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WOS Wrestling – Episode 1 – July 28, 2018

World Of Sport Wrestling returned to British television today since the New Year’s special on December 31st, 2016. Before the New Year’s special on ITV, WOS Wrestling had been off British television since September 28, 1985.

In the last few years, the British wrestling scene has been booming with British Wrestling stars showing up for top promotions around the world from WWE, Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling to name just a few.

With the new interest in British Wrestling this has prompted television companies to reinstate professional wrestling as once again a strong part of British television programming.

Today, July 28th, 2018 at 5pm marks the full time return of the World Of Sport brand to ITV and STV and into British homes with a new look, new faces and a all new feel.

It has been confirmed by ITV that this series will be a ten parter and this week, July 28th was episode 1.

This show started with the voice of Stu Bennett welcoming us to “WOS Wrestling” dubbed over the video package showing us what to come on WOS Wrestling.

The show starts with Alex Shane and SoCalVal on Commentary welcoming us to WOS Wrestling and introducing us to “Our new WOS executive” Stu Bennett who had a few things to say as he made his way to the ring. Stu Bennett, when he got in the ring, said: “Ladies and gentlemen arounf the world, Welcome to WOS Wrestling. This is a dwn of a new era, this is the day British Professional Wrestling gets put back on the global map.” Moments later, when talking about clowns and professional buffoons, he was interrupted by Grado. Grado claims Stu Bennett thinks he’s a clown, he says he doesn’t go to the gym but he does walk his dog, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. To me Grado is the British version of Toru Yano and he seems to be over, people seem to like him, but me, I’d like to see him get shown up for not trying or seeming to not care about wrestling. Stu Bennett set up a 5 man elimination match for tonight and the winner would face the undeserving, joker of a heavyweight champion Grado in the main event. The competitors were brought out onto the stage, all to the same music. They were Rampage Brown, Adam Maxted, Sha Samuels, Justin Sysum and Crater.

5 Man Elimination Match – Rampage vs Adam Maxted vs Sha Samuels vs Justin Sysum vs Crater

  • All five guys came out at the same time and just started walking to the ring together, very weird. Three made it into the ring before attacking each other, while Crater beat up Maxted at ringside. The first match in this new series started and was officially underway. Sha Samuels, Rampage and Jusin Sysum start in the ring. The very large man called Crater came in the ring and ran through both Sha Samuels and Rampage, they replayed this which I also found strange as it wasn’t very impressive. This was some simple wrestling with good storytelling as Referee Steve Lynskey Disqualified Crater for standing on Justin Sysum’s back while he laid across the ropes for a 5 count, this came out of nowhere for me. Rampage and Sha Samuels got heat on Justin Sysum while Adam Maxted sold his back for a long time. Justin Sysum dodged offence from Rampage and rolled up Sha to eliminate him. Rampage, Justin Sysum and Adam Maxted was left in the match. Sysum goes for a dive on Adam Maxted but nearly completely misses but Maxted sells it anyway, both guys are down. Referee Steve Lynskey counted to ten and called for the bell as Justin Sysum got in at 8 but behind his back Sha Samuels rolled Rampage back in the ring. The bell seemed to sound at 9, which was strange but the Stu Bennett called the ref out for making a mistake and makes a three way match for the WOS Championship tonight with Justin Sysum and Rampage taking on the Champ, Grado.

After the first break Stu Bennett stated that “This is Sports Entertainment, my wrestlers are trained athletes. Injuries do happen, please don’t try this at home.” This is the only other company in the world apart from the WWE that call wrestling “Sports Entertainment” and I hate it. Sports is entertainment and Wrestling is wrestling.

Back from the break, commentator Alex Shane recaps the main event triple threat match. Grado(c) vs Rampage vs Justin Sysum. And we move to the next match.

