NJPW – G1 Climax 28 – Day 14 – August 4th, 2018

This show is headlined by Kota Ibushi vs Tetsuya Naito. Also on this show is Kenny Omega vs Tomohiro Ishii.

This show was Live and On-Demand via njpwworld. This and every G1 show has English Commentary with Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero.

As usual, this show begins with tag matches to set up singles matches for the following show.

The show kicks off with the G1 Climax tournament Video Package showing heights and weights of competitors in the tournament. This is a good video package with lots of details.

Bad Luck Fale & Tonga Loa vs YOSHI-HASHI & SHO

  • Not really much was happening in this match so the commentators, Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero start plugging dates for the British J Cup, Rocky mentions that he is booked and Kevin Kelly mentions that his schedule is free and he’d love to be there. Almost out of nowhere Tonga Loa hit SHO with a clothesline and his sit down Piledriver finisher for the win. Winners Bad Luck Fale & Tonga Loa.

Minoru Suzuki & El Desperado vs Hangman Page & Chase Owens

  • It almost feels redundant to say but Suzuki has the best entrance in New Japan Pro Wrestling, it’s great. Chase Owens looks terrified by Suzuki and Suzuki-gun jump Page and Chase before the bell. This starts in the crowd and ringside area with Suzuki choking Page with a wire and Chase being mauled by El Desperado in the ring. Suzuki tags in and chops Chase then allows Chase to try striking but Suzuki hammers Chase a few times and Chase tags out. Hangman looks good here against Suzuki as he is set to face him in the next show. Suzuki chokes Chase Owens with the sleeper then a GSP for the win. Winners Minoru Suzuki and El Desperado.

Switchblade Jay White & YOH vs Togi Makabe & Toa Henare

  • Switchblade is the only real heel in this match and isn’t working well with YOH as YOH wants fight with honour. Jay White had another spot in this match where he tries to take out English Commentary by shoving Henare into the barrier in front of the table.in the end Jay White pins Henare with the Bladerunner. Winners Switchblade Jay White and YOH.

Michael Elgin & David Finlay vs Hiroshi Tanahashi & Shota Umino

  • This is setting up the singles match between Tanahashi and Elgin, this is also the first time Shota Umino has tagged with Hiroshi Tanahashi. Both Tanahashi and Elgin have similar injuries to their biceps and are both wrapped up, Elgin also has a knee injury which Tanahashi targets in this match. Elgin stops a Boston Crap by Umino to Finlay by forearming him and chopping him across the chest, sending Shota flying backwards. Elgin goes out of the ring to fight Tanahashi leaving Shota and Finlay legal. Finlay hits a Stunner on Shota for the win, good tag match. Winners Michael Elgin and David Finlay.

EVIL & BUSHI vs Kazuchika Okada & Gedo

  • BUSHI and Gedo start off but when Gedo starts going for BUSHI’s mask and EVIL grabs his beard, they target the beard for a few minutes. EVIL tags in first but a minute or two later Okada tags in. This is obviously setting up Okada vs EVIL for the next A Block show. At the end EVIL reversed a Rainmaker into one of his own, leaving Okada down and unable to stop BUSHI pinning Gedo for the win. Winners EVIL & BUSHI.

G1 Climax tournament Matches

Sanada vs Toru Yano

  • Sanada came out first but Yano jumped Sanada on the ramp, before his entrance. This started with Yano taping Sanada’s legs together and the referee counts down, Sanada had to hop down the ramp and got in at 19. This was a full comedy match that finished when Sanada out Yano in a paradise lock outside the ring and nearly got a count out but Yano was calling for Rocky Romero so Rocky pushed Yano to his side. Yano got in the ring at 18 and Sanada seemed pissed at Rocky who held his hands up. Sanada the broke a barrier from in front of the fans and put Yano in a Paradise Lock on the barrier then taped to the barrier to ring post and tied up Rocky Romero in a Paradise Lock too. Winner, Sanada by countout.

Tama Tonga W Tonga Loa vs Hirooki Goto

  • It doesn’t take very long for Tonga Loa to get involved as he shoves HirookiGoto off the top rope and to the floor, Tama follows him to continue the attack. Tama Tonga targets the knee of Hirooki Goto but Goto is tough and fights back with his “Warrior Spirit.” The ref takes a bump and Tonga Loa gets involved but Goto fights him off and in a tangled web of reversals and misdirection, Goto drops Tama on his neck across Goto’s knee and a GTR as Bad Luck Fale pulls the ref out the ring. This finish was kind of botched as someone rang the bell when the ref was pulled out but they shouldn’t have, the Bullet Club bring down Red Shoes to count the pin but he gives them the middle finger and throws the match out. Winner by disqualification, Hirooki Goto.

