NJPW – G1 Climax 28 – Day 10 – July 28th, 2018

On night Ten of this year’s G1 Climax tournament we have another night of B Block action, headlined by Kenny Omega vs Sanada, also on this show is Hirooki Goto vs Tetsuya Naito and more.

This show will be Live on njpwworld with English Commentary from Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero.

As usual, this show has tag matches to set up singles matches for the following A Block show.

This show started with the G1 Climax tournament Video Package and Kevin Kelly introduced the show with the line “We are over half way to the finish.” This tournament will finish on Day 19 and today is Day 10.

Bad Luck Fale & Tonga Loa vs Togi Makabe & Henare

  • A fast start for the Tongans as Makabe and Fale fight at ringside and Henare takes on Tonga Loa in the ring. Henare is still young in his NJPW Career but I see big potential in him. Fake gets in the ring and gets some heat on Henare when he forearms Togi Makabe off the apron. Henare gets a tag to Togi Makabe who takes on Fale immediately, these two will face in two days in A Block action and are both on 4 points. Henare hits a top rope shoulder tackle for a two count that Fake broke up. Togi Makabe and Fale fight to ringside while Tonga Loa drops Henare on his head then hits his finisher, a sit down Piledriver for the win. Winners Bad Luck Fale & Tonga Loa.

Hangman Page & Chase Owens vs Switchblade Jay White & YOH

  • Hangman Page has been looking very good in this tournament, even while not picking up many wins I feel Page is more over with the Japanese crowds now than before the start of the G1 Climax tournament. Hangman is facing Jay White in A Block action in two days, Hangman only has two points while Jay will go into that match with six points. YOH starts the match against Chase Owens but Jay jumps in straight away and took out Chase, throwing him against the barrier. YOH doesn’t seem happy with Jay White’s ways and tags out shaking his head. Hangman finally tags in from the injured Chase. Jay reverses Hangman offence into a snap Saito suplex and tags YOH. Jay throws Chase into the barrier again while Page an YOH fight in the ring. Hangman Page hits YOH with the “Right Of Passage”, a Kneeling reverse tombstone, for the win. Winners Hangman Page and Chase Owens.

Minoru Suzuki & El Desperado vs BUSHI & EVIL

  • Suzuki-gun jump LIJ, BUSHI & EVIL before the bell and take the fight into the crowd and past the announce teams as Rocky Romero runs from Suzuki. At this early point all four guys were fight in the crowd. Back in the ring Suzuki and El Desperado get the heat on BUSHI for a few minutes while EVIL is down, outside, but then BUSHI tags out. EVIL and Suzuki start a striking battle in the ring as Suzuki no sold and laughed. EVIL will go into his next match against Suzuki with 8 points while Suzuki has 6. Suzuki being himself, looked to enjoy the strikes that EVIL was delivering. EVIL gets a tag to BUSHI who makes a good comeback but is put in the sleeper by Suzuki and given a GSP in front of his tag partner, EVIL. Winners Suzuki and El Desperado.

Shota Umino & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs YOSHI-HASHI & SHO

  • Every time I see YOSHI-HASHI making his entrance I feel he either looks scared, lost or both. YOSHI-HASHI looks like a scared lost boy who’s realised he’s got himself into trouble more than he can cope with. On the completely other hand, I could watch Tanahashi interact with fans all day, he’s such a superstar. Tanahashi works very hard at the beginning of this match to make YOSHI-HASHI look good but then tags to Shota. SHO looks great as always and Rocky Romero says that SHO is competing in a bodybuilding competition soon. Shota looks much improved in this match and SHO’s striking looks very crisp. Shota kicks out of a power slam for a good nearfall but SHO wins seconds later with a bridging German Suplex. Winners SHO & YOSHI-HASHI.

Michael Elgin & David Finlay vs Kazuchika Okada & Gedo

  • Gedo and Finlay start this one off with Gedo grabbing the hair of Finlay but Finlay reversed by grabbing the beard of Gedo and tagging in Elgin. Elgin and Kazuchika Okada go at it hard with strikes, suplexs and power slams, giving us a preview of the singles match they will have in two days. Tge announcers comment that Elgin’s injured arm might not play a part in his next match as it’s not causing him issues, this is probably because Elgin isn’t the best at selling an injury from day today. This was fun but in the end Finlay pinned Gedo with a Stunner.

