Japanese Wrestling

AWIPOD Strong Style – NJPW – G1USA & G1CLIMAX Podcast

I recorded a second podcast with PylesClash for AWIPOD talking about the New Japan G1 USA Special from the Cow Palace in San Francisco and the G1 Climax tournament coming later this month.

I really enjoy these chats about NJPW and I feel we could talk all day. We started trying to cover the tournament by talking about our favourite matches but once we got started it was difficult to stop. We also talk Block Winners and the possibility of the final on August 12th. This is a good listen and is available on iTunes and all good podcast apps by subscribing to AWIPOD.

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You can also read my coverage of the NJPW G1USA Special by Clicking Here and follow along with all the matches on we’re talking about on the G1 Climax tournament by Clicking Here.

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