Ring Of Honor – Honor Re-United – Edinburgh – Results

Ring Of Honor was live in England and Scotland for their Honor Re-United tour With the International Cup being the back story to the whole tour. The tournament starts in Edinburgh, goes on to Doncaster for round two and the winner will face the ROH World Champion, Jay Lethal in London on night three.

These shows were live exclusively on Fite TV, until today when Ring Of Honor uploaded the shows to their service, Honor Club.

This show was Live and is On-Demand via FiteTV. If you are new to Fite TV and sign up using my Code “n7djq9” you will get $15 to use on any show available on the service. All three shows are available for the price of two or available on their own.

The show opened with SoCal Val welcoming us to the show in Edinburgh and the Ring Of Honor UK tour. She explains the tournament and plugs Fite TV.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana welcome us to the show and run down the card.

International Cup Match – Jonathan Gresham vs Mark Haskins W/ Vicky Haskins

  • This starts with Some technical wrestling as they feel each other out, fans applaud. Slight “let’s go Haskins” chant as Haskins works over Gresham’s arm. Gresham starts to tie up Mark, starting with his legs but moving to the arms by bow and arrowing the arms behind the back. Gresham gets over confident and Haskins hits a dive and takes it to Gresham ringside briefly but as Mark sells his arms, he takes Gresham back in the ring. The story quickly becomes Mark is targeting Jon Gresham’s legs while Gresham targets the arms of Haskins. After lots of reversals, pins and moves that probably don’t have names, this turns into a striking battle with Haskins kicking Gresham’s legs and Gresham forearming Mark’s arm. Mark got Gresham in a low Sharp Shooter for the submission win. Winner Mark Haskins.

International Cup Match – Kip Sabian vs Flip Gordon

  • This starts with Some technical wrestling but quickly breaks into flips and high speed action that gets the better of Kip Sabian until Kid bounced off the second rope to kick Flip in the face and Flip backflipped off the apron and onto the mats below. Kip Sabian works over Flip in the ring. After a few minutes of heat for Kip, Flip makes a comeback with some kicks and a springboard missile dropkick. Flip hits the Kinder Suprise then a flip dive into Sabian. Sabian cuts Flip off on the top rope and hits a hurricanrana from the top. Flip sends Sabain outside with a dropkick then hits another dive, the fans are starting to wake up then Sabian hits a very good dive then goes and sits with the commentary team and saying into the microphone “That is how it’s done”. Bank in the ring they hit big move after big move with multiple nearfalls in quick concession. Flip Gordon hits a reverse F5/Cutter type move on Kip Sabian for the win. Winner Flip Gordon.

Kay Lee Ray vs Viper

  • Kay Lee Ray makes her entrance first to a good reaction, both women are Scotish so the fans are happy to see both. During entrances Ian and Colt apologise for the pronunciation of the home towns. They start off by having some fun with the crowd as I hear laughter from the fans. It is clear that these two are friends as most of the first five minutes they are pretty much doing comedy wrestling. After the comedy this match broke out into some good wrestling, Kay Lee Ray jumped up after a Viper-driver and delivered a superkick for a two count but in the end Viper hits a Viper-driver from the second rope for the win. Winner Viper.

International Cup Match – Jimmy Havoc vs Christopher Daniels

  • This starts with a collar and elbow tie up but Havoc quickly tries anything other than technical wrestling so while Havoc has Daniels’ arm in a arm lock, he turns his back to referee Todd Sinclair and gives Daniels a paper cut in between the fingers. Jimmy tries to use a frying pan but Todd Sinclair takes it away, the crowd boos. Jimmy dodges a superkick, goes to the outside, grabs a solid metal chair(not a folding chair) and throws it in the ring but when he gets back in Daniels throws the chair out. Daniels says he doesn’t want to do “Hardcore.” Jimmy looked torn but then stuck two fingers in the face of Daniels. On the outside Havoc set a table up but Daniels throws Havoc into the barrier then puts the table back under the ring. Back in the ring Daniels hits an Arabian Moonsalt for a two. Havoc makes a comeback with a shotgun dropkick and a double stomp for a two count. After some back and forth they both hit clotheslines and Jimmy Havoc rolls to the outside and when he comes back in Jimmy has a staple gun. After some struggle, Christopher Daniels ends up with the staple gun and staples Todd Sinclair, who was knocked into moments before, in the arse. Todd thought it was Havoc as Daniels had thrown it to him but when Sinclair took the staple gun, Havoc shoved Daniels into him, stapling his chest the hits the Acid Rainmaker for the win. Winner Jimmy Havoc.

International Cup Match – Hangman Page vs Joey Hendry

  • the fans chant “local hero” for Joe Henry as they stand face-to-face, Hangman spits on his hand saying “this is what I think of Edinburgh” then goes to shake hands but Hendry slaps the hand away. They begin to wrestle and Hendry out wrestles Adam Page early on, Hendry also matches size for Hangman. Page slams Hendry around on the outside and into the barriers and takes it back in the ring. Hendry manages to make a comeback and he his a DDT that gives him the advantage. As they both lay on the mat the marks on Joe Henry are clearly visible. Through lots of back and forth, Hangman Page hits his nose on a bridging suplex and I think I saw some blood but after a Buckshot lariat, Page hits a Right Of Passage for the win. Winner Adam “Hangman” Page.

Proving Ground Match – Adam Brooks vs Jay Lethal

  • Adam Brooks starts off with a shotgun dropkick and a dive, back in the ring he only gets a one count on the shaken ROH Champion. Jay makes a comeback a few minutes later with a few big dives of his own which seems to bend or break the barrier. When these two get into a striking battle, Jay takes some chops but fires up and fights back with a clothesline and they are both down for a count of seven. Jay goes for a figure four but Brooks gets a inside cradle for two, Jay hits a cutter and then a Lethal Rack. Jay Lethal pays tribute to the Macho Man with a big elbow but  Brooks kicks out at two. Jay Lethal goes for a Lethal Injection but Brooks hits a big running knee on Jay for a two count. they counter small package with small package but both men kick out them immediately gets a figure four on but Brooks fights out and hits a Canadian Destroyer but Jay falls out of the ring and gets in at eighteen when Brooks hits a DDT on the apron but after Jay Lethal countered a Swanton bomb, Jay hits the Lethal Injection for the win. Winner Jay Lethal.

Six Man Tag Match – Punishment Martinez & The Briscoes vs The Young Bucks & Marty Scurll

  • The Briscoes get in the fans faces as they come to the ring. Jay starts the match with Matt Jackson. Punishment tags in and everyone chants for Marty, so after some deliberation Marty Tags in but when Marty gets the hand of Martinez, The Briscoes come in and jump Marty and The Bucks. Martinez tags in Mark Briscoe, who tags Jay. as they work over Marty. When Marty finally went to make a tag, The Briscoes pulled The Bucks off the apron but minutes later Marty hits a big delayed brainbuster and eventually makes a tag to Nick Jackson. Nick runs wild and Matt and Marty join in to take out Punishment, Mark and Jay. They take turns hitting big moves on each other until Nick knees Matt in the corner by accident and the Briscoes hit a redneck boogie for a very good nearfall on Nick. Marty gets a tag and he is now legal with Mark Briscoes but Punishment comes in and takes a delayed piledriver from Marty. Marty gets the crossface chicken wing on Mark Briscoe while The Bucks take out The Briscoes with stereo dives as Mark taps out. Winners The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll.

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