Zack Sabre Jr vs Juice Robinson

  • This starts with technical wrestling and Zack wins that battle but when it moves to striking, Juice takes over with huge chops and forearms. Zack, having had enough of striking, decides to target the injured arm of Juice. Zack was clinging on to Juice throughout this match, holding on th front with a double wrist lock or on his back with a sleeper but Zack kept going back to the arm. Juice was eventually strong enough to hit Zack with a suplex and a Juice Box for a nearfall. This match is very difficult to put into words due to the imagination on Zack Sabre Jr and his submissions. Juice eventually submits to ZSJ with his arms behind his back, wrapped up in Zack’s legs while Zack folded Juice in half. Winner Zack Sabre Jr.

Kenny Omega vs Tomohiro Ishii

  • This starts off with Kenny Omega not taking Ishii seriously by slapping him across the head and trying to wind him up. Ishii no sells everything and chops Kenny back into the corner. Lots of back and forth with Ishii trying to not sell certain things but Kenny goes for the eyes and DDTs Ishii and stands him right in his head, Kenny follows up with the “You Can’t Escape.” After stretching Ishii, Ishii sits on the mat and smiles as Kenny kicks him in the head and back. Ishii nearly botched a powerbomb but Kenny saved it and hopped off, Kenny then hit a snap rana which sent Ishii outside. Kenny then hit a huge Rise of the Terminator to Ishii but holds his heel after. Back in the ring they trade strikes but Ishii will not sell it. Ishii’s gimmick is that no matter how much it hurts, he won’t sell it in front of the other wrestler. It will hurt but Ishii won’t sell it until his opponent is down first and I love that. At some point Omega’s mouth was cut and he was spitting out blood, Ishii took a good hard looking knees but Ishii wouldn’t give up. An amazing sequence with clotheslines, V-Triggers, and snap dragons from both guys. Kenny hits a springboard double stomp to the outside and a dropkick from the top rope to the back of Ishii’s head and Ishii is bleeding from the mouth too. This match was another level of incredible, GO WATCH THIS MATCH! Ishii hits a huge Brainbuster on Kenny Omega and pins him to beat the champion. Kenny’s lip was hanging off and blood was pouring from the mouth. Winner Tomohiro Ishii.

Kota Ibushi vs Tetsuya Naito

  • These two feel each other out with wrist locks and some wrestling but the speed picks up and Naito rolls down into his Tranquillo pose then rolls out of the ring. On the outside, Ibushi follows Naito but ends it being thrown over the announce tables, Naito rolls in the ring and lays down waiting for the count. Naito starts to target the knee of Ibushi but Ibushi reversed a running dropkick to knee into a double stomp. Kota starts to make a comeback as the crowd turn on Naito and he shows them no respect. Ibushi tries to deadlift German suplex Naito into the ring from the apron but he stops it and sweeps the legs out from Ibushi and he lands on his head. Naito gets Ibushi in a figure four to target the knee but Ibushi goes wide-eyed and starts slapping Naito but when Naito puts the pressure on the legs, Kota has to get to the ropes. Naito drops Kota on his head repeatedly but when trys to back off Naito to check on Kota, Naito picks up Kota by his hair. At the 20 minute mark Kota Ibushi is looking for a Piledriver from the second rope but Naito reversed it into a “Super reverse Rana” as Kevin Kelly called it but Kota landed on his feet in an incredible show of agility. Moments later, Ibushi got the deadlift German suplex on his second try to Naito and Naito landed right on his head and folded his head into his chest for a second. Naito kicked out at two and Kota sat up, mouth covered in blood. Kota gets a great nearfall after with a last ride powerbomb. After a few reversals Naito hit a brutal looking Destino but Kota kicked out. Naito goes for another Destino but Kota stops the rotation and drops Naito right in the top his head, this should not be understated, right on the top of his head. Kota follows this up with a Kinshasa to Naito for a two count, Naito tries to get up and falls down. Kota hits a Kamigoye to win this match. Winner Kota Ibushi.

The points in this G1 Climax tournament at this point.

A Block

  • Hiroshi Tanahashi – 12
  • Jay White – 10
  • Kazuchika Okada – 10
  • EVIL – 8
  • Minoru Suzuki – 8
  • Bad Luck Fale – 6
  • Michael Elgin – 6
  • Togi Makabe – 4
  • Hangman Page – 4

B Block

  • Kenny Omega – 12
  • Tetsuya Naito – 10
  • Kota Ibushi – 10
  • SANADA – 8
  • Zack Sabre Jr – 8
  • Tomohiro Ishii – 6
  • Tama Tonga – 4
  • Hirooki Goto – 6
  • Juice Robinson – 4
  • Toru Yano – 2

I will have results from EVERY NIGHT of the G1 Climax this year so don’t hesitate to bookmark this site. See you for the next night of G1 action here.

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