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Ring Of Honor – Honor Re-United – Doncaster – Results

Ring Of Honor was live in England and Scotland for their Honor Re-United tour With the International Cup being the back story to the whole tour. The tournament starts in Edinburgh, goes on to Doncaster for round two and the winner will face the ROH World Champion, Jay Lethal in London on night three.

These shows were live exclusively on Fite TV, until today when Ring Of Honor uploaded the shows to their service, Honor Club.

This show was Live and is On-Demand via FiteTV. If you are new to Fite TV and sign up using my Code “n7djq9” you will get $15 to use on any show available on the service. All three shows are available for the price of two or available on their own. Fite TV is the premiere digital network for Combat Sports providing hours of live, PPV and on-demand programming to fans around the world. Fite streams more events than anyone else.

This show starts with SoCal Val introducing us to the show, explaining that this is the second show on the Honor Re-United Tour and all three shows are available on Fite TV and you can get all three shows for the price of two.

we begin with Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer on commentary as the introduce us and run down the card in quick concession.

The Briscoes vs Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm

  • It looks like ROH has tried to run a bigger building but from first glance it doesnt look sold out. As Fleisch and Storm make their entrance the crow already seem more lively than two nights previous in Edinburgh. The Briscoes take control early on by isolating Jonny Storm. Mark Briscoe spat at Jody on the apron so The BRiscoes can double team Jonny behind referee Chris Roberts back. with constant tags, The Briscoes get the heat on Jonny Storm until Storm makes a comeback and tags Fleisch but when Jody steps through the ropes, Mark Briscoe kicks the ropes, low blowing Jody. The Briscoes start to work over Jody after the unfair advantage. Mark tags Jay who sends Jody to ringside where he took dropkick from Mark Briscoe then run into the barrier. Thus far Jody and Jonny haven’t made much offence. The Briscoes hit hard and Jay sends Jody all over the ring with European uppercuts, the Briscoes take Jody out with a double tackle. Jody manages to make a comeback on Mark and tags out. Jonny runs wild but when Storm gets Jody in the ring, Jay rolls Mark out of the ring, only to receive two dives. The match breaks down into bodies everywhere and no one is sure who the legal man is. Jody hit an insane looking Shooting Star Press on both Briscoe on the outside and they continue in the ring. The Briscoes hit Jonny with a redneck boogie and claim to finish Jody. Jay hits a neckbreaker and Mark lands a froggy-bow for a good nearfall. about thirty seconds later The Briscoes win when Jay hits the Jaydriller on Jody while Jonny was being choked out by Mark Briscoe. Winners The Briscoes.

Flip Gordon vs Mark Haskins W/ Vicky Haskins

  • this starts off fast and after a few minutes, Flip rolls to the outside where Haskins goes for a dive but stops himself and dives out the other side instead, a classic Mark Haskins spot. Haskins gets Flip back in the ring and starts to wear down the arm of Flip, setting up for submissions. Flip fights back and dropkicks Mark in the corner, while flipping out of the dropkick to land on his feet. Haskins reverses a Kinder Suprise and rolls into a Sharp Shooter but Flip Gordon escapes. Mark Haskins quickly goes back to the arm with a reverse armbar that Haskins has been known to do but Flip makes it to the ropes. Flip makes a comeback as they go back and forth, Flip gets the upper hand and hits a falcon arrow for a two count. They both get up slowly with Flip starting the striking exchange and Haskins end up outside. Flip lands a very nice flip dive then a 450 splash for a nearfall. Mark Haskins pins Flip with a pumphandle slam that he uses regularly. Winner Mark Haskins

Jimmy Havoc vs Adam “Hangman” Page

  • This starts with both guys being careful as they go for lock ups and knuckle locks, Hangman gets the upper hand slightly until Havoc snapmeres Hangman and starts to fishhook the mouth of Hangman. The screen went and the commentators didn’t seem to know, as we come back Havoc is on the apron and they both end up on the outside. Page chops Jimmy up against each corner post until Havoc moves and Page chops the post. Jimmy asks fans for a beer and someone quickly obliged with a cup that was about two pints in size, Jimmy took a sip but was forearmed by Page and spat it in the face of Chris Roberts. Page charged and Havoc with a forearm but hit the post and Jimmy grabbed his 8×10 as the referee was blinded to give Hangman a paper cut in between the fingers and the mouth. Hangman Page is a lot more willing to do “Hardcore” than Christopher Daniels on the prior show. Page takes over after a low blow but is selling the paper cuts, that always gets a good reaction. Page hits his pumphandle deadlift slam with a bridge for a two. Havoc makes a comeback and goes to the top rope but is knocked go the outside by Page. Havoc gets back in with a bottle of water that ends up in Chris Roberts Face, while he’s blinded Havoc pulls out a staple gun, staples Hangman in the hand and arse, then himself and throws the staple gun to Page as Roberts opens his eyes. As Hangman protests his innocence to the referee Havoc gets a roll up for a two count. Hangman went for the Buckshot Lariat but it was reversed into an Acid Rainmaker but Hangman kicks out, very good nearfall. Havoc comes off the top rope but misses and knocks down Chris Roberts again and Hangman staples Havoc on the forehead then hits a Buckshot Lariat, followed by a Right Of Passage for the win. Winner Adam “Hangman” Page.

