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WOS Wrestling announcements update

On July 1st the official WOS Wrestling Twitter account released a video announcing that wrestling will indeed return to British television.

The belief is that this will start this month and run for 13 weeks, the WOS Wrestling show will also be airing on Saturdays.

The video starts with clips of male and female wrestlers getting ready backstage and a voice over of Stu Bennett, formerly known as Wade Barrett, saying “Welcome to WOS Wrestling”. Throughout the build for this new series I have not heard it officially called “World Of Sport” but rather “WOS Wrestling” so I don’t know if we’ve seen the end of one brand and the birth of another or just simply wording.

Here is the video.

After the video was released the Offical WOS Wrestling Twitter account started tweeting graphics, officially announcing individual wrestlers.

The first wrestler WOS Wrestling officially announced for the up coming series was Adam Maxted

The second wrestler announced for WOS Wrestling this month was Davey Boy Smith Jr, the Son of The British Bulldog and one half of the tag team known as Killer Elite Squad with Lance Archer. Lance Archer is not announced for WOS Wrestling and nor do I think he will be unfortunately.

The third announced star for the WOS Wrestling show was Kay Lee Ray from Scotland and known to some for being in WWE’s Mae Young Classic but also a very hot Indy star around the world.

The fourth competitor announced on Twitter by WOS Wrestling was ‘The Prestigious One’ Joe Hendry. Joe Hendry is most well known for his work in What Culture Pro Wrestling, ICW and is currently signed to IMAPCT. Joe is also signed to be in the next ROH UK Tour entitled ‘HONOR RE-UNITED

The fifth announcee was “Executive and Commentator” Stu Bennett. Most will know Stu for his work as Wade Barrett or ‘Bad News’ Barrett in WWE. In his role as ‘Bad News’ in the WWE I think he showed he had what it took to keep people’s attention with his promos and I feel this role in WOS Wrestling is perfect for him.

Joining Stu at the commentary desk will be So Cal Val. I’ve seen Val in person at shows and she’s always been good on the Mic as far as I’ve seen, I’m sure this’ll be no different.

Joining Stu and So Cal Val on the commentary team will be Alex Shane as announced by WOS Wrestling.

More recently, WOS Wrestling announced Martin Kirby to the list of wrestlers officially announced for this month’s return of WOS

The final announcement that WOS Wrestling made was world-wide wrestling star, Will Ospreay. Ospreay has wrestled for RPW and Progress in England, New Japan Pro Wrestling and ROH amongst many others. Will has been wrestling locally since 2012 and is one of the biggest stars on the UK scene right now.

That is all ITV or WOS Wrestling have officially announced so far. Thanks for reading this and don’t forget to follow this site via Email below
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