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Ring Of Honor – Honor For All – Live Blog – July 20th, 2018

Tonight’s Ring of Honor show is Live from Nashville, TN and is available on FiteTV and Honor Club LIVE and in replay. To see the announced matches, Click Here

We kick off the show with announcers, Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni announcing the matches for tonight before a Scorpio Sky promo talking about Punishment Martinez. Punishment cuts a promo on Scorpio Sky, then we go to their match.

ROH World TV Championship Match – Scorpio Sky vs Punishment Martinez

  • Official ring announcements take place then the ref holds the belt up to show it’s a ROH TV Championship match. Sky starts this with a running kick to the face of Punishment Martinez. After a few minutes, Punishment Martinez takes over with an obvious power advantage. Punishment Martinez hits his signature falcon arrow, where he throws his opponent across the ring, looks impressive but it doesn’t ever get a nearfall. Sky makes a comeback with the speed advantage on Martinez. Scorpio Sky got a good nearfall and after Punishment rolls out to the apron and that’s where Martinez takes over. Moments later, Punishment Martinez hit a massive South Of Heaven Chokeslam for the win. Winner, and Still the ROH TV Champion, Punishment Martinez.

Proving Ground Match – Karen Q vs Sumie Sukai

  • In this match Karen Q is trying to earn a championship shot against the first and only WOH Champion Sumie Sukai. Sumie has really good charisma and connects with the crowd very well, they really like her. Karen Q looks really good in this match and surly has to be in contention for a title match with a win here or not. These two work well together and I wish we had more singles matches in the WOH division. Karen Q hits a bucklebomb and a Samoan drop for a good nearfall. Karen Q rolled out the ring and picked up a chair, she throws the chair in the ring and when the ref takes the chair, Karen Q throws the belt at Sumie and tried to get Sumie disqualified but it didn’t work and Sumie rolled up Karen for the win. Winner Sumie Sukai.

Four Corner Survival Match – Shane Taylor vs Kenny King vs Jonathan Gresham vs Chris Sabin

  • In this match two men stand on the outside like a tag match and two guys start. The two guys that started were Jonathan Gresham and Chris Sabin. Gresham and Sabin have some great back and forth wrestling and even seem evenly matched. They then shake hands and tag out. This is a very heated match with a great crowd. Lots of fast action and double team moves from all different teams in the match. In the end the octopus, Jonathan Gresham dove onto the back of Shane Taylor who just took everyone out at ringside. Gresham landed on Shane Taylor’s back and clinched in the sleeper, Taylor got in the Ring with Gresham on his back he tried to drop onto his back but Gresham held on and got the referee stoppage. Winner Jonathan Gresham.

Bully Ray vs Chuckie T

  • Bully Ray came out to no music, only boos and people shouting at him. Say what you want about the Bully Ray segments on recent shows, this man knows how to get heat. Bully gets the mic tells Chuckie T that he doesn’t have a problem with Bully Ray and he sounds as nice as he can. Chuckie says he Thinks Bully is a “Jackass” and he can shove those nice things he said up his “fat ass”. This starts off fast but very quickly Bully shoves referre Todd Sinclair and then kicks Chuckie T in the balls for a DQ. After that he attacks Chuckie T with his chain. Colt Cabana runs down to make the save but Bully attacks him with the chain. Then Beretta runs down to make a return and a save. Bully leaves and Chuckie T and Beretta look at each other and hug. Looks like the Best Friends are back together.

The Dawgs, Beer City Bruiser & Silas Young vs Cheeseburger, Eli Isom, Ryan Nova and FR Josie

  • Cheeseburger is obviously the most experienced guy on his team and I’ve nmnot seen any matches from the other three guys on his team. The fans love this match and Cheeseburger, again, good crowd tonight. Silas Young powerbombed FR Josie and the BSB jumped off the second rope for the win. Winners, Beer City Bruiser, Silas Young and the Dawgs.

Matt Taven Vinnie Marseglia vs Marty Scurll

  • Matt Taven came out and said he is the uncrowd ROH champ and he wouldn’t wrestle tonight but instead we would get Vinnie Marseglia vs The Villain. Marty gets a great response from this Nashville crowd, like most crowds. The bell sounds and these two wrestle and Marty gets the upper hand early. This was a very good match, like most Scurll matches but not much to say it finished with Marty submitting Vinnie Marseglia with the crossface chicken wing. After the match Matt Taven attacked Marty with Vinnie Marseglia and Cody came down to help him. This turned into a match as TK O’Ryan came down to help fellow Kingdom members. Winner Marty Scurll.

Cody vs TK O’Ryan

The fans loved Cody in this as he played to the crowd. Burnard took a bump again in this match and TK O’Ryan called Brandi in the ring which distracted the referee and TK picked up the belt and hit kodi over the head for a really good nearfall and when Cody kicked out the whole place popped loud. Cody hits a Crossrhodes for the win. Winner Cody.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match – Flip Gordon vs Nick Aldis

  • Flip comes out first as Cody is on Commentary with Ian Riccaboni. After the official ring announcements these two wrestle and Flip shows he can hang with a wrestler of the quality of Nick Aldis. Aldis takes charge and throws Flip around the ring. Aldis wears Gordon down with headlocks and other submissions until Aldis tried to go to the top rope and Flip hits a kick that he calls Kinder Suprise, named after a chocolate egg. Aldis spills to the outside but Flip brings it back in the ring and Flip goes for a submission win of his own with a crossface. Nick Aldis gets the pin on Flip after an elbow drop from the top rope but Flip got his foot on the bottom rope. After a Dusty style finish, this match was restarted. The crowd totally bought that Flip had lost and they were going crazy. When the match restarted the fans were so loud. The fans wanted nothing more than too see Flip win. Nick Aldis hits Flip with two huge powerbombs but instead of pinning him, turns Flip over and locks in the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf until Flip passed out and the referee stopped the match. Winner, And Still the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis by ref stoppage. Cody and Nick Aldis helped Flip up and shook his hand, Flip was taking in the moment until Bully Ray run down and lowblowed Flip shouting “Do you know who I am?” Bully chased Caprise Coleman and Ian Riccaboni away from commentary and the next match started.

The Addiction vs The Young Bucks vs The Briscoes

  • The Addiction made their entrance as the commentary team made their way back to the headsets. The Briscoes came out second, followed by The Young Bucks. This is a non-title match. Daniels starts with Mark Briscoe until Kazarian tags Daniels and the double team Mark. Nick Jackson marks a tag and a “Young Bucks” chant breaks out. The Briscoes jump everyone but the Young Bucks fight back. Lots of fan interaction in this match with cheers and chants. The Briscoes take over for a few minutes which slows the match down a little until we get some classic Young Bucks spots. The action gets “hot and heavy” as Ian Riccaboni says with all guys in the ring when they want, sometimes there barley looks like enough room for them all. Lots of back and forth with all three teams, in and out the ring. Lots of Superkicks. Good nearfall as Jay Briscoe hits the Jaydriller and Mark Briscoe hits the Froggybow but everyone falls on the pin. Lots of dives follow this with Nick Jackson flipping on everyone. The Bucks win with a Meltzer Driver on Mark Briscoe. Winners The Young Bucks.

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