Joey Janela’s Lost in New York on Fite TV – Results

Thanks for joining me for Joey Janela’s Lost in New York show, this show was Live and On-Demand via FiteTV. You can watch this show for FREE, if you are new to Fite TV and sign up using my Code “n7djq9” you will get $15 to use on any show available on the service.

This show opens with the band Wheatus, playing the song “Teenage Dirtbag”. This was interrupted by Maxwell Jacob Friedman who was facing Nick Webb.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs Nick Webb

Winner: Maxwell Jacob Friedman

After the opening match we got a opening video package including clips of the wrestlers booked and famous parts of movies set in New York. The video package said “GCW Presents Joey Janela’s Lost in New York” at the end.

KTB vs Marco

Marco was a “fan” who they got out of the crowd but obviously a wrestler. This Marco guy was very small and had a shirt on saying “I support Midget Wrestling”.

Winner: KTB

Then Stokely Hathaway came down to the ring with someone he apparently hired as a bodyguard, unfortunately I couldn’t understand most of the promo so I couldn’t tell. The Sandman cane down to the Metallica song, Sandman, just like in ECW. Sandman used the whole song for his entrance while pouring beer in fans mouths. The Sandman hit Stokely Hathaway with his cane, twice and Hathaway’s “Bodyguard” left the ring. The Sandman the celebrated and left.

Another video package about being Lost in New York.

Teddy Hart vs Chris Dickinson

This one was dedicated to the recently deceased uncle of Teddy Hart, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

Winner: Teddy Hart

GCW World Championship Match – Nick Gage(c) vs Sabu

This match was supposed to be Nick Gage vs Haku but he is at the funeral of Jim Neidhart. His replacement showed up when the lights turned off and when they came back on, Sabu was in the ring. This was a call back to when Sabu returned to ECW against Taz.

Winner: Nick Gage


6 Man Brass-ring Ladder Match – Jimmy Lloyd vs Gringo Loco vs Eli Everfly vs G Raver vs Orange Cassidy

Insane Ladder Match here, crazy risks taken but very fun. The finishing sequence was Lloyd gave G Raver a brainbuster on the top of the tallest ladder which they both fall off and Lloyd smashed his head into a chair but pops back up, runs up the Ladder and grabs the brass ring, winning the match.

Winner: Jimmy Lloyd

Penelope Ford vs All Ego Ethan Page

This is apparently a series where Ethan Page is “Wrestling for his soul.” Penelope Ford looked good but was tied up like a pretzel for the submission.

Winner: All Ego Ethan Page

“The Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs Jinsei Shinzaki

This was another very fun match with the fans ate up. Jinsei Shinzaki won with a top rope chokeslam.

Winner: Jinsei Shinzaki

Pierre Carl Ouellet (PCO) vs Matt Riddle

This was just something else! This match was worth the price of the show for me, great match. PCO won with a Moonsalt.

Winner: PCO

Final thoughts

This was a really fun show and I’m glad I bought it on Fite TV and stayed up late to watch it. It was really good to see Sandman and Sabu in their respective appearances, the most insane match tonight goes to the ladder match for the risky moves and crazy spots. I really enjoyed Teddy Harts match and also Joey Janela vs Jinsei Shinzaki but my match of the night goes to the Main Event, Matt Riddle vs PCO.

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