NJPW – G1 Climax 28 – Day 17 – August 10th, 2018

This is the A Block Finals and is headlined by Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada. Also on this show is Jay White vs EVIL.

This show was Live and On-Demand via njpwworld. This and every G1 show has English Commentary with Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero also with Chris Charlton for translations.

As usual, this show begins with tag matches to set up singles matches for the following show.

The show kicks off with the G1 Climax tournament Video Package showing heights and weights of competitors in the tournament. This is a good video package with lots of details.

Toa Henare & Shota Umino vs Ishii & SHO

  • SHO kicks off this first match of the A Block Finals with Shota Umino. With a good bit of double team offence, Ishii and SHO run though Henare & Shota with shoulder tackles. Ishii invites Shota to fight back but it takes him three drop kicks to finally take Ishii down and Shota then tags in Henare. While Ishii and Henare fight at ringside Shota and SHO are legal when SHO hits a big clothesline for a two count, then a deadlift German Suplex with a bridge for the win. Winners SHO & Ishii.

Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa vs Toru Yano & Gedo

  • Neither Toru Yano or Gedo want to get into the ring with the Tongans but the ref starts counting and at 19, they both run in and get jumped by both Tongans. This doesn’t take too long with a couple of brawls at ringside but in the end Tanga Loa pins Gedo with his sit down Piledriver for the win. Winners Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa.

Hirooki Goto & YOH vs Juice Robinson & David Finlay

  • Finlay and YOH kick this off and finlay gets the upper hand early on. Juice has a good showing here against Goto but in the end YOH dives over the top rope onto Juice while Hirooki Goto hit the GTR on David Finlay for the win. Winners Hirooki Goto and YOH.

Zack Sabre Jr & Taka Michinoku vs Tetsuya Naito & Sanada

  • Naito and Sanada fist bump to start this, showing they are back together. Zack decides he doesn’t want to wrestle Naito so he tags out but Naito attacks him anyway. Naito throws ZSK into the barrier at ringside. When Naito was running the ropes ZSJ grabbed Naito’s legs and pulled him out of the ring into a kneebar. This was setting up Zack Sabre Jr vs Tetsuya Naito on the B Block finals tomorrow. In the end Sanada locks in the Skull End on Taka Michinoku for the submission win. Winners Sanada and Tetsuya Naito.

Marty Scurll, Chase Owens & Kota Ibushi vs Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Kenny Omega

  • The fresh guys, Marty and Matt Jackson start this match. Neither man manage to land anything so they tag out to to Kenny and Chase who don’t manage to land anything either so they tag out to Kot a and Nick Jackson who do some great athletic moves but still can’t land a move. Right when it was about to get good with Kenny vs Kota, the Tongans got involved and the match was thrown out as a no contest.

G1 Climax tournament Matches

Togi Makabe vs Michael Elgin

  • This starts off with the power game as Elgin throws around Makabe then some big chops in the corner. After some big boots from big Mike, Togi Makabe makes a comeback with a powerslam, Makabe hit a northern lights suplex and bridge which looked difficult as Elgin nearly landed on his head. After a few minutes of back and forth Makabe goes a spider German Suplex but Elgin fights out and hits a splash mountain powerbomb for a nearfall. They trade strikes until Togi Makabe hits a Death Vally Driver and goes up to the top rope and lands a King Kong Knee Drop for the win. Winner Togi Makabe with 3 wins equalling six points. In this G1 Climax.

Hangman Page vs YOSHI-HASHI

  • Hangman Page starts this off in control with ease as YOSHI-HASHI looks like he’s given up already. Page wears down YOSHI-HASHI who has his shoulder all taped up. YOSHI-HASHI tries chops but they don’t sound or look impressive. Page hits a buckshot lariat for a good nearfall and YOSHI-HASHI barely kicks out. YOSHI-HASHI really didn’t do much until then end where he began to fire then hit his finisher, Karma for the win. Winner YOSHI-HASHI.

Minoru Suzuki vs Bad Luck Fale

  • This starts like their previous match finished, with a brawl. They head to ringside where Fale throws Suzuki into the railings but Suzuki fights back quickly and beats the he’ll out of Fale with hard chair shots and throwing Fale into railings. Minoru Suzuki gets an armbar on Bad Luck Fale until Tanga Loa pulls the referee out of the Ring and jumps Suzuki. Fale pins Suzuki after a splash but Suzuki kicks out. After Suzuki beats up Fale some more, Suzuki goes for a GSP but Tama Tonga runs in and hits a Gun Stun on Minoru Suzuki for a DQ. Winner by disqualification, Minoru Suzuki.

Jay White vs EVIL

  • Jay White needs this win to stay in the hunt to win the block so he starts off quick. Jay suplexs EVIL out of the ring and onto the apron, back first early on. EVIL fights back and and takes it to the outside and throws Jay into the barrier. Back in the ring Jay White hit a low blow but it didn’t lead to the end as EVIL reversed the Bladerunner. After they fight over two chairs as the ref takes them away, EVIL hits the Everything is EVIL for the win. Winner EVIL.

Kazuchika Okada vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

  • After the first few minutes of the feeling out phase Tanahashi starts to target Kazuchika Okada’s knee but Okada turned it around when he hit A Dragon Screw leg whip on Tanahashi. At the ten minute mark Okada had Tanahashi tied up in the ropes when he delivered a dropkick to the knee. Tanahashi made a comeback with a Dragon Screw leg whip of his own. Okada throws Tanahashi into the corner when you can see both guys selling the knee. Okada hits a huge missile dropkick leading him trying another tombstone but Tanahashi reversed into one of his own. At this point Chris Charlton on commentary claims Okada hasn’t been in a G1 Final that he hasn’t won as they begin to strike. Okada goes over the top rope but lands on the apron so Tanahashi drop kicks Okada off the ring and into the barrier by the commentary tables, Tanahashi follows up with a high fly flow from the top rope to the outside. Okada sells then knee as he gets up and Tanahashi brings him back in with two Dragon Screw leg whips. Tanahashi applies the cloverleaf at the 20 minute mark and hits the Styles Clash on Okada and a High Fly Flow but misses. Tanahashi reverses a Rainmaker into a slingblade, as they both slowly get up they start to strike each other again. With three minutes to go Okada tries Rainmaker after Rainmaker but Tanahashi has an answer to it each time, Tanahashi keeps getting nearfall after nearfall. Tanahashi hits a High Fly Flow with 30 seconds left but Okada kicks out, Tanahashi goes for another when the bell rings. The time is up and Hiroshi Tanahashi wins A Block with fifteen points as they draw. Time limit draw.

The points in this G1 Climax tournament at this point.

A Block

  1. Hiroshi Tanahashi15 Points
  2. Kazuchika Okada13 Points
  3. Jay White12 Points
  4. EVIL & Minoru Suzuki10 Points
  5. Bad Luck Fale, Michael Elgin, Togi Makabe, Hangman Page & YOSHI-HASHI6 Points

B Block

  • Kenny Omega – 12
  • Tetsuya Naito – 12
  • Kota Ibushi – 10
  • SANADA – 8
  • Zack Sabre Jr – 10
  • Tomohiro Ishii – 8
  • Tama Tonga – 6
  • Hirooki Goto – 6
  • Juice Robinson – 4
  • Toru Yano – 4

I have results from EVERY NIGHT of the G1 Climax this year and the final three nights, including this show Live so don’t hesitate to bookmark this site. See you for the next night of G1 action here.

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