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Cody replies to fan who has ALL IN ticket but can’t afford flights and hotel

Today, July 30th, Cody replied to a fan named Josh O’Neill on Twitter who claimed to have bought a ticket to the All In event but is devastated that he now cannot afford the flights or accommodation.

This event is happening on September 1st in Chicago and will be available to stream but it is still to be announced on which platform. This event is the largest independent wrestling show in America in years and is being funded by Cody, Matt & Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks.

Here is the original tweet that Josh sent to Cody:

It only took Cody 5 minutes or so to respond to Josh and he simply responds with “What’s your budget to get there & your PayPal?”

About 40 minutes after the original tweet was sent by Josh, Cody replied with this:

Wrestling Twitter has responded highly with responses from One Hour Tees & Mike Johnson of PW Insider.

Ten minutes later, Josh simply tweeted “Oh my god…”

And later responds to all three promoters of the All In event, Cody, Matt & Nick Jackson with this tweet:

Cody really made this fans day and probably more, this is wonderfully nice act from Cody and this fan is sure to have the time of his life in Chicago.

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