Tenille Dashwood reveals why she isn’t on the Honor Re-United tour

Earlier today, Tenille Dashwood revealed to her social media followers why she isn’t on the current Ring Of Honor UK tour.

Yesterday in a tweet, Tenille announced she would not be on the tour but didn’t say why only that “To clarify, I am not injured. I will explain shortly what is going on for anyone interested. Thanks for understanding!”

Here is her original tweet:

Today Tenille revealed, in pain staking detail exactly why she won’t be on the tour.

Tenille’s statement reads as follows,

“In the past I didn’t have the courage to share this with you all. Today, with social media always highlighting the glamorous side of life, I feel it’s important to share a dose of reality.
I suffer from a skin condition known as Psoriasis. It’s a common condition many suffer from and can probably relate to, ranging from mild symptoms to much more severe. I’ve fought this condition since I

was 14 years old luckily having times that were much more manageable, however I have currently been battling the worst flare up to date. This was unfortunately triggered when I was sick recently and has now covered my entire body. it’s not contagious and there is no cure! It’s been extremely itchy and painful at this stage, it feels like burns and tearing skin all over my body. Almost unbearable. I’ve tried to hide it (when It’s calm I can and have for years) and continue on stubbornly with my commitments for a while now since back when I was on tour in Australia and NZ. However, this past weekend things escalated quickly and I ended up in hospital desperate for relief.. This is what unfortunately led me to having to pull out of my ROH UK tour. I simply need to take care of myself! Happy to say I’ve seen a little improvement since the weekend and fingers crossed It keeps getting better quick now!
Of all the cream, therapies and medicines I tried over the years, including chemotherapy mediation,
incredibly the only thing I found to help was diet and routine. Thankfully this led me to learn about my health and the impacts diet has on the body. My diet is extremely limited right now as I work on improving my gut health, my immune system and eliminating anything that is toxic to me, which is most things right now.. I am back in the fight and I am determined to get this to calm down again by implementing what I have learned. Giving up isn’t an option!

For years growing up I was ashamed, embarrassed and depressed over my appearance. My greatest fear was that I would never achieve my dream of becoming a Professional Wrestler and working with the WWE. But I did it! Today, I stand here as a strong, confident and successful woman that has achieved those impossible dreams and knows that appearance does not change who we are and what we can become.

If you or anyone else you know is going through a hard time please share this, let them know they’re not alone! Believe me, I know its an emotional rollercoaster but it’s important to stay positive and keep fighting because anything is possible”

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