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EVOLVE 107 – June 24th – Live Blog

EVOLVE 106 was last night and I have results if you haven’t seen those(Click Here for EVOLVE 106 results) but tonight is EVOLVE 107 from Melrose, MA.

Josh Briggs vs Dominic Garrini W/ Stokely Hathaway

Josh Briggs made his entrance first then Garrini came out with Stokely Hathaway. Josh started match fast and seemed to catch Dom Garrini by suprise. Dom inevitably made a comeback, German suplexing Brigg into the corner. After a few minutes of heat on Josh Briggs, Josh fought back with a big boot in the corner m, shouting “I don’t like you” at Dominic Garrini. Dominic Garrini was trying to get the win with an arm bar and/or a guillotine choke but Briggs powered out and chokeslamed Dom on his(Josh Briggs) knees. After the match Stokely Hathaway offered Josh a contract to be represented by Stokely Hathaway. Josh Briggs takes the contract, pushes past Hathaway and leaves. Josh looks at the contract in his hand on his way out. Winner, Josh Briggs.

Adrian Atlantis vs King

Adrian Atlantis with AR Fox, Ayla and The Skulk came out and the music stopped and this really loud, high pitched sound started playing. We were later told it was a fault and it was going on for a long time. The Skulk tried to sing loud and “party” in the ring while this noise or alarm was still going on. When it finally stopped it got a huge pop, mainly from AR Fox and The Skulk. Then we found out who Adrian would face. They joke that his opponent “pulled the alarm”. His opponent was “King” who was making a debut and had no music or graphic, he just came out of nowhere. This was a short match with some back and forth. Both guys looked good and they shook hands after the match, nice touch. Adrian Atlantis won this match via roll up after some good wrestling between the two. After the match AR Fox cut a promo on Matt Riddle, who AR Fox is facing tonight. The Skulk chanted “new champ” while the crowd chanted “Bro Bro Bro”.

Timothy Barr joked about having a hot crowd and the fire alarm going off the announced the next match.

Jarek 1:20 W/ Candy Cartwright vs Darby Allin

This started quick and Allin got the upper hand early and went for a quick win. Jarek fought back with a blue thunder bomb out of the corner. In the middle of this match the light went up and the fire alarm starts again. It’s really loud and annoying. These two keep wrestling even through the alarm. Eventually it stopped and the crowd popped again, they chanted “Thank You Jarek”. Jarek hits a huge powerbomb style slam from the top rope on Darby Allin but Allin gets hit foot on the rope. Jarek tried a coast to coast but Allin moves and Darby Allin hits two Coffin Drops on Jarek for the win. No music plays, they are having tech issues. Winner, Darby Allin.

Timothy Thatcher vs Anthony Henry

Henry took it to Thatcher for attacking him one day earlier at EVOLVE 106 but when Thatcher got started he was beating up Henry very convincingly like only Thatcher does. Henry fights out of a single leg Boston crab and starts kicking Thatcher hard. At this point Thatchers chest is red but he looks angry, that “Thatcher look”. Anthony Henry has to climb out of the ring to get out of an ankle lock. These two trade strikes and Henry actually gets the upper hand, then targets the knee of Thatcher. Thatcher hits a butterfly suplex for a 2 the into an armbar, they than trade moves and Anthony Henry huts Thatcher with a back suplex. Henry hits a double stomp from the top for a good nearfall. Henry gets Thatcher in an anklelock for the tap out win. Winner, Anthony Henry.

After the match, WALTER came out to Thatchers aid, goes to shake the hand of Henry but takes his head off with a giant boot to the face. WALTER helps Thatcher out. The refs help Anthony Henry out.

FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match – Austin Theory W/ Priscilla Kelly vs DJZ vs Joey Janela W/ Penelope Ford

DJZ came out first. Austin Theory was joined by Priscilla Kelly. During official Ring announcements Austin Theory takes the mic and says “Last night was a fluke, I should be stood here STILL the WWN Champion”. After his promo, the new WWN Champion came out. Joey Janela was accompanied by Penelope Ford and held the WWN Championship. Joey Janela got himself in the match, making it a triplethreat match. A lot is happening in this match, even Penelope Ford and Priscilla Kelly get involved. DJZ hits a top rope rana on Austin Theory for a really good nearfall. Right after Janela hits a top rope brainbuster on DJZ but when Joey goes for the pin he gets rolled up by Austin Theory. Winner, Austin Theory.


Saieve Al Sabah vs Jon Davis vs Bad Bones vs Jaka

I missed the first entrants name and I’m sure I’m spelling it wrong. Apparently he’s German and making his EVOLVE debut. This is four big guys beating each other up, a good slugfest. The announcers call this an “extremely physical match”. Saive hits an incredible dive where he turned in mid-air, it was really something. The new comer Saieve Al Sabah wins by pinning Jaka. Winner, Saieve Al Sabah.

Catch Point Rules match – Chris Dickinson vs Tracy Williams

Stokely Hathaway explains the rules before the match as he in the innovator of the rules. Tracey doesn’t care about the rules and punches Chris Dickinson over and over for a DQ. Winner, Chris Dickinson.

After the match Williams gets jumped by Dickinson, who kicks Williams. Williams fights back and even takes out Dominic Garrini when he comes out. Tracey Williams keeps trying to go for Stokely Hathaway but after Jaka comes out it is a 1 on 4 which is too much for Williams. Briggs comes out, as if to say he’s with Hathaway but takes Hathaway’s guys out and saves “Hotshot” Tracey Williams. Tracey then cuts a promo saying he wants to fight, then leaves.

EVOLVE Championship Match – AR Fox W/ Ayla and The Skulk vs Matt Riddle(c)

The Skulk party their way to the ring with AR Fox. The “Bro” chants start then Matt Riddle’s music starts. Matt Riddle is always great to watch, I’m a big fan. AR Fox is not wearing boots in this match and this match starts with chain wrestling and trading submissions, which Matt Riddle gets the upper hand at first. Matt Riddle hits a fishermanbuster to AR Fox off the apron onto the Skulk in a big spot. AR Fox countered the Bro To Sleep and hits a big cutter and rolls back to get a sleep on but Riddle escaped. Fox hits a huge dive over the post then a 450 for a really good nearfall. After Riddle rolls out the ring he then gets back in to fight more. Matt Riddle hits about 6 knee strikes and a load of forearms for a ref stoppage. Winner, Matt Riddle.

After the match Austin Theory attacks Matt Riddle, to the dismay of AR Fox and The Skulk. Then Riddle get a Mic and cuts a Bromo, a Matt Riddle Promo, Bro. AR Fox and The Skulk get back in the ring and cover Riddle in Skulk gear, like arm bands and such.

The Next match is for the live crowd only and therefore I will not have anything on it.

NXT North American Championship Match – Adam Cole vs WALTER – FOR THE LIVE CROWD ONLY

EVOLVE 107 has Finished.

That always another fun EVOLVE show, like I mentioned on Twitter, I think it’s a bit cheeky advertising this match for EVOLVE 107 and then only showing it to the live crowd. It’s on all the advertising and especially the ads and graphics for the iPPV and FiteTV PPV.
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