Los Angeles Comic Con teams with Jeanie Buss and David McLane to present WOW Superheroes for AXS TV

Los Angeles Comic Con has teamed with WOW owner Jeanie Buss and WOW founder David McLane to present “WOW Superheroes” for two nights at the Belasco Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. The events will take place Wednesday, October 10th and Thursday, October 11th at 7:30pm local time. This will be taped for AXS TV to be released on their network in early 2019.

WOW World Champion, Santana Garrett, who was also on the previous years Mae Young Classic, will be in attendance alongside 25 other WOW Superheroes.

Los Angeles Comic Con CEO Chris DeMoulin said “Everything pop-culture has a home at the L.A. Comic Con, and we’re co-sponsoring this event because we know our fans will love to see the real-life WOW Superheroes heroines and villains in action live.”

In a quote from WOW founder and matchmaker (and creator of the original GLOW) David McLane: “The Marquee matchups at the Belasco Theatre will include former WOW Champion and fan favourite Jungle Grrrl, the Governor’s Daughter, Abilene Maverick, The All Natural, Khloe Hurtz, who promises to have her Ring Rats fashionably attired for her ring entrance, The Temptress and making her return to WOW from the graveyard, Holidead,” David McLane continues: ” It doesn’t stop there; fans will be captivated with The Beast, an athletic specimen not seen in wrestling before, plus in the WOW ring for the first time, Tbe Mexican Warrior, Azteca and 19-year-old California sensation, Faithy J., who not only battles but also raps with the best of them.”

Tickets are available for both nights at Ticketmaster and the price starts at $25 with a limited number of front row seats priced at $125.

In case you haven’t heard of WOW or not too informed on their product, here is some information about the promotion.

About WOW – Women Of Wrestling

WOW – Women Of Wrestling, the leading women’s professional wrestling organization, is owned by Jeanie Buss in partnership with MGM Studios Television, Digital Group and David McLane. It is the premier organization and content provider for live events and programming featuring women’s professional wrestling. WOW’s empowered women come from all different backgrounds and professions, and are marketed as WOW Superheroes, the main attraction of every WOW presentation. WOW’s current digital ecosystem, also known as “WOW World” consists of it’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel with broadcast on AXS TV starting in 2019. To join the WOW World and further information on the WOW Superheroes, it’s villains and over-the-top characters visit

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