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Nick Aldis to defend NWA World Championship at ROH Honor For All

In a video earlier today released on YouTube by NWA, The NWA World Champion Nick Aldis was given an envelope with his next challenger, date and place.

It was revealed at about the 13:20 mark in the video who the opponent would be and the time and place was revealed moments later in a graphic.

Aldis opens the envelope, laughs and says “I should have seen this coming”. After a pause Aldis says “looks like Billy and Ring Of Honor have played Cody and I for fools” and goes on to say “Cause it says here I’m defending my NWA Worlds heavyweight wrestling championship, *Sigh* against Flip Gordon”. Nick Aldis then walks away and we get the graphic announcing that this match will take place at ROH Honor For All.

This is interesting as Cody has been trying to get the NWA World Championship on the ALL IN show but up until this point has refused to book Flip. If Flip can win this championship at Honor For All then Cody might not have a choice but to book Flip Gordon for ALL IN.

If Flip did win at Honor For All, Nick Aldis could still be booked for ALL IN if they decide to tell the story of Nick Aldis demanding a rematch and having a triple threat at ALL IN with Cody and Nick Aldis challenging Flip Gordon for the prestigious championship.

As noted in a Previous Post, ROH Honor For All will be Live on Honor Club and FiteTV on July 20th at 7:30pm CDT. You can view the four previously announced matches by Clicking Here.

Here is the YouTube video announcing this upcoming match.

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