Charlie Evans vs Kay Lee Ray

  • These two start with some chain wrestling for a few minutes as it turns into a pinning battle as they both reverse pins into another pin. this breaks down to a heavy hitting match quickly as they chop and Kick each other, Kay Lee Ray hits some great sounding chops but Charlie fights back and after a double down, Evans hits a DDT for a two count. after nearly getting a submission win, Kay lee Ray hits her finisher, the Gory Bomb for the win. Kay Lee Ray made Evans look good in this match as Evans is probably new to most of the ROH audience. Winner Kay Lee Ray.

Proving Ground Match – Delirious vs ROH TV Champion Punishment Martinez

  • Delirious comes alive with the sound of the bell and hits two shotgun dropkicks to start. Punishment grabbed Delirious by the throat but Delirious bits his hand. Delirious was looking competitive until Martinez hit Delirious with a chokeslam on the apron, Delirious got back in the ring at nineteen. Back in the ring, Martinez stomps Delirious’ head into the bottom corner buckle and hit a south of heaven chokeslam for the win. Winner Punishment Martinez.

Four Corner Survival Match Marty Scurll vs Christopher Daniels vs Kip Sabian vs Joe Hendry

  • The fans absolutely love Marty, his entrance was the loudest pop I’ve heard on the tour so far. To start off, Sabian called Daniels and old man so he hit a dive on “Super Bad” Kip Sabian when he left the ring, the remaining three opened the match while Kip was laid out. Sabian joined the three at the end and they and attacked him. There was lots of fast paced action with guys rolling in and out, changing direction of the match almost every thirty seconds. The fans were very into this match, they booed Sabian at first but had to clap for very good wrestling. In the end Marty Scurll pinned Kip Sabian with a spinning Butterfly Throw. Winner Marty Scurll.

The Young Bucks vs Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal

  • The Young bucks come out with the IWGP Heavyweight Titles as well as the Ring Of Honor Six Man Tag Team Championships. Matt starts off with Jay Lethal but Matt calls out Gresham so Lethal tags Jon in. Matt Jackson and Jon Gresham wrestle for a few minutes and it seems even until they shake hands and Matt pulls Gresham in and says “Where do you think you’re going?!” as Nick superkicked Gresham. Gresham gets the tag to Jay after a few minutes of heat by The Bucks and Lethal ran wild on both Young Bucks, changing the momentum of the match. while Gresham is in the ring with Nick Jackson, the height difference is very apparent. as Nick goes to jump to the apron as he does, he shouts in pain at his leg which has been targeted by Gresham and Jay, at this time Gresham chop blocked him. Matt Jackson finally tags in and takes out both Lethal and Gresham with clotheslines. Gresham tags in and runs wild for a minute until Matt blocks a hurricanrana with a Buckle bomb with a kick by Nick. Nick tags in but is till selling is Knee, Lethal gets a figure four on Nick but as Nick rolls, Jay gets a tag. Gresham hits a 450 splash on Nick while he is still in the figure four leg lock, Matt breaks up the pin. When Matt tags in he takes it to Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham. Gresham and Matt end up in a striking battle until Matt counters a Lethal injection with a superkick to Jay then Gresham. Nick Jackson falls off the ropes as he goes for a Meltzer Driver due to his knee. Matt is thrown out of the ring and Jay Lethal hit the Lethal injection on Nick for the win. Winners Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham.

ROH International Cup Final – Adam “Hangman” Page vs Mark Haskins

  • Mark extends the hand to shake but Hangman spits on his hand so Haskins spits on his hand and Page looks disgusted so he wipes his hand in the referee, Todd Sinclair. This match starts without a hand shake. Haskins goes for the arm but Page pushes Mark into the corner. Haskins continues to target the arm. Haskins hits a dropkick to a sitting Page, who rolls out of the ring, Mark Haskins waits in the ring. Page clotheslines Haskins to the outside and goes out himself to continue the assault on Mark. Page chops Haskins and throws him into the barrier multiple times. Mark Haskins moves out of the way of a shooting star and hits a dive. Haskins hits a boot the the face of Page in the corner of the barriers. Mark takes Page back in the ring and kicks him in the chest, in the corner then in the back. Hangman fought back with big chops in the corner and a chop that sends Haskins down. Page hits tg e pump handle slam with the bridge foe a two count. This is a reasonable new move in the arsenal of Page but he has been using it in every match recently. Haskins fires up but Page stops him, Page runs the ropes but Haskins stops Page. They both hit clotheslines for a double down but they get up at 9. Page goes for a standing Shooting Star but Haskins moves and gets his armbar in but Page escapes. Page lands a really good delayed German Suplex with a bridge for a two count, they both get up at 6. They fight on the apron and Hangman hits a superkick which sends Haskins to the outside. Hangman hits a huge Moonsalt and the crowd chants “Let’s go Hangman.” Hangman hits a top rope Moonsalt for a good nearfall. Page directs for the Buckshot lariat but Haskins catches him into a triangle choke. They fight to another double down around the 20 minute mark as the crowd chants for Page. Haskins rolls into the Sharp Shooter but Page gets to the ropes. Hangman block another roll through attempt into a cradle tombstone for a two count. The crowd gets louder in Doncaster. The crowd finally starts to chant “Let’s go Haskins.” They trade strikes until Haskins takes over briefly, then Page hits a Spine Buster. Moments later Haskins bounces off the ropes and hits a Canadian Destroyer then his Pump Handle Cradle Driver for the win. Everyone in attendance stands up and when Haskins goes up to Page, he extends the hand again. The crowd chanted “Shake his hand” then Hangman shook the hand and raised Mark Haskins’ arm. Winner Mark Haskins.

And that was the show.

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