuries. This one ended when Toru Yano hit Honma with a low blow and rolled him up for the win. Winners: Toru Yano, YOSHI-HASHI & Kazuchika Okada.

Special Tag Match – Will Ospreay & Tomohiro Ishii vs Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega

  • Going into this match, the focus was the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega and his challenger Tomohiro Ishii but after just a few minutes of Kota Ibushi facing off against Will Ospreay I wanted to see those two wrestle all day. What a match, all four guys shined and came out proving why they are top guys, not just in NJPW but in Wrestling. This finished with Kota and Kenny hitting the Golden Trigger on Will Ospreay. Omega cut a promo in Japanese after the match which seemed to be funny but I don’t know enough Japanese to tell. Kenny finished the promo with “Goodbye and good night, Bang” in English. Winners: The Golden Lovers, Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi.

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