Highspots Wrestling Network

Highspots Wrestling Network launches apps for Android and Apple

On August 28th Highspots Wrestling Network launched their apps for Android and iPhone. At the moment Highspots only have apps available for Android (Tablet or Phone) or ITunes (iPhone or iPad) but The Alternative Wrestling Network has plans for more apps that are to be announced.

Highspots Wrestling Network tweeted this to announce the release of the new software.

In the comments someone asked if tg e apps would work on Apple TVs and Highspots had this to say:

Highspots Wrestling Network has the tagline of “The Best Independent Wrestling Today” and they described the service as “The Highspots Wrestling Network is your home for all things wrestling! Stream your heart out with the best videos in independent wrestling today! Full events featuring PWG, NEW, PWX, WSU, CZW,$5 Wrestling & more, shoot interviews and series featuring The Kevin Steen Show, Old School w/ Steve Corino, Best Friends w/ Chuck and Trent?, documentaries, matches, women’s wrestling & more”

On the Android version of the app (and possibly the iPhone app, I don’t know) when you sign up a new account you can get a two week trail to the service. I re-subscribed to the Highspots Wrestling Network with the release of this app as it allowed me to put this on my phone bill, therefore allowing me instant access without paying that day. These apps also have a “cast” button, allowing me to stream shows on my Chromecast, Smart TV and Roku device aswel as my phone and Tablet.

Highspots Wrestling Network really is one of the best alternative wrestling networks available which includes full shows from the best independent wrestling today from video on demand and Live Streams. There is more great wrestling on this service than is humanly possible to watch in the two weeks trail, making a subscription to Highspots a very good deal for just $9.99 (£7.99) per month.

Some of my favourites on the Highspots Wrestling Network in no particular order;

These apps are Betas and with still having work done to these you can expect some updates to come.

Thanks for reading this, you can subscribe for free via email, tweet to me @ProWresMatthew or email me at prowresmatt@gmail.com

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