Will Ospreay vs Davey Boy Smith Jr(The British Bulldog Jr)

  • First thing I notice is that the camera team is not used to filming wrestling as they miss moves and DBS Jr runs into a Camera man. The replays also show weird angles and show you half of the moves they are tying to recap. DBS Jr does a couple body slams which the crowd pop for, Bulldog then kicks the leg of Ospreay and they show the crowd cowering at the sight of a kick to the back of the knee. DBS Jr works the leg for a bit but Will hits him with a standing corkscrew Moonsalt but moments later DBS Jr hit Ospreay with a delayed German Suplex for a two count. Will comes back with a one man Spanish fly as Bulldog comes off the ropes, Stu Bennett calls it a Exploder Suplex. DBS Jr reversed a 450 from the top by Will and hits a Saito suplex which none of the commentators knew what it was. Will Ospreay goes for a Cheeky Nandos kick but they have to change the name for TV so Alex Shane called it a “Cheeky Fanandos Kick” and Will went for a springboard bit was caught and powerslamed from the second rope for the win. Winner Davey Boy Smith Jr, The British Bulldog Jr.

Backstage we have our interviewer, Rachel Stringer who spoke about the Tag Team Championships and tournament, she spoke to Iestyn Rees and Kip Sabian, they said they are not one of the teams challenging for the belts but rather the team that will win them.

Back from another break we get Grado telling us that this is Sports Entertainment. This has to be why WWE seems threatened by this show.

Martin Kirby & Joe Hendry vs Iestyn Rees and Kip Sabian

  • I keep noticing that this is very heavily edited, one point Kirby rages out and with one camera cut he goes from in the ring being counted down to on the apron. The camera angles and cuts on this show could definitely use some work as I keep noticing things every few minutes. Also a big difference in this show compared to other wrestling is the rules are adhered to and if a wrestler goes one second over the count, it’s a DQ. Kip and Iestyn Rees get the heat on Hendry with simple moves such as drop toes holds, slams and elbows. Hendry gets a roll up for a nearfall but Kip kicks out and Hendry goes flying into his own partner, the commentators claimed dissension which is kind of ridiculous at such an early stage of a match, especially the way it happened. Hendry eventually got to his partner for a tag but Martin Kirby jumps off the apron and starts saying the Hendry wants to win on his own and he’ll do it all by himself. I feel like something important was cut from this match as the angle seemed to come along very quickly. Kirby walked off, leaving Hendry to fight alone and Hendry even deliverers a fall away slam on both guys. Hendry gets an ankle lock on Iestyn Rees when Kip Sabian comes off the top rope with a dropkick. Iestyn picks up Hendry for a powerbomb, Kip tags in and deliverers a neck breaker at the same time Iestyn hits the powerbomb. Kip pins Joe Hendry with a double team move. Winner and advancing in the tag team tournament, Kip Sabian & Iestyn Rees.

Grado(c) vs Rampage vs Justin Sysum

  • Rampage comes to the ring with Sha Samuels, CJ Banks and very generic music. Second down and in a cape was Jusin Sysum. Grado comes out dancing and gets fist bumps from kids in the crowd. Crowd shots used here seem to be form different parts of the show as they don’t match what is happening. Grado just does comedy wrestling and is far from an athlete which could make the belt and entire show look weak with a Grado win. Grado hits a nice looking cutter on Rampage but Justin Sysum broke up the pin then Justin Sysum hit a great looking 450 splash but Rampage throws Justin Sysum out the ring and hits Grado with a big implant DDT for the win and New WOS champion. The crowd didn’t really react to the win and tg e finish came across a bit flat but all in all a good match. Winner and New WOS Champion, Rampage.

Over all a good fun hour of British Wrestling, it’s not the best available but it’s available to the most people possible which can be a good thing. I like the simplicity of the show and how wrestlers sold more and most moves used or shown on this episode were very simple moves by the most part. It’s good to keep things simple. Some growing pains here like camera work and editing but that should all come with time.

Good episode, I’d give it a thumbs up but with a lot of room for improvement in production. Wrestling was fun and I look forward to seeing the women fight for a new WOS women’s championship nect week.

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