G1 Climax tournament Matches

Zack Sabre Jr vs Tama Tonga

  • Zack has Taka Michinoku in his corner while Tama Tonga has Tonga Loa in his corner. Zack is one of my favourites in this tournament, not necessarily to win but I just enjoy watching him. A confident Zack Sabre Jr comes out first with his hype man, Taka Michinoku. Taka tied to disrupt Tama in the ring so Tama chased Taka into a clothesline from Tonga Loa, Zack took out Tonga Loa with a European Uppercut from the apron to the floor. This was a match of reversals and started getting really good with Zack tying up Tama but just before the submission victory, Bad Luck Fale came out and gave Zack the Grenade Chokeslam for a disqualification. Winner with another two points, Zack Sabre Jr.

Toru Yano vs Juice Robinson

  • Juice has Zero points going into this match and has said that if he loses every match he will hand the US Heavyweight Championshipback and quit. Yano tries to tape Juice’s hand to the railing at ringside. When the referee tried to stop Yano, Yano pushed tg e referee and told him to shut up. Yano takes two turnbuckle pads off and they both fight using them, Juice picks up Yano for an extended airplane spin which they both sold by falling around the ring. Juice went for a Pulp Friction which Yano reversed and they both spun around in a circle then Juice hit the Pulp Friction for the win. Winner with his first 2 points, Juice Robinson.

Kota Ibushi vs Tomohiro Ishii

  • This started with some heavy strikes with Ishii coming out on top until Ibushi used his speed and athleticism with Moonsalts and flips. They fight into the crowd and Ibushi stands on the balcony and gets the crowd to cheer along while he Moonsalts off the balcony onto Ishii in the dark, this was insane. Both men absolutely beat the hell out of each other with forearms, chops, punches, headbutts, clotheslines and powerbombs. Both guys hit last ride powerbombs on one another. This was a war with both hitting huge strikes at the end until Kota Ibushi hit the Kamigoye for the win. Ibushi has two more points and a huge win over Ishii. Winner Kota Ibushi.

Hirooki Goto vs Tetsuya Naito

  • This started fast with Naito trying his signature spots but Goto not allowing him early. Goto had the strength and power advantage over Naito but Naito doesn’t let that get to him as he is always Tranquillo and has the speed advantage. Not much brawling by ringside in this match and no interference from LIJ or CHAOS, this was a very good match and they told the story without having to rely on gimmicks or interference. Goto kicked out of a Destino when Naito picked him back up and him another for the win. Winner Tetsuya Naito.

Kenny Omega vs Sanada

  • The crowd sounds more in favour of Sanada at the beginning of this match but Kenny gets the upper hand. Sanada starts to get an advantage when Kenny dropkicked Sanada’s leg, starting targeted offence on Sanada’s leg. Omega goes for the “You Can’t Escape” but Sanada put his knees up on the moonsalt but hurt his own knee. Omega hits his Rise of the Terminator but a few minutes later, back in the ring Sanada goes for his signature springboard dropkick but Omega catches him in a powerbomb for a great nearfall. At the end of this match both guys reversed everything the other could through at them but Omega was too much for Sanada as he won with a One Winged Angel. Winner, and leading the B Block, Kenny Omega.

The points in this G1 Climax tournament at this point.

A Block

  • Jay White – 6
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi – 8
  • Michael Elgin – 4
  • Hangman Page – 2
  • Togi Makabe – 4
  • Kazuchika Okada – 6
  • Minoru Suzuki – 6
  • EVIL – 8
  • Bad Luck Fale – 4

B Block

  • Tomohiro Ishii – 4
  • Tama Tonga – 2
  • Hirooki Goto – 4
  • Kenny Omega – 10
  • Kota Ibushi –6
  • Toru Yano – 2
  • Juice Robinson – 2
  • Sanada – 6
  • Zack Sabre Jr – 6
  • Tetsuya Naito – 8

I will have results from EVERY NIGHT of the G1 Climax this year so don’t hesitate to bookmark this site. See you for the next night of G1 action